Thursday, May 24, 2012

Project Exodus - Proposal to Google to Facilitate a Willing Mass Exodus of Facebook Users to Google +

There are so many elements of the Facebook franchise I find disturbing, which I will cover in a separate blog posting, but suffice it to say it's NOT merely the Criminal Fraud they were caught red-handed in perpetrating on behalf of Morgan Stanley, and which they continue to evade responding to. 

So I decided to do something about it.  Reflected below is a business proposal submitted yesterday to Google, proposing to head up an initiative to have Facebook users enthusiastically move en masse over to Google +, and have coined it "Project Exodus".  [Note:  Facebook's vulnerability here is astonishing.]

I am holding similar discussions with other social networks, as I have previously voiced concerns about other instances of fraud-based censorship employed by YouTube (which is owned by Google) and Viacom, which appear to have also been unduly influenced by Morgan Stanley, and in many ways is a manifestation of the publicly expressed concerns over proposed Internet Censorship legislation such as SOPA, PIPA and most recently CISPA.  Predicated on an entirely bogus rationale and in violation of express provisions of operative copyright law, YouTube and Viacom illegitimately censored two of my videos, and denied me an opportunity for redress in an entirely fascist manner.  As a result, I no longer upload newly produced videos to my YouTube "Forever Young" channel.  And Google's heretofore vague position on CISPA and imprecise explanation of its related lobbying efforts pertaining to this proposed legislation is of concern.  

Business Proposal

Full Narrative Of Submitted Proposal

I propose facilitating a willing mass exodus of users from Facebook to Google+

My incentive for doing so is unparalleled (, and my investment/merchant banking background and track record in creating lasting new business franchises worth $Billions at Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan (, together with my intimate understanding of current activist and social community proclivities on Facebook (, make me especially well-qualified.
My education is pedigreed and my IQ is in the top 1% (  And if YOU are astute, you'll understand how my succeeding in this endeavor will naturally bring closure to what has been a vexing scandal – to wit, “MorganStanleyGate” (   In other words, I am exceptionally well-suited and beyond motivated to SWIFTLY bring this momentous migration to fruition, as I will be metaphorically killing two birds with one stone.

And you don’t have to pay me unless I succeed, as indicated by unambiguous parameters we would agree upon UP FRONT . . . and given my extensive preparation, I can begin working on “Project Exodus” yesterday. 

I look forward to hearing back from you.


Spencer C. Young

P.S.  Tell Sergey my son Ryan ALSO graduated from Univ. of Maryland, where he was a three-time All-American and captain of the Maryland Men’s Lacrosse team.  This would suggest I also know how to develop leadership, in that I had coached EVERY one of his grade school sports teams (as well as for his two other brothers, while successfully balancing this responsibility with a hectic investment banking travel schedule).  In the below video link the ESPN commentators waxed eloquent in his many nationally televised games about his emotional leadership, unwavering work ethic and ability to cultivate unselfish teamwork, qualities which I had ingrained in him at an early age (  Note: ESPN’s analysis in the YouTube video begins at the 4:30 mark, which is bookended by a montage of highlights from a storybook season.