Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fraudulent Domestic Violence Complaint & Order Was NOT DISMISSED ?!?

The essence of MorganStanleyGate at this point is the employment of widespread fraud and corruption in increasingly desperate efforts to cover-up extensive criminal activities.  These are all surreptitiously sponsored by Morgan Stanley and Kirkland & Ellis, and continue to implicate an ever-growing and truly astonishing number of prominent bankers, attorneys and public officials in what very well may be the most corruption-laden region in the United States -- to wit, the Triangle region, which is located in central North Carolina and vectored by Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill.

Motion to Dismiss & Hold Mr. Young's Fiancee' in Contempt
The motion below was filed in response to an entirely bogus claim of domestic violence filed by Mr. Young's fiancee' (Leah Krier), pursuant to the guidance and assistance provided by the Durham Police Dept, which she admitted to him in her April 9 phone call to him.  The notion of Mr. Young ever committing domestic violence is preposterous, but more importantly, he has been between 600 and 1,000 miles away from his fiancee and toddler son for over 14 months, thereby rendering such an event a physical impossibility.

The Durham Keystone Cops
The Domestic Violence complaint and requested Order was filed on March 11, 2011, and it was denied as it was obviously baseless.  However, a modified complaint was prepared sometime during the first week in April and back-dated to March 17 at the request of the Durham Police Dept. in order to justify their withholding of  information in the criminal investigation ordered by Mr. Young.  But the Durham Keystone Cops screwed up their dates in that the investigation was carried out on March 14.  

What this means is this:  The Durham Police were obligated to divulge ALL of their findings in their investigation, and wrongfully failed to do so.  This is yet another instance of corruption in an ever-growing  cover-up.  But why?  As the saying goes, where there is smoke, there is fire.  Sadly, they have duped Leah Krier into playing a complicit role by feeding her complete lies and threatening her if she does not cooperate.

The Dire Implications of Being Duped
Mr. Young's wife of 24 years was similarly duped into undertaking baseless pernicious actions against Mr. Young, which only resulted in her complete economic destitution and overwhelming chronic stress, which  ended up completely destroying her life and eventually killing her.  You would have thought Leah would have learned from Maria's mistakes.  Notwithstanding, Mr. Young forgives Maria and Leah for their terrible errors in judgment, and hopes Leah recognizes this before she too loses her health from the resultant stress of MorganStanleyGate.  

Mr. Young wants Leah to understand he will NOT pursue full custody of Jackson nor seek her being found in contempt for fraud and obstruction of justice, if she withdraws her fraudulent legal claims in BOTH Kansas AND North Carolina.

Widespread Corruption is Obvious At This Point
This entirely fraudulent Domestic Violence Complaint and Order should have been dismissed on April 18th, but Mr. Young can get no feedback on the hearing, other than being told it was NOT dismissed -- this is yet another instance of corruption. 

Motions Filed by Mr. Young
Reproduced below are the actual motions filed by Mr. Young with appropriate hyperlinks to corroborating evidence.


                Durham         County
u  File No.  11 CVD 2280  
In the General Court of Justice
District Court Division
Name of Plaintiff

MotionS for
Name of Defendant

Note:  Defendant is unable to attend the April 18, 2011 hearing at 2:00 pm, as he is several hundred miles out of state.  In addition to being faxed, these motions are being emailed to Judge Labarre at, as the hyperlinks throughout this document reference information that is not faxable (videos, pictures and unique html websites), and are directly responsive to Plaintiff’s allegations.

Now comes the Defendant, Spencer C. Young, acting in a pro se capacity, who requests the District Court of Durham County, North Carolina (hereinafter, the “Court”) to dismiss, cancel and expunge Plaintiff’s (Leah R. Krier’s) EX PARTE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ORDER OF PROTECTION as modified, filed and ordered on March 17, 2011, together with any and all associated documents submitted by Plaintiff in support of this order and associated COMPLAINT. 
Motion is further made to find Plaintiff in contempt for fraud, and obstruction of justice.
In Support
The aforesaid motions are hereby made because of the following relevant facts:
  1. Perjury – With few exceptions, NOTHING represented as fact by the Plaintiff is true, as memorialized in the Plaintiff’s  COMPLAINT AND MOTION FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PROTECTIVE ORDER filed on March 11, 2011;
  2. Fraud – The EX PARTE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ORDER OF PROTECTION, as modified, filed and ordered on March 17, 2011 is predicated on entirely false statements or otherwise gross misrepresentations intended to defraud the Court and deny Plaintiff his right to legal due process; and
  3. Obstruction of Justice – Upon information and belief, Plaintiff was advised by officials of the Durham Police Dept. to submit the knowingly fraudulent claims in order to support their withholding of information associated with their findings in a criminal investigation conducted on March 14, 2011, which was subjected to inexplicable delays, and was the result of a complaint originally filed on Feb. 28, 2011 alleging grand larceny theft and child endangerment.
  4. Credibility – Moreover, the relative comparison of character, background, accomplishments and display of moral values by observed actions of the Plaintiff and Defendant accord substantially more weight to the facts presented herein; thereby making the case to dismiss and hold the Plaintiff in contempt especially compelling
Plaintiff’s COMPLAINT AND MOTION FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PROTECTIVE ORDER filed on March 11, 2011 contains bombastic lies and gross misrepresentations intended to maliciously smear the personal character of the Defendant.  The instances of Plaintiff having perjured herself are summarized in the table below.
Plaintiff’s Lies
The Truth
(1)“[Defendant] has continued to harass me for the past year”
False.  It is the other way around, and this fraudulent complaint is one such example.
 Defendant has asked to Plaintiff to return the belongings stolen, and not do anything disruptive to his pursuit of justice in the MorganStanleyGate scandal.  Plaintiff has been prepaid for child support for the next five years, even though questions remain as to whether Defendant is the natural father to Jackson, so there is no reason to file Paternity Petition at this point.  Click here for details.
Plaintiff stole Mercedes Benz, HD TV, Sound system and valuable paintings, and failed to repay a loan of about $20,000.  Criminal investigation ensued, and Plaintiff used this Order to withhold information as to the whereabouts of these items and information about the safety & welfare of son Jackson. For more, click here.  
(2)“[Defendant] has posted video’s and pictures all over the internet threatening me naked pictures.”
[Note Plaintiff’s grammatical errors]
False. Defendant has pictures of ALL of his loved ones on his Facebook page, which are available ONLY to his Facebook friends, JUST LIKE MILLIONS OF other people do all the time.  Defendant owns ALL the pictures and NONE of them are “naked pictures”.  Plaintiff wouldn’t know this, because she has rebuffed all “friend” invitations from Defendant, and therefore unable to access these pictures. 
The videos Defendant has produced himself, and celebrate ALL of his loved ones and are of exceptional professional quality, very tasteful and in some instances address the impact the MorganStanleyGate scandal has had on ALL of Defendant’s loved ones, including Plaintiff, whom Defendant still loves despite her atrocious behavior toward him. 
Defendant owns the referenced pictures and solely produced, and therefore owns the videos.   Again this is something literally millions of others do, and there is nothing remotely harassing about them.  To access all such videos, please visit The Forever Young Channel on

Plaintiff’s Lies
The Truth
(3) “Defendant is mentally ill and I am afraid for mine and my child’s life.”
[Note Plaintiff’s poor grammar]
False and patently absurd.  This is a baseless, vicious and knowingly false statement, which the Plaintiff admitted to in a conversation on April 9 in a call she placed to Defendant.  The Defendant is certainly not mentally ill, which can be verified by Dr. Alan Manevitz, a renowned Psychiatrist based in New York, who has treated Mr. Young for a mild form of ADHD.  It is obviously mild, as evidenced by his having graduated from Cornell with honors and with a Masters degree, with no treatment whatsoever.
Notwithstanding, the Plaintiff continues to suffer the symptoms of a nervous breakdown, which first manifested after the wrongful eviction stemming from what may be the  worst bank foreclosure fraud in U.S. history
(4) “I receive no child support and I am the sole caregiver”
False and false. As evidenced in Defendant’s letter of March 2, which also served as his answer to Plaintiff’s fraudulent Paternity Petition in Kansas, Plaintiff has been prepaid for the next five years, and legitimate questions remain as to whether the Defendant is the true father, the evidence of which is also detailed in that letter.
It is impossible for Plaintiff to be the “sole caregiver” because she travels for a week or more at a time.  Defendant has offered to care for Jackson, but Plaintiff has always rebuffed while exhibiting entirely bizarre behavior
(5) Defendant has posted my child’s name and pictures all over the internet.
Misrepresentation.  This is represented as though Defendant had circulated pictures in a manner intended to harm to his little son, or otherwise put him at risk – nothing could be further from the truth.  Defendant has effectively the same pictures of Jackson posted on his Facebook page, as Plaintiff does.   The answer to (2) also applies here, and Plaintiff seems to forget Jackson is Defendant’s son also, and he is certainly not the first proud father who wanted to show some tasteful pictures of his son.
(6) Defendant even [has} my child’s picture, begging for money
False.  Here is an instance of either intentional deceit, poor reading comprehension or just laziness on the part of the Plaintiff.  The Web page she is referring to has not changed for many, many months.  Click here to view the page she’s referring to and click on the link that says “if you like to help click here” – you  will get redirected to a social networking mobilization model developed by MIT to quickly identify and engage targeted resources to resolve the many elements that comprise the MorganStanleyGate scandal.  If she bothered to read it, it is an opportunity for the Defendant to pay others . . . NOT the other way around, ergo no one is begging for money. 
(7) Defendant has threatened to take my son from me.
Misrepresentation.  Defendant has only said he would lawfully seek full custody of Jackson – and only if Plaintiff continues on her reckless path.  Any parent foolhardy enough to kidnap their child in a custody dispute would only end up losing any rights to see the child.  Defendant does NOT engage in such unlawful / irrational activities.
(8) I’m afraid [Defendant] could kidnap or hurt Jackson to get to me.
Baseless and Insulting.  Plaintiff admitted to lying here In her April 9 phone call to Defendant.  It appears she was coached/instructed to say this.  Defendant is quite different from Plaintiff in that he harbors no ill-feelings toward her, nor wishes her any harm, and has often expressed his unconditional love for her, despite all of the vicious things she’s done to him.  The notion of harming a child to ”get to” someone is repulsive, and it is disturbing that Plaintiff could ever think that way.

Plaintiff’s Lies
The Truth
(9) Jackson should not be close to him due to his mental state
False and patently absurd.  Refer to answer to LIE # (3)
(10) “Defendant was trying to buy one at one time”
Misrepresentation.  Defendant has never owned a gun, and has no intentions of owning one. Plaintiff’s father has a large arsenal of guns and actually purchased lethal shotguns for his grandson’s for their first Christmas, and Defendant admonished Plaintiff and her father for their reckless instance of woefully poor judgment.
(11) “Defendant says I’m trying to make him kill himself by abandoning him”
Equivocation.  Defendant has reminded Plaintiff that her behavior has been so atrocious throughout the aftermath of the fraudulent bank foreclosures, he couldn’t script a more pernicious response for her.  To construe this as a suicide threat is reflective of a person with a low IQ – enough said.
(12)  “I want mine and my son’s things out of storage that he will not return.”

[Note again Plaintiff’s poor grammar]
Bold Faced Lie.  Defendant has no belongings of Plaintiff in any storage facility.  The day after the wrongful eviction occurred, Plaintiff secretly arranged to segregate and pick up all of her belongings and those of Jackson, and moved in with another man.  A small bin of old clothes and some bric-a-brac was placed in a bin; however, when Plaintiff failed to pick this up, it was thrown out, as promised.  Notwithstanding, if Plaintiff believes there are things she may have inadvertently left behind, she should itemize them and send to Defendant for review.  If those things she lists are hers, and Plaintiff is willing to pay the cost of opening up the storage crates as well as the cost of my attorney to supervise AND she returns the Mercedes Benz, the Sony HDTV, the Dolby surround sound system and the paintings she’s stolen, then Defendant is willing to accommodate her request.  NOTE:  the instructions in the EX PARTE ORDER must NOT be executed, for they were made with erroneous information

Fraud & Denial of Due Process

Erroneous Findings & Conclusions
Defendant’s Response
(1) In the Past Year Defendant placed the Plaintiff in fear of imminent serious bodily injury and in fear of continued harassment
Bold Faced LieThis was denied on Mar. 11.  What additional evidence was provided on Mar. 17? It would have to be fabricated  As mentioned in the answer to Lie # (1), it is the Plaintiff who is harassing the Defendant
(2) Defendant constantly emails plaintiff even though Plaintiff changed emails several times.
False.  Firstly, Plaintiff has NEVER changed her email address – it is and always has been – she sent me an email from that address on April 9, and it’s the ONLY email address she’s ever had.  Secondly, Defendant only emails in response to an attack from the Plaintiff. 

Erroneous Findings & Conclusions
Defendant’s Response
(3) Defendant had to be tased by Sheriff deputies
Couldn’t be more false.  Refer to for the truth to what happened.  Legal claims are in process of being brought against those officers involved.
(4) Defendant was later admitted to a mental facility.
False., reveals the truth.  Upon failing in their other sinister plans, an attempt was made to institutionalize Defendant against his will in exactly the same manner as depicted in the movie Changling, starring Angelina Jolie.  Mr. Young outsmarted them and was able to quickly obtain release from yet another vicious fraud.
(5) Defendant made threats to commit suicide
Bold Faced Lie.  Refer to answer to Lie # (11) above.

Obstruction of Justice
Refer to all blog entries located at:
. . . for numerous instances of irregularities, corruption and cover-up carried out the Durham Police Dept., which is why so many police resources were involved in an otherwise pedestrian matter.

In weighing the facts presented and considering the veracity of statements made by the Plaintiff and Defendant, it is helpful to consider their respective backgrounds from the standpoint of education, career, community service, achievements, moral values, etc.
One of America’s founding fathers, Thomas Paine said “Lead, follow or get out of the way”, aptly summarizing three alternative courses of action to consider when confronted with an issue.  As noted in the below comparison, it is obvious the Defendant is a natural leader and the Plaintiff is someone who has no leadership inclinations whatsoever, and those she has chosen to follow of recent demonstrates exceptionally poor judgment, which in effect has made her actions obtrusive and disruptive to the common good.
Ivy League educated graduating with honors with an MBA in Finance and Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration from Cornell University.  Taught several courses as Professor’s teaching assistant in the areas of Management, Engineering & Property Management, Communication Arts & Public Speaking. For more, go to
Graduated from Great Bend High School with a “C” average. Briefly attended Barton Community College, but dropped out after first semester.
Relationship Stability
Was married for 24 years.  See
Never married, and is best described as a promiscuous serial dater, who typically shacks up with a different man every few months.  Her longest uninterrupted relationship was with Defendant, whom she was engaged to (almost 3 years).  Proudly recounts an affair with a married man, who was a close friend of and same age as her father.
Enjoyed a distinguished and highly successful career in corporate finance, real estate and banking, spanning over two decades, working in executive roles at Dun & Bradstreet, Citicorp, JPMorgan and Morgan Stanley.   Highly successful real estate investor for two decades. has more.
After dropping out of community college, worked in a rural bar as a barmaid. Later became a flight attendant for Air Wisconsin
Earnings & Net Worth
Prior to being the target of the worst bank foreclosure fraud in U.S history, Defendant had  earned a seven-figure income for many years and had accumulated an eight-figure net worth, which he intends to reclaim.
Defendant has seldom, if ever, made more than $25,000 per year, and her net worth is certainly less than that.

Community Service
Served as the Commissioner of Basketball for the town of Manhasset Catholic Youth Organization & Police Athletic League; Coached numerous grade school teams in baseball, basketball, soccer & lacrosse. See
Philosophy /Moral Values
Defendant’s philosophy and moral values are articulated in great detail at two different websites:  The entire website at “” features musings on achieving lasting happiness through self-actualization, and reviews his philosophical foundation
Plaintiff’s philosophy is “If it feels good, do it” and her actions over the past 15 months suggest she may possess no moral values or guiding principles to speak of.
Founded the Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (“CMBS”) business at JPMorgan, and created the IQ® franchise at Morgan Stanley, valued at $250 million when initially developed and considerably more thereafter. 
Was employee of the week.
His website located at reviews the importance of truth and intetgrity, He also has a website called, an acronym for Magna Est Veritas Ety Praevalbit (or “truth is mighty and shall prevail).
A profound & prolific liar as noted herein
Raising Children
Defendant has three adult sons from his marriage: Michael graduated with honors from Duke in 2008, and played lacrosse all four years. His team went to the Final Four in 3 of the 4 years.  He works as a Trader at Lazard in London. Kevin is an honors student at Duke and also on the Duke Men’s lacrosse team. Kevin’s team has made it to the final four all three years and they won the NCAA Championship in 2010.  Ryan attends Univ. of Maryland and is an All-American in lacrosse.  He is the team captain, and highly respected for his leadership skills. Upon graduation Kevin will follow Michael’s footsteps in investment banking and Ryan was drafted to play professional lacrosse, an up and coming sport.
No prior experience, and only serves as a part-time mother as she often travels for a week or more at a time, often handing off the care of her toddler to a rag-tag team of family members, friends and acquaintances

Extra-curricular Activities
Was a Gridiron 44 All-star running back on Long Island in high school, (a distinction held by many NFL players) and played varsity football for Cornell, starting as a sophomore under legendary Super Bowl head coach George Siefert.  Has often taught Dale Carnegie Course on Human Relations and Public Speaking
Hang out at bars.
Foreign languages (French, Italian, German and Spanish); Guitar (electric & acoustic); and computer applications and software; Has studied/practiced martial arts for over two decades, with a focus on Tae kwon do, Shotokan Karate and Kyusho-jitsu
Cognitive Abilities
IQ measured in top 1%, a member of Intertel, and lifetime member of Mensa.
Although Defendant sees a way to dramatically improve upon this, Plaintiff currently possesses a below-average IQ
Plaintiff’s EX PARTE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ORDER OF PROTECTION as modified, should be dismissed, cancelled and expunged, together with any and all documents associated with this Fraud-induced order.
Plaintiff should be held in contempt for fraud, and obstruction of justice, and ordered to return all belongings of Defendant

Respectfully submitted,
Spencer C. Young