Sunday, May 11, 2014

Interview by Dr. Leonard Coldwell on Upcoming "Cannibals In White Shoes"

Dr. Leonard Coldwell At One Of His Well Attended Conferences
On May 11th, Spencer C. Young, author of the explosive upcoming exposé Cannibals In White Shoes was interviewed by the renowed Dr. Leonard Coldwell on the Genesis Communications Network, with a listener base of 1.2 million.  This trail-blazing network features other popular internet based shows such as . . . 
The hour long interview covered the importance and relevance of Mr. Young's seminal literary work on yet untold banking abuse, judicial corruption and police brutality, and his innovative approach toward meaningfully addressing these vexing issues threatening the very fabric of society and assault civil liberties. 

This book represents an entirely new literary genre -- to wit, a "storysagaquestmore".  It is not merely a story of outlandish criminal wrongdoing by wayward bankers, it is not just a saga of oppression by an undeserving select few on the oppressed many, and it is not merely a quest for long-elusive justice . . . it is more than that, and features an innovative multi-media format, with half of all book proceeds to help others similarly victimized, but heretofore unable to do anything about it.

If this were a novel, it would be rebuked as entirely implausible and thus not believable.  Yet is not only a true story, it is predicated on unique first-hand dual-perspectives of perhaps the most unlikely poster-boy of Wall Street wrongdoing, including "The worst bank foreclosure fraud in US history", where readers can go right to the evidence on-line, should they be so inclined.

The interview can be accessed in its entirety by clicking here, where topics and answers to the questions posed by Dr. Coldwell can be accessed by moving the audio player "marker" to the times shown below:

0:00   – Introductory remarks
2:25   – Tell us about yourself
5:20   – Why did you get into banking?
7:20   – What's your view on bankers in general?
10:00 – Is there a global scheme at play here?
12:00 – Do you fear for your life?
17:30 – Tell us about the SWAT team attacks you endured
21:15 – How are you handling the stress of this scandal?
22:20 – You're the real deal, Mr. Young--you walk the walk, not just talk the talk.  
28:00 – How did you come up with the title?
31:45 – How did Morgan Stanley effectively murder your wife of 24 years?
35:45 – Have there been any attempts on the rest of your family?
37:35 – What’s broken in America and how can others get involved to help?
39:50 – What other well-know scandals are linked to MorganStanleyGate?
46:20 – Where can people get your book and in what formats will it be offered?
49:00 – What would you like listeners to do?
50:00 – When will the book be published?

About Dr. Coldwell

Dr. Leonard Coldwell is in the opinion of countless experts, the world’s leading authority for Natural Cancer cures, Stress-Related Illness and Burnout Syndrome. He is the most successful motivational self-help education system trainer of our time.

He is the author of 19 bestselling books including his mega best sellers: The Only Answer to Cancer and The Only Answer to Surviving Your Illness and Your Doctor. Over 57 million readers enjoy his teachings. His IBMS Stress Reduction CD set is the most endorsed and most sold of all time.

Unprecedented Number of Assaults

For an appreciation of what Spencer C. Young and his loved ones have been subjected to as a result of Morgan Stanley’s unbridled greed, consider the ensuing list of assaults, each of which is hyper-linked to corroborating details:

  1. An Audacious Employment Fraud By Notorious Bankers . . .
  2. Followed by a Wall St. Career Smear Campaign in New York
  3. Resulting in the Malicious Destruction of a Successful Career
  4. Denial of Justice in a Rigged Process of Corruption at the NASD
  5. Unrelenting Multifaceted Commercial Sabotage Offensive
  6. Newspaper Smear Campaign in North Carolina 
  7. Cyber-Smear Campaign Out of Kansas Farmhouse 
  8. Blogger Smear Campaign Emanating from California
  9. Denial of Rights to Due Process in Foreclosure Fraud
  10. TWENTY Elements of Fraud Employed in Unlawful Foreclosures
  11. THIRTY-ONE Criminal Acts Cited in Indictment Against Bankers
  12. Violent Eviction via SWAT Team on a Mortgage PAID-IN-FULL
  13. The FIRST Brutal and Unlawful Arrest on FALSE Charges
  14. TWO Assassination Plots Averted & Unlawful Incarceration Thwarted
  15. No Response to Dept, of Justice Complaint on Police Brutality
  16. Senate Banking Committee Inaction in Worst Foreclosure Fraud
  17. The Worst Bank Foreclosure Fraud in US History
  18. Theft of a $40 million Net Worth  
  19. TWO Families Intentionally Decimated
  20. Family Dysfunction and Estrangement
  21. Wife of 24 years Murdered
  22. Fiancée’s Post-Foreclosure-Fraud Transmogrification
  23. Fiancée & Her Mother Become Felons
  24. Subjected to a SECOND Grand Larceny
  25. Preposterous Paternity Fraud Out of Kansas
  26. Denial of Right to Know if the Father of Fourth Son
  27. Judicial Corruption in Kansas
  28. SECOND Assault SWAT Team On False Charges
  29. Strip searched in unlawful arrest #2
  30. Denied Right to attorney in unlawful arrest #2
  31. Unlawfully Incarcerated for 127 Days with Violent Felons
  32. Unlawfully Denied Bail for 127 days
  33. Unlawful Search & Seizure Intended to Destroy Evidence
  34. THIRD Instance of Grand Larceny With Theft of Computers
  35. Denied 17 Constitutional Rights
  36. Judicial Corruption in Florida
  37. Public Defender Fraud in Florida
  38. Fraudulent Extradition to North Carolina
  39. Public Defender Fraud in North Carolina
  40. Targeted in Numerous Assassination Attempts
  41. Prosecution in Absentia on BOGUS Misdemeanor Charges
  42. Wrongful Denial of Passport
  43. Destruction of Family, Career, Reputation & Livelihood
  44. Current Plans for THIRD UNLAWFUL arrest in Cover-up

Due to what can only be described as an outlandish level of corruption, NONE have been criminally prosecuted and efforts to pursue civil claims have been UNLAWFULLY obstructed.