Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Chase Bank Continues Complicit Role In Svaty’s Paternity Fraud And Theft

Ron L. Svaty is a notoriously corrupt judge in Ellsworth County, Kansas, and the epitome of judicial kakistocracy.  An overview of his outrageous paternity fraud is accessible by clicking here.   Those who somehow remain unconvinced that Svaty is a monster, a list of his criminal acts, along with hyperlinks to the overwhelming evidence against him, can be accessed by clicking here.  Moreover, after being tipped off about his nefarious scheme, a separate website has been established to expose and monitor his plan to falsely arrest and assassinate Spencer C. Young on behalf of Morgan Stanley in a desperate effort to prevent the publishing of his tell-all exposé, Cannibals In White Shoes, detailing his knowledge of Morgan Stanley’s involvement in criminal activities, with a unique dual perspective – to wit, as a former insider executive director and later as an unwitting target of wrath from this “too big to fail bank”.

With regard to Svaty’s paternity fraud, the below document evidences yet another form of fraud instigated by Svaty, in that: (1) he unlawfully garnished my bank account; (2) although JPMorgan Chase was provided evidence of Svaty’s felonies in his paternity fraud, they paid the bogus claim and caused an overdraft balance; and (3) In addition to acting as an accessory to felony theft, Chase has been audaciously harassing me to pay the bogus overdraft amount, and the below Dec. 24, 2014 notice is one such example.

Folks, you just can’t make this stuff up.