Monday, March 7, 2011

Matters Brought To The Attention of Air Wisconsin/US Air Mgmt.

The below email was sent to Leah Krier, whom at this point in spiraling out of control, in reliance on woefully incompetent or deliberately devious advice.  It has also been widely circulated.  The referenced document sent to Senior Management of Air Wisconsin & US Airways can be accessed by clicking here.

This is yet another example of how Morgan Stanley systematically destroys the lives of others to further their unsavory agenda -- in this case, the cover-up of MorganStanleyGate.  Details concerning how they go about doing this in tandem with Kirkland & Ellis can be accessed by clicking here.  Morgan Stanley MUST be held accountable.

From: Spencer C Young III <>
Date: Sat, 5 Mar 2011 05:31:53 -0500
To: Leah Krier <>
Cc:  Undisclosed Recipients
Subject: Matters Brought to the Attention of Sr. Mgmt. of AirWis and USAir

[Note:  Due to the seriousness of the matter, this is also being shared widely.]

Leah –

Listen to me.  Whoever’s advice you have been following since Feb. 3, 2010, has a pernicious underlying agenda, which is only serving to destroy you (and it hasn’t helped me either).  You’ve made one irrational and self-destructive decision after the other, and this may be your coup de grace, and which is now out of my hands.

By not withdrawing your obviously meritless paternity petition as I requested, you have given me no choice but to follow through reporting your transgressions to senior management at Air Wisconsin and US Airways, which is a consequence you were well aware of.

It seems your attorney failed to apprise you of the ramifications of being “adversarial” from a legal standpoint, and I’m afraid you’re now going to learn about this in a very painful way.  Attached is the letter delivered yesterday, which I forewarned you of in numerous conversations, and in eight separate emails, which have been redacted and reproduced below.

I’m so sorry, but there is little I can do for someone who does the opposite of what I advise – Maria did the same, and her life was completely destroyed as a result.  I thought you learned from her mistakes. You did not.

You will soon see, everything I’ve been saying is 100% accurate, but for now, you MUST back off from doing anything disruptive to my counter-offensive to regain ALL that was taken, and resolve MorganStanleyGate once and for all.

I ask that you to do the following:
  • Withdraw the petition
  • Fire your attorney
  • Answer the outstanding questions
  • Sell the engagement ring as instructed, and use the proceeds for Jackson’s needs
  • And then stay out my hair for the time being

As you observe the “fireworks” unfold, then we’ll revisit some of the other outstanding issues, most especially ending your estrangement and kidnapping of Jackson.  I am NOT your enemy . . . unless of course you remain mine.


------Original Message------
To: Leah Krier
Cc: Cathy Arlene ("Kate") Johnson
Subject: Leah, If You Don't Stop Your Childish Antics . . .

Sent: Apr 17, 2010 6:16 PM 

 And if you should follow through with your baseless "I'll see you in court" threats (spending money you don't have on lawyers fees), I will report your theft of beverage receipts from USAir and include Kate -- end of story. 
EMAIL # 2 
------Original Message------
To: Leah Krier
Subject: If You Go Forward Any Disruptive, Wasteful and Frivolous Legal Proceedings . . .
Sent: Apr 27, 2010 10:25 AM

. . . I will advise Air Wisc./USAir of the grand larceny theft of beverage sales you and Kate have long perpetrated. 
 EMAIL # 3 
------Original Message------
To: Leah Krier
Subject: You've Got It ALL Wrong
Sent: May 15, 2010 2:15 AM

I'm astonished at how unjustified rage and a misguided desire for revenge can take precedence over the careers and livelihoods of Kate and others at Air Wisconsin -- your selfishness has reached new heights. So be it -- there  can be no more bluffing, because you are now deliberately trying to be disruptive to a matter of significance for
 not just me, but MANY others. 
If you and Kate end up losing your jobs and are criminally prosecuted for grand larceny, my conscience will be     clear because YOU had a choice, but again chose poorly. 
 EMAIL # 4 
------Original Message------
To: Leah Krier
Cc: Roger Krier
Cc: Cathy Arlene ("Kate") Johnson
Subject: My Response To Your Threats
Sent: Jul 22, 2010 2:16 AM 

If you follow through on your recent threats, I MUST conclude your acts to be knowingly complicit with those of    criminals, thereby necessitating my reporting your beverage sale thefts to Air Wisconsin and USAir which you       colluded with Kate Johnson on.

You need to understand IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY, and that I would be undertaking this step reluctantly and with deep regret, for it would be done ONLY IN RESPONSE TO YOUR FOLLOWING THROUGH ON YOUR           THREATENED BASELESS ACTIONS AGAINST ME.

In other words, IF YOU DON'T FOLLOW THROUGH, NEITHER WILL I -- it's that simple -- I am NOT the enemy --    nor should you be. 

------Original Message------
To: Leah Krier
Cc: Cathy Arlene ("Kate") Johnson
Subject: Fw: If you follow thru with your threats . . .
Sent: Aug 19, 2010 8:21 PM

. . . I shall treat you as you have become -- a criminal
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> Subject: Your Confounding Behavior
> To:
> CC:
> From:
> Sent: Wed, 1 Sep 2010 05:22:23 +0000

And in choosing to undertake such irrational and baseless legal action not only suggests sinister intentions, it       means you are now an adversary

> Subject: Heads I Win, Tails You Lose
> To:
> CC:
> From:
> Sent: Wed, 1 Sep 2010 07:13:10 +0000
Leah --

How will you be paying me the $20,000 plus interest you owe when you lose your job, and perhaps may be behind bars (with Kate) for grand larceny theft of U.S. Air beverage sales? 
 EMAIL # 8

Spencer C. Young (   
Fri 11/12/10 7:12 AM
Leah Krier (

 You've also engaged in extensive grand larceny theft of US Air beverage sales, and have been complicit in aiding and abetting other activities that you KNOW to be criminal.