Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Woefully Corrupt Judge Surfaces in Rural Kansas

Ron L. Svaty

Is there no limit to the reach of corruption in MorganStanleyGate? And why do Mr. Young's loved ones continue to allow themselves to be duped and manipulated into turning against him and estranging themselves? And with regard to his former fiancee' Leah Krier, why does she lie in such a profuse and profound manner, and then engage in numerous felonies of grand larceny theft?

The below complaint was filed today with the self-policing commission for judges in the state of Kansas against a remarkably corrupt judge in a rural county of Kansas. His name is Ron Svaty and his unbelievable transgressions speak for themselves -- in his position, he is a menace to society, and why his removal from the bench and disbarment is being aggressively pursued.

As noted below, this judge colluded with local Great Bend, KS attorney Jane Isern in an audacious  corruption-laden FRAUD.

To: The Commission on Judicial Qualifications for the State of Kansas
Re: Complaint Against District Court Judge Ron Svaty of Ellsworth County, Kansas -- As Presided on Case #: 2010-DM-399 In the District Court of Barton County, Kansas

This cover letter, together with the below listed (and attached) documents, including all hyperlinks (denoted as blue underlined text) comprise the complaint against District Court Judge Ron Svaty of Ellsworth County, Kansas:

Judge Svaty's misdeeds are grouped into six categories: (1) Jurisdiction Fraud & Denial of Rights; (2) Custody Travesty; (3) Fraudulent Rationale In Draconian Decision; (4) Reckless Derivation of Child Support; (5) Incompetent Determination of Paternity; and (6) Collusion With Petitioner's Attorney & Compromised Ethics Investigation. These are explained below and detailed in the accompanying documents and denoted hyperlinks.

As described herein, Judge Ron Svaty has committed transgressions so egregious and reprehensible, his removal from the bench and disbarment are specifically sought. Accordingly this is being separately shared with national news media outlets; the US Justice Dept., the FBI and others, as well as being posted on-line at due to its association with the cover-up of this scandal. As further detailed in the attached documents, here's a summary of what Judge Svaty did that was so utterly bombastic, it seems to be taken from an updated episode of The Twilight Zone, for this pertains to a series of macabre unexpected twists that undermine public trust in the U.S. System of Justice.

(1) Jurisdiction Fraud & Denial of Rights

Judge Svaty's jurisdiction fraud and denial of rights to legal due process are reckless and reprehensible enough to support his disbarment, but we are only getting started: 

Claimed Jurisdiction in Kansas, Knowing It Was In Direct Violation of The Uniform Child Custody & Enforcement Act -- Judge Svaty was presented with 11 instances of overwhelming and irrefutable evidence proving ALL Parties in the subject case have continuously been residents of North Carolina since they met, he ruled this matter had jurisdiction in rural Barton County Kansas !!! [Note: These are listed on page 5 of Document # 1

Denial of Due Process -- Despite knowing the Respondent (Spencer C. Young) could not possibly attend a hearing at a venue located more than 1,000 miles away, nor engage representative legal counsel, Judge Svaty held the hearing anyway, and simply ignored his Motions to Dismiss based on the obvious lack of jurisdiction, and other salient evidence that showed the matter to be a canard. Moreover, he went ahead with the hearing despite knowing his his wife of 24 years had just died and her funeral was being held in New York during the week of the hearing!!! He is a monster. 

(2) Custody Travesty

The decision on custody by Judge Svaty defies all vestiges of common sense and suggests a sinister underlying agenda, as summarized below:

Awarded Full Custody to a First-time Mother and High-School Dropout with Well-Known Issues -- Judge Svaty awarded full custody and parental rights to a 37-year-old first time mother (Leah Krier) who continues to suffer from the effects of a nervous breakdown she suffered in Feb. 2010, and who has a history of depression and mental illness, and is required to take high doses of Zoloft daily. She is a high school dropout (who purportedly got her GED after the fact), a repeat felony offender of grand larceny (note: she will be formally charged and arrested in the coming weeks), has a known drinking problem and seemingly possesses no moral values, nor is she capable of rational decision-making since her nervous breakdown. She is a notorious liar (as reflected in the attached Document # 3), and most notably, she represented she was deemed 'sterile' and also took 'the pill' to regulate her menstrual cycle -- notwithstanding his dismay over her announcement she was pregnant, Mr. Young supported her decision to have the baby (a son named Jackson), as they were engaged to be married months before.

Nevertheless, her 'reward' for Mr. Young dutifully caring for Jackson daily during his first 21 months of life was to kidnap the two-year-old boy last year, and now recklessly leaves him in the care of strangers for weeks at a time, as she works as a flight attendant, and goes away on trips with other men she happens to be shacking up with at the time. In a way, this would suggest distinction as the "Fiancee' from Hell", who doesn't understand the notion of commitment, nor of 'standng by your man'. Aghast at her behavior, her friends and acquaintances now refer to her as a "slut". Simply stated, she is now a mess, and a woeful casualty in the fraudulent bank foreclosure & wrongful eviction carried out by Paragon Commercial Bank on Feb 2, 2010 at the behest of Morgan Stanley. And as things now stand, Jackson may never reach adulthood, and if he does, he will likely end up in prison, as one of Ms. Krier's brothers did. And it is important to point out sound decision-making does not run in her family . . . for instance, her father bought lethal 12 gauge shot-guns for each of his grandsons, for their first Christmas (See picture below.) 

Leah & her brother Landon Krier with their sons Jackson & Leo opening their 1st Xmas gifts from Grandpa Krie

Took Away All Parental Rights to an Advance-Degreed Ivy-league Educated Father of Three Highly Successful Adult Sons -- Judge Svaty's bizarre custody decision was made to the exclusion of a fit and cheerful 55-year-old father who has already raised three sons, who are now impressive young men. For instance, Michael (24) graduated from Duke in 2008; Kevin (22) is a senior at Duke and twin brother Ryan is a senior at Maryland. Michael and Kevin are/were honor students and play/ed for the Duke Men's Lacrosse team; and Ryan is an All-American and Captain of the Maryland Men's Lacrosse team. Collectively, they have played on teams that made eight NCAA Final Four Lacrosse Championship appearances, won an NCAA National Championship, and several ACC Championships. And Kevin and Ryan will be playing against each other in the 2011 NCAA Final Four Championships this weekend, which are being televised nationally on ESPN and ESPN2. 

This is the first time brothers will face each other in the Div. I Men's Lacrosse Final Four, and few fathers have sons who have collectively realized such success. And it is important to note Mr. Young has scars from his days serving as 'goalie' to his sons practicing their lacrosse shots. He hired numerous personal trainers for them as they were growing up, served as Basketball Commissioner for the Manhasset Catholic Youth Organization and Police Athletic League, and coached every one of their baseball, basketball and lacrosse teams in grade school. He even arranged his summer vacations in the midst of a busy investment banking travel schedule to accompany his sons to lacrosse camps and serve as pro bono counselor/coach. Michael now works on Wall St and Kevin will soon follow suit, while Ryan was drafted to play professional lacrosse, which is America's fastest growing sport. For more about Mr. Young please click here, or visit his corporate website.

By now you're realizing something's amiss, but an even more dichotomous difference is reflected in the comparison of Jackson's parents, and is presented on pages 3 & 4 of the accompanying Document #1 -- but there's more . . .

(3) Fraudulent Rationale to a Draconian Decision

In the context of the above comparisons, it's no surprise Judge Svaty was vague and imprecise in explaining why he rendered such a drastic custody decision:

Rendered a Draconian Decision Based on an Unspecified and Entirely Concocted Rationale -- Although the Paternity Petition filed by Leah Krier sought JOINT custody, Judge Svaty granted FULL custody to her and NO Parental Rights whatsoever to Mr. Young. He also specifically decreed that Mr. Young was to be denied any and all information about Jackson. Judge Svaty based this over-the-top decision (which is typically reserved for felons convicted of child molestation and other violent crimes) based on unspecified and entirely concocted reasons, such as a pedestrian phone call made to his secretary to merely confirm his email address !!!

And there is even more . . .

(4) Reckless Derivation of Child Support

Judge Svaty awarded child support based on erroneous information and in complete disregard of salient facts:

Awarded Erroneous Back-Dated Child Support While Ignoring the Fact that it Has Been Prepaid For at Least the Next 7 Years -- Judge Svaty completely disregarded certain facts: (1) Leah Krier has been prepaid $34,000, which equates to the wholesale fair market value of the engagement ring she continues to possess, and owned by Mr. Young, pursuant to both Kansas and North Carolina law; (2) Ms. Krier has not repaid a $20,000 loan from Mr. Young to pay down her high interest credit card debt; and (3) personal belongings she has stolen, including a Mercedes Benz S-320. Judge Svaty accepted a calculation of Child Support based on income he knows Mr. Young does NOT have, but seeking to regain in the resolution of the MorganStanleyGate scandal.

And yet there is more, and it pertains to a simple and readily determined fact that could render the subject case entirely moot, and a colossal waste of time . . .

(5) Incompetent Determination of Paternity

The Identity of the True Father Remains Very Much in Doubt -- Judge Svaty was provided overwhelming evidence calling into question whether Spencer C. Young is in fact the true father of Jackson (click here and refer to pages 9 – 13 of this hyperlinked document), and requested definitive DNA paternity tests be conducted before this matter is considered by ANY jurisdiction. By ignoring this pivotal and readily discerned fact, Judge Svaty demonstrated profound incompetence or an unsavory underlying agenda that warrants a thorough investigation.

And finally, we have a most disturbing manifestation . . .

(6) Collusion With Petitioner's Attorney & Compromised Ethics Investigation

Collusion -- The facts overwhelmingly suggest Judge Svaty colluded with attorney, Jane Isern of Brown, Carpenter & Isern in the sequence of events described herein, and thus make an absolute mockery of the US System of Justice.

Supplement to Prefacing Ethics Complaint -- An ethics complaint was earlier filed against Ms. Isern with the State of Kansas Office of the Disciplinary Administrator ("SKODA") for yet another blatant and prefacing fraud in this case, on which she was caught red-handed.  
Accordingly, this submission also supplements that complaint against Jane Isern -- and this is why SKODA is copied on this transmittal.

Compromised Investigation -- It has also been observed that the integrity of the investigation into Ms. Isern's misdeeds has been substantially compromised, and will no doubt implicate others in this growing mess, including the District Court Administrator for the 20th Judicial District in Kansas, John Isern, to whom Jane Isern is related.

Unbelievable Hypocrisy -- What is especially noteworthy, and an astonishing instance of hypocrisy, is this: SKODA exchanged numerous emails with Spencer Young saying that they refused to communicate by email, and therefore the results of their findings would only be sent by regular mail. And they did so after Mr. Young painstakingly explained he does not have an address, and lives a nomadic existence due to his victimization in what may be the worst bank foreclosure fraud and eviction in US history, as it as on a mortgage that was: (1) NEVER late; (2) had NOT matured; (3) was NOT in violation of ANY loan provisions; and in the case of his residence (4) PAID-IN-FULL !!!!!

Closing Thoughts

In addition to the judicial investigation called for here, a criminal investigation into Judge Svaty's behavior in this matter will likely implicate other parties and reveal additional culpability of a corrupt and unlawful nature, which will ultimately trace back to the ongoing cover-up efforts in the now massive MorganStanleyGate scandal.

Respectfully submitted,

Spencer C. Young

Friday, May 20, 2011

I Want My Family, Life, Livelihood and Reputation Back

It is important for Morgan Stanley's Board of Directors (and frankly the rest of the world) to understand what Morgan Stanley has done, and what I want . . . plain and simple. 
I am sick and tired of having my loved ones suffer from an audacious fraud by esurient bombastic liars.  And I want it known that I will no longer tolerate the indignities and disrespect I have thus been shown as a result.  
The below transmittal was issued by email today.

Spencer C. Young
Date: May 20, 2011
To: Morgan Stanley Board of Directors
Cc: The News Media, US Justice Dept, The FBI & The White House
Subject: I Want My Family, Life, Livelihood and Reputation Back
By now, you very well know who I am – but if your memory fails you, click here.
This Sunday, I invite you to watch my twin sons Ryan and Kevin Young play in the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Quarter-final playoffs on national TV. It is being broadcast on ESPNU from Gillette Stadium, the home of the New England Patriots.
The Color Purple
I ask you to look at the University of Maryland coaching staff on the sidelines, who will be wearing purple shirts even though this is NOT part of the school’s colors. And If the camera zooms in on the left side of Ryan’s helmet (which they often do), you’ll see the inscription “Mom” on it. The pre-game warm-ups will feature ALL of the players wearing purple shirts with “Forever Young” and “MY” on the back, as shown below. These manifestations are attributable to Morgan Stanley. How so?
The purple shirts are worn in memory of Maria Young who died Apr. 17, 2011 of pancreatic cancer.
MorganStanleyGate’s Impact
As you know, the scandal known as MorganStanleyGate, which began on November 20, 2002, systematically destroyed my sons’ lives by: (1) kicking them out of the only home they knew; (2) ending their parent’s marriage of 24 years; (3) bringing utter dysfunction to their once close and loving family (click here for glaring evidence of it in my son Ryan’s Bio hint: it’s in the “Personal” section at the very bottom); and (4) effectively torturing and eventually murdering their mother Maria Young (“MY”), who was the mother of their older brother Michael, who also played lacrosse for Duke and graduated in 2008.
Opportunity Lost
Current Chairman and former CEO John Mack had an opportunity to quickly and amicably resolve this matter in 2005. But he chose to endorse the fraud and step up the cover-up efforts from its beginnings in New York to its eventual migration to North Carolina, relying on his influential thugs in his home state (known as the “Mack Mafia”), which has cultivated perhaps the most corrupt region in the United States.
And perhaps as poetic justice, those responsible for the initial employment fraud that began MorganStanleyGate, eventually caused over $10 billion in sub-prime mortgage trading losses, have since been fired, but not until they had effectively brought Morgan Stanley to its knees, and ended its existence as an investment bank.
The Bottom Line
Instead of rewarding me for a job well-done for creating the valuable IQ® franchise, others took credit for it, and then engaged the vast resources of Morgan Stanley and their attorneys, Kirkland & Ellis to:
Ø Obstruct justice and deny all rights to legal due process;
Ø Discredit my mounting claims; and eventually attempt to Assassinate me through a fraudulent foreclosure eviction on a mortgage that was NEVER late, NOT delinquent and PAID-IN-FULL.

What I Want
I want restitution from Morgan Stanley for the net worth stolen, and admission of the fraud perpetrated by their former employees, and a cessation of all efforts by its many operatives to assassinate my character . . . or person.
This nightmare has gone on long enough. I want my family, life, livelihood and reputation back, so that I may finally regain my inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness . . . and perhaps then Maria will rest in peace.
           Spencer C. Young

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

MorganStanleyGate Created a New Thelma & Louise -- Who Caused the Deborah's Day Care Debacle

Who would have thought Spencer Young's fiancee' (Leah Krier) and his mother-in-law-to-be (Linda Klug) would have become felons?  This is yet another example of how the MorganStanleyGate scandal can cultivate criminal behaviors in those you would never expect it from, and effectively turn them into monsters.

And to think little 3-year-old Jackson Spencer Young has these "Thelma & Louise" role models as his mother and grandmother.  This is sad on so many levels.


When his fiancee' abandoned him the next day, she secretly gathered her belongings and moved in with another man in Durham, NC.  What a classy stand-by-your-man fiancee' Leah turned out to be -- certainly an over-the-top bizarre response to yet another unlawful element of the MorganStanleyGate cover-up.

Grand Larceny Theft
In addition to what appears to be a corruption-induced grand larceny theft at the U-Haul facility -- which the local operators (Paul Smedberg & Brad Crabtree) are desperately trying to cover-up, what transpired at Armstrong Storage constitutes a "smoking gun" grand larceny theft of items, which both Leah and Linda have unwittingly admitted to in writing.   And Spencer Young only learned about this from his unrelated inquiry on May 13, 2011.

As if they were kids in the candy store, Linda & Leah (a/k/a Thelma & Louise) ended up stealing items that in aggregate weighed 760 lbs!   We're still waiting to determine the identities of their male accomplices in the thefts at BOTH storage facilities.

Linda Klug ("Thelma") & Leah Krier ("Louise")

On April 8, 2011, Leah Krier presented a FRAUDULENT court order (which Spencer Young had no knowledge of) to Armstrong Storage, as she had done a week earlier at the UHaul facility.  This is yet another instance of denial of due process in the ever corrupt Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill region of North Carolina, and something that should have NEVER been issued.  It was a fraudulent ex parte order, which allowed Leah Krier to get "her belongings" in storage.

What makes this so outrageous is that she had no belongings in storage!  And similar to UHaul, Armstrong Storage oddly made no effort to contact Mr. Young to notify him that someone was absconding with more than one-third of a TON of his belongings!  Remember, this is perhaps the most corruption-laden region in the U.S.

And while UHaul continues to drag its feet in providing the security surveillance tape revealing the perpetrated theft at the UHaul facility, at least Armstrong provided the inventory sheet indicating the items Leah and her mother had stolen from the facility, and they both SIGNED FOR IT!  Sadly, this constitutes an admission of guilt in grand larceny because ALL of the items were Mr. Young's and most were purchased by Mr. Young BEFORE he met Leah, and evidenced by scanned purchase invoices and credit card receipts.

Items Stolen from Armstrong Storage
The complete list and inventory sheet can be accessed by clicking here. and note that Armstrong is an affiliate of United Van Lines. Some of the stolen items of note are as follows:

  • Whirlpool Washer & Dryer
  • Two Acoustic Guitars (Note: Leah and Linda do not play ANY musical instrument)
  • Electric Guitar Amplifier (Why would they amplify instruments they don't play?)
  • Patio Chairs
  • Surround Sound Speakers
  • Rocking Chair
  • Mr. Young's clothes (Perhaps for her latest boyfriend, who also plays the guitar?)
  • Boxes marked as "Toys"; however ALL toys were removed in February 2010

Leah's and Linda's behavior is shameful and downright pathetic.  And keep in mind, Leah also stole Mr. Young's Mercedes Benz S-320, high-end electronic equipment and paintings, and who knows what was taken from the UHaul facility.  And also keep in mind the notoriously corrupt Durham Police Dept. did NOTHING to recover these items, even though they observed many of them first hand . . . and they did NOTHING to try and relocate his car.

Deborah's Day Care
It's important to point out that Leah became the monster that she now is after suffering a nervous breakdown from the wrongful eviction on Feb. 2, 2010, and does (at times) have a conscience, which appears to have gotten the best of her after pulling off her heist from Armstrong Storage.  This may be why she called him the following day and expressed that she still loved him, but it's honestly difficult to understand what goes on inside her head these days.

Importantly, the guilt that our Thelma & Louise carried with them explains the unjustified panic they collectively created at Deborah's Day Care on April 11.  For when Spencer Young had innocently called there inquiring about Jackson's matriculation, they surmised he found out about their robbing him blind days earlier, and in their convoluted panic-stricken minds thought he was coming there to kidnap Jackson. (even though he was hundreds of miles away.  Such is the paranoid mindsets of criminals . . . and all cultivated by MorganStanleyGate.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Victim # 2 in Potwin, KS Farmhouse Cyber-Attacks Comes Forward

Aerial View of Mysterious Kansas Farmhouse Serving As Hub For Cyber-Attacks

Numerous people have voluntarily contacted Spencer C. Young, indicating: (1) their social website or email account had been hacked; (2) their identity was stolen; (3) they were the victim of electronic harassment; or (4) were subjected to other forms of cyber-crimes . . . ALL of which emanated from the SAME IP (Internet Protocol) ADDRESS, which was then traced to the SAME PHYSICAL LOCATION of a rural farmhouse in Potwin, Kansas, which appears to have various addresses, such as:
  1. 8652 NW 120th St.,  Potwin, KS 67123
  2. 8653 NW 120th St.,  Potwin, KS 67123
  3. 8689 County Road 576, Potwin, KS  67123
  4. 8635 NW 120th St., Potwin, KS 67123  
The property is owned by Joyce M. Taylor, who in turn has made arrangements in advance to transfer title to this property jointly to Fred Whitmore and Mary Ann Mercado upon her passing.

Below is another instance of notification -- in fact, the SECOND KNOWN VICTIM . . . and there are obviously MANY more.

-----Original Message-----

Date: Tue, 10 May 2011 13:05:27 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jaime Wilson <>
Reply-To: Jaime Wilson <>
Subject: farmhouse in Kansas  is the email address they used. I am in Texas.
From: "" <>
To: Jaime Wilson <>
Sent: Tue, May 10, 2011 2:00:00 PM
Subject: Re: farmhouse in Kansas

What was the email address this person used, and where are you located? Thx

From: Jaime Wilson <>
Date: Tue, 10 May 2011 10:00:58 -0700 (PDT)
To: <>
Subject: farmhouse in Kansas

I found your website after I got a really nasty email from an ip address that I
tracked back to the exact same location you have listed on your website. The
lady signed the email "Sue".


Monday, May 9, 2011

Carolina Liar . . .

. . . is the name of a talented band, whose lead singer harkens from South Carolina.  It is also an apt description for an overwhelming majority of residents in the Triangle Region of North Carolina.  Why this is the case is a mystery to many, but certainly anyone who relocates or spends any meaningful amount of time here picks up on this astonishing phenomenon.  And since lying is an important element in corruption, this also explains why this may very well be the most corrupt region in the United States.

Numerous bombastic lies about Spencer C. Young appeared in over 60 false and personally disparaging articles by principally four local newspapers as part of a malicious smear campaign developed by Burson-Marsteller and surreptitiously sponsored by Morgan Stanley and Kirkland & Ellis.   If interested, each of the articles, along with a detailed analysis measured pursuant to a Manure Meter (shown below), is accessible by clicking here.

The culpable newspapers are:

Here is a sampling of just some of the outlandish lies . . . along with the associated truth.
 The Published Lie
 The Truth          
This was a dispute between private parties, and nobody's business but theirs. 
 False.  This was a violation of a local ordinance [i.e. special use permit ("SUP")], which the Town of Chapel Hill failed to enforce
P.H. Craig owns most of the parking spaces to The Courtyard of Chapel Hill ("TCoCH")
 False.  The land was fully-encumbered by the SUP, which stated it to be solely for use by patrons of The Courtyard of Chapel Hill.    
Spencer Young and PH Craig have been locked in a contract dispute over parking for 18 months (as of Aug. 2007)
 False.  Mr. Craig refused to enter into ANY agreement at ANY terms, as documented by Womble Carlyle to Mr. Craig's attorney
The Orange County Commissioners tried to help by leasing their parking lot to Mr. Young.
 False.  This was a canard to make it APPEAR local government was trying to help, but six months of weekend night parking was useless
The Town of Chapel Hill helped out by bagging 35 metered spaces for the exclusive use of TCoCH employees
 False.  Also a canard -- offering TEMPORARY spaces was NOT a solution. The Town was obligated to enforce the SUP, but didn't
Leases at TCoCH expressly promised parking, and Mr. Young failed to live up to that promise 
 False.  Not ONE lease at TCoCH promised ANY parking due to the long cantankerous history with P.H. Craig
Mr. Young won't pay rent for the parking spaces and Mr. Craig won't sell the spaces 
 False.  Mr. Young made MANY leasing proposals that Mr Craig agreed to, but later reneged on, as documented by Womble Carlyle
TCoCH was out of compliance with the Town's minimum parking requirements 
 False.  The Town of Chapel Hill rescinded minimum parking standards long before Mr. Craig set up the illegal parking lot blockade
The Downtown Partnership tried to help by footing the bill for mediation
 False.  A canard: $250 for mediator paled to the $thousands paid to Mr. Young's attorneys, while Mr. Craig would agree to NOTHING 
 Lex Alexander closed his 3 Cups Coffee Shop
 False.  Lex Alexander and his 3 Cups business were evicted for non-payment of rent -- all claims against Mr. Young were dismissed
 Spencer Young drove Lex Alexander/3 Cups out of its downtown location
 False.  Lex Alexander/3 Cups drove themselves out by wrongfully withholding rent, and were evicted for non-payment of rent
 Lawsuits in excess of $3 million are mounting against Spencer Young and his Chapel Hill property.
 False.  Lawsuits predicated on an orchestrated fraud, are exactly that . . . frauds -- had the Town enforced SUP, all would be fine 
 Spencer Young appeared late for a foreclosure hearing.
 False.  Mr. Young arrived early . . . it was his attorney, Michael Denning of Shanahan Law Group who was late.
 (As of Sept 2007) Wachovia has not received a payment since February
 False. Mr. Young tendered in May to bring loan current, but Wachovia rejected, he also paid Aug.for forbearance, but Wachovia reneged
 Former owner of TCoCH, Spencer Young went bankrupt
 False. Spencer Young has NEVER filed for bankruptcy, but he was UNLAWFULLY denied corporate bankruptcy protection for TCoCH  
 A consignment shop tenant , "The Stock Exchange" moved out due to a sewer leak
 False. Sewer lines were sabotaged with obstructive materials to cause backups, but this tenant remains liable for rent as per the lease 
 Spencer Young often feuded with his tenants
 False. ALL adverse events were linked with the illegal blockade & Lex Alexander/3 Cups was the ONLY tenant who made an issue of it
 TCoCH was a great spot in Chapel Hill, but Mr. Young's ownership & temperament made it an eyesore
 False. TCoCH was a tired property, and vast improvements were made & top tenants (e.g., Bonne Soiree) came -- but sabotage started 7/07 
 Paragon Bank foreclosed on Spencer Young's home in Chapel Hill
 False.  A bank can NOT foreclose on a mortgage that was NEVER late, NOT delinquent and PAID-IN-FULL . . . this was foreclosure FRAUD
 Spencer Young was arrested for resisting arrest and obstructing law enforcement officers
 False.  Mr. Young was denied inalienable rights to life, liberty & happiness; showing no resistance, he was tasered; bogus charges were dropped 
 The Orange County Sheriff was told Spencer Young had a gun
 False.  Spencer Young has NEVER owned a gun, and this statement was concocted so they could carry out a planned assassination
 Spencer Young refused to follow Deputies' instructions so he had to be tasered.
 False.  Mr. Young showed no resistance & they couldn't shoot him (he had CNN & ABC on the line), so they tasered trying to cause asystole
 Magistrate was concerned about Mr. Young's mental stability so he sent to UNC Psychiatric ward 
 False.  This was concocted in the EXACT manner depicted in the movie, Changling, starring Angelina Jolie
 Spencer Young sent threatening emails to Mayor Kevin Foy.
 False.  This is a bombastic lie, and The Daily Tar Heel will be called to task on this (you can't fabricate an email) and faces libel claims

AMERCO & UHaul Corporate Management Alerted to Licensee's Involvement in Fraud & Grand Larceny

The below was filed today with the parent company of UHaul.

UHaul Is Now Party To Grand Larceny With A Corrupt Judge ?!?

You just can't make this stuff up -- and is there no end to this?

Not only does Morgan Stanley turn loved ones against those they target, they turn them into criminal thieves . . . and monsters  In this case, it was done through the encouragement and direction of a corrupt Durham Police Dept, and the assistance of a retired (and also corrupt) Durham County Superior Court Judge.  They then enlisted assistance from a UHaul self-storage licensee based in Durham, NC -- it is downright disturbing.  [Note:  UHaul is owned by parent company AMERCO, which is a real estate company based in Reno, NV.]

Here's a quick summary of what transpired:

  1. At the encouragement of the Durham Police Dept. (which has a long notorious reputation as a corrupt organization), Leah Krier filed entirely BOGUS domestic violence charges against her fiancee' (Spencer Young), which she later admitted to in her April 9 phone conversation.
  2. Ms. Krier then lied in a court filing indicating her belongings were being kept in a UHaul storage facility.  These were Spencer Young's belongings, and yet another manifestation of what may be the most egregious fraudulent bank foreclosure in US history.
  3. Retired Superior Court Judge L.Q. Labarre was brought on "as a favor" to fraudulently grant Ms. Krier the right to unconditional access to Mr. Young's belongings without his knowledge., which he learned of ONE MONTH LATER.
  4. The UHaul operator granted Ms. Krier and other yet-unidentified accomplices unsupervised access, WITHOUT notifying Mr. Young, and it appears Ms. Krier stole everything of value from this storage facility, including extremely valuable paintings (e.g., paintings by Monet and Salvador Dali); and
  5. When Mr. Young learned of this GRAND LARCENY theft a MONTH LATER, he responded as noted below.
These events, together with the emails exchanged (reproduced below) are further evidence that the Triangle Region of North Carolina is perhaps the most corruption laden of ANY region in the United States, and any one thinking of relocating to this thoroughly dysfunctional area of the country can look forward to never-ending vexation.  This is the case because it seems NO ONE TELLS THE TRUTH and EVERYONE LIVES A LIE or otherwise ACTS PURSUANT TO A HIDDEN AGENDA.  It is a remarkably screwed up region.

With regard to the emails exchanged below (noting especially those statements which are highlighted in blue), a simple question to ask is this:  How is it possible that UHaul could have processed the payment?

A separate note to Leah:  

Leah --

My disappointment in your continued disturbing behavior only grows to be increasingly profound . . . for at this point, I don't know who, nor what you are . . . and your increasingly bizarre antics have been the source of tremendous consternation . . . in short, you have become a monster, in that you have let evil prevail.


Email # 10
-----Original Message-----
From: "Spencer C. Young" <>
Date: Mon, 9 May 2011 12:36 AM
To: Bradley Crabtree<>; Paul Smedberg<>;
Robert Morrison<>
Subject: Reverse the UNAUTHORIZED Debit . . .

. . . As noted below.

Email # 9
------Original Message------
From: Chase
To: Spencer A Young
Subject: Your Debit Card Transaction
Sent: May 8, 2011 4:02 AM

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Email # 8
------Original Message------
From: Spencer H Young
To: Spencer A Young
To: Bradley Crabtree
To: Paul Smedberg
Subject: Re: U-Haul Storage Room 1146 -- MY RESPONSE & DIRECTIONS
Sent: May 3, 2011 2:53 PM

Bradley --

I have already removed the auto-pay, but please confirm such is the case. I am
1,000 miles away and have no idea what remains, and your behavior suggests you will not remain in the employment of UHaul for very long.

And you are either part of this corruption nonsense by blindly following orders
or just a dolt . . . but you certainly epitomize what is so very wrong in North

I again reiterate my earlier requests.


Email # 7
From: "Bradley Crabtree" <>
Date: Tue, 03 May 2011 2:47 pm
To: <>
Subject: Re: U-Haul Storage Room 1146 -- MY RESPONSE & DIRECTIONS I said.  Whether it was fake or not she had a court order to cut your lock off.  She replaced it and has the key.  We have no way to get into your room and will not at any time go into your room unless it is failed to be paid for and up for auction.  I will at least put an additional lock on there so she cant get in since its you against her but this is not our problem.  If the document was fake it is something you have to take up with her.  Any further questions or concerns just shoot me an email and will be able to get in better contact with you this way rather than by phone because of lack of extra time.

Thanks, Brad

Email # 6
From: "Bradley Crabtree" <>
Date: Tue, 03 May 2011 11:26 am
To: <>
Subject: Re: U-Haul Storage Room 1146 -- YOU FAILED TO ACKNOWLEDGE MY DIRECTIONS

I read it and doesnt pertain to us.  Spoke with my supervisor again and as I told you if she made false papers its on her and up to you to press any charges on her.  Our only business with you is with storage and the payment with storage so I took your auto payment off and if payment is not kept up then things will be auctioned.  No way around it so if this wasnt supposed to transpire then sorry but not our business. I dont have time to go back and forth with you about this.  So we need no further contact unless your making a payment or moving out of storage.  Do you want me to discard the auto payment still or not?

Thanks, Brad

Email # 5
From: "Spencer C. Young" <>
Date: Tue, 3 May 2011 11:23 am
To: <>; <>
Subject: Re: U-Haul Storage Room 1146 -- MY RESPONSE & DIRECTIONS

Brad --

Moreover, how dare you make such a threat . . . for at this point, it appears UHaul owes me a great deal more.

Due to your overt incompetence, I have no idea what, if anything, is left in the storage unit, which should have NEVER been compromised without my knowledge.  I want to be clear -- you are getting yourself involved in a massive national scandal, and I've got a dozen websites on it, along with a series of federal lawsuits about to be launched, and you are just one more name to add to the list of defendants.  Go to for an overview, and to for that which pertains to North Carolina, which very well might be the most corruption-laden state in the United States.

When you remove Ms. Krier's lock, I would like you to take a few pictures of the contents, and email them to me . . . and I'd like this done ASAP.  Thank you.


Email # 4
From: "Spencer C. Young" <>
Date: Tue, 3 May 2011 11:03 am
To: Bradley Crabtree<>; Paul Smedberg<>
Subject: Re: U-Haul Storage Room 1146 -- YOU FAILED TO ACKNOWLEDGE MY DIRECTIONS

Brad -

It's as though you didn't bother to read my email -- try reading it this time.

It is important that you comply with my express instructions, as this will serve as evidence of the criminal theft, and failure to cooperate will be deemed aiding & abetting.

In the meantime, please send me a copy of the security video (any common file format such as MPG, WMV, AVI or FLV) for the time period(s) the belongings were removed, together with the names of others who assisted Ms. Krier in this theft. Please send this by return email.

In addition, please remove the padlock placed on the subject space by Ms. Krier, and replace it with a new padlock (at YOUR cost) on the door, and allow no one else but me access to the subject space going forward.

Thank you.


Spencer C. Young

Email # 3
-----Original Message-----
From: Bradley Crabtree <>
To: SpencerCYoung <>; Paul Smedberg <>
Sent: Tue, May 3, 2011 10:39 am
Subject: Re: U-Haul Storage Room 1146 -- MY RESPONSE & DIRECTIONS

As I said before I contacted my supervisor and he said if everything looked legit and it had specific directions in which it did then we could honor it.  I dont know of anything of the rest of which you speak of.  As you requested I will take your auto payment off but in the even you fail to pay after 60 days yours and whoever else belongings are in there will be auctioned off.

Thanks, Brad   
General Manager

Email # 2
From: "Spencer C. Young" <>
Date: Tue, 3 May 2011 9:58 am
To: Bradley Crabtree<>
Subject: Re: U-Haul Storage Room 1146 -- MY RESPONSE & DIRECTIONS

Bradley --

That court order produced by Leah Krier was a fraud, an obvious denial of due process, and an instance of grand larceny theft, for which U-haul played a complicit role, and is therefore liable.

This is the case because U-haul made no effort to corroborate its legitimacy, which would have been obvious, had you bothered to read the vague, open-ended nature of it, e.g., "personal effects". If there were any such items, they should have been specified in a detailed list, and submitted to me for review and response, especially since Ms. Krier owes me $78,000 + interest, and prior thereto, had stolen a Mercedes Benz S-320, high end electronic equipment, and valuable paintings

At the very least, U-haul should have: (1) contacted me; (2) allowed me to send a representative to oversee what was being removed to determine if it did belong to Leah Krier; and (3) sent a U-haul representative to make a record of what was removed and then send it to me.

U-haul did none of the above. In fact, you made no effort to contact me whatsoever, as you confirmed in your email to me below -- I contacted YOU to inquire.

Therefore, until I can assess the damages, EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, I HEREBY REVOKE U-haul's auto-debit authority for monthly payments. In the meantime, please send me a copy of the security video (any common file format such as MPG, WMV, AVI or FLV) for the time period(s) the belongings were removed, together with the names of others who assisted Ms. Krier in this theft. Please send this by return email.

In addition, please remove the padlock placed on the subject space by Ms. Krier, and replace it with a new padlock (at YOUR cost) on the door, and allow no one else but me access to the subject space going forward.

Thank you.


Spencer C. Young

Email # 1
From: "Bradley Crabtree" <>
Date: Mon, 02 May 2011 4:25 pm
To: <>
Subject: Uhaul Storage Room 1146

On 4/1/11 Leah Krier showed up at our facility with a court order allowing her to her property at our location in a Spencer Young's name.  I spoke to my supervisor and he informed me if papers are expalining exactly what to do we can allow access so we did.  Nothing more has transpired in this event until he was made aware of this somehow and called on 5/2/11 asking what happened.

Brad Crabtree  
General Manager

Note:  Reflected below are snapshots of having removed the auto-pay arrangements on the UHaul system.  So it is obvious someone on the UHaul end consciously reinstated without Mr. Young's knowledge nor authorization.