Monday, April 11, 2011

Another Scandal -- Durham Police Sergeant Charged With Kidnapping & Sexual Assault

The below email was issued today to senior ranking officials of the Durham Police Dept. in response to yet another scandal emerging from what appears to be a thoroughly corrupt law enforcement organization.

As noted below, answers will be pursued on long outstanding questions related to what should have been a routine investigation of grand larceny, kidnapping and child endangerment implicating Leah Krier, which the Durham Police have been oddly evading.

Accordingly, what began as a pedestrian matter has morphed into something significant and quite unexpected in that in now appears  the Durham Police are covering up a criminal fraud, which is linked to MorganStanleyGate and Fraudclosure scandals.  Details of the bizarre events to date are accessible via the hyperlink embedded in the middle of the below email.

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From: Spencer C. Young <>
To: ray.taylor <>; jose.lopez <>; winslow.forbes <>; steve.mihaich <>
Cc: Brandon.G.Sherer <>; newstips <>; scoop <>
Sent: Mon, Apr 11, 2011 9:19 am
Subject: More Corruption -- Durham Police Sergeant Charged With Kidnapping & Sexual Assault // Still Looking For Answers To Outstanding Questions

To: Durham Police Chief Jose Lopez

Asst. Police Chief Winslow Forbes
Asst. Police Chief Mihaich
Captain Ray Taylor

I see yet another scandal within the Durham Police Dept. has emerged with the arrest of a 15-year veteran police sergeant on your force, who was charged with kidnapping and sexual assault.  You are losing the trust of Durham citizens, and based on my first hand experiences with the Durham Police, such trust perhaps should have NEVER been vested.

As ABC had good coverage of the many scandals within the Durham Police Dept. I gave Brandon Sherer a first crack at scooping this story, but he's dropped the ball, so I've expanded to a few more news organizations openly and some others (as bccs).

For the benefit of the newly added news organizations, MY Durham Police related scandal began as a routine investigation concerning the health, safety and welfare of my soon-to-be 3-year-old son, Jackson, and the recovery of stolen property including a Mercedes Benz, high-end electronic equipment and valuable paintings.  What then unfolded was a 21st Century version of a Keystone Cops cover-up which is reported and is being monitored at the website, the particulars of which can be accessed by clicking here. And this matter is linked to two national scandals.

Other instances of corruption were noted in their handling of the Duke Men's Lacrosse scandal (my son Michael was on the team) and their handling of breaking and entering at a specialty mall of mine in Durham.  And the manifestation I find most remarkable about the entire Triangle region is that NO ONE seems capable of telling the truth.

I look forward to your prompt and forthcoming response to the many outstanding questions earlier posed.


Spencer C. Young