Monday, October 17, 2011

Lincoln Life Ins. Co. Employees Implicated in Insurance Fraud & Criminal Cover-Up - It's Time to Release the Information !

The below email was widely disseminated to the board of directors and senior management of Lincoln Life Ins. Co (hereinafter "Board and Management") implicating certain employees in insurance fraud and criminal cover-up of MorganStanleyGate, including the planned assassination of Spencer C. Young. Also posted were the news media, FBI, Justice Dept., White House, etc.

And if the Board and Management do not now immediately respond to directives and requests originally made well over a year ago, they will have affirmed such unlawful activities and opened themselves and their company up to substantial liability. 

Lincoln was asked to cancel the $1.5 million policy on Spencer C. Young's life and provide all information associated with this policy, including WHO made the $100,000 premium payment in Q2 of 2010 (prior to the planned assassination).  Yet they continue with their absurd delays.

Subject: FW: Lincoln Life Insurance Co. Implicated in MorganStanleyGate Cover-up and the Occupy Wall St Movement
Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2011 17:24:15 -0400

I find it odd you didn’t respond to nor otherwise acknowledge the Oct. 14 notice (reproduced below) to senior management and the board members of Lincoln Life Insurance Company, but I wanted to take this opportunity to respond to the absurd message you last sent me. (Also reproduced below and designated as Your Absurd Message), which responded to the original notification of the change in trustee and associated directives, designated at The Change in Trustee and Related Directives

Based on my prior conversations with you, and your response below, I’ve concluded you are an incorrigible fraud.  It is obvious you are lying and perpetuating a cover-up.  Here are some examples that show this to be the case:

  • You submitted the request to Lincoln Financial Law Dept for review --  In our prior conversations, you were fully conversant with the provisions of the subject trust agreement, and the operative facts couldn’t be more simple, which are: (1) I have the right to appoint any independent person as trustee for any reason and at any time (Note: I included the excerpt from the trust agreement evidencing this); and (2) I appointed a new trustee and she directed you to release ALL information on this policy to me ASAP and to cancel the policy immediately.  And yet it’s going to take you over a week to respond?  Conclusion:  This is a fraudulent attempt to cover-up a criminal activity.

  • You said the information requested is dated and will therefore take 2 to 3 business days to compile.  Two Lincoln Financial Group employees independently confirmed to me the information is readily available, and such information can instantaneously be provided once they are given the green light to do so – most especially information on the large catch up premium payment made during the second quarter of 2010 to secretly reinstate the policy.  Conclusion:  You're a LIAR.

  • You said you must secure “encrypt” your emailed response – No you do not, as I hereby waive my right to have this information protected as such,  and I accept any and all risks associated with this waiver, and hold Lincoln Financial harmless as a result of this waiver.   Conclusion: Do NOT encrypt the information -- for it is my intent to make this information publicly available, and I certainly don't want this transmittal disappear after a short time period.

And in saying is you need a week to respond, you’re really saying you need more time to concoct baseless reasons to continue to cover-up what are now obvious criminal activities.  Let me be clear:  I WANT TO KNOW WHO MADE THE LUMP SUM CATCH-UP A PAYMENT IN THE SECOND QUARTER OF 2010 TO REINSTATE MY LIFE INSURANCE POLICY WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE . . .  AND I WANT THIS INFORMATION NOW ! 

Importantly, the subject trust documents were doctored to remove me as sole trustee and to convert it into an irrevocable trust, while also precluding me from any information concerning an insurance policy which I had originally taken out for the benefit of my wife and three sons.  This is patently absurd and represents the antithesis of what I had structured.   Conclusionthis was a criminal fraud, and a dastardly preamble to the planned assassination and life insurance fraud, which employees at Lincoln Financial Group were party to.

Allow me to enlighten you to what really happened:  Morgan Stanley and their attorneys at Kirkland & Ellis brought destitution to my ex-wife, and when she was especially vulnerable and riddled with cancer, they proposed through Phillip Michaels of Fulbright & Jaworski and Warren Hoffman of Hoffman & Behar a way to get her $1.5 million tax free (life insurance proceeds), if she would go along with doctoring the trust documents and assurances that I would abruptly meet my demise.  And this very well could have played out as planned had I not been tipped off by a Morgan Stanley insider.

The Oct. 14 Notice 

Subject: Lincoln Life Insurance Co. Implicated in MorganStanleyGate Cover-up and the Occupy Wall St Movement
Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2011 08:04:13 -0400


Based on observed behavior over the past year and a half, and information received from reliable sources, employees of Lincoln Life Insurance Company -- to wit: Howard Polk, Ron Ryan and Rick Williams, have engaged in insurance fraud and have been knowingly complicit in the cover up of other criminal activities (including attempted murder).  This has been separately reported to the Fraud Division of Lincoln, and publicly posted.  Details can be accessed at:

Due to the seriousness of this matter, and its association with the MorganStanleyGate <>  scandal and the Occupy Wall Street <>  movement, this is being brought to your attention, along with officials at The US Justice Dept and FBI, as well as approximately 1,800 news media organizations, and select White House Staff.

Here's What Makes This Wrongdoing Obvious:  Messrs. Polk, Ryan and Williams have refused to divulge the identity of the person or entity who secretly made a premium payment of roughly $100,000 on a $1.5 million policy ON MY LIFE in the second quarter of 2010.  This was made just prior to thwarting an assassination attempt on my life, which sadly involved my late ex-wife who was financially destitute and riddled with cancer at the time.  Messrs. Polk, Ryan and Williams pointed to an obviously doctored trust document as a basis for withholding all information from me and in denying frequent requests to have the subject policy (# 4815280) canceled.  Notwithstanding, I have appointed a new Trustee, who has directed ALL policy-related information be released to me, and the subject life policy be canceled immediately . . . and yet they remain unresponsive.

Note:  Anonymously included in the list of people receiving this communique, is the Lincoln employee who informed me of the $100,000 payment, and in protecting your identity, I am asking that you to separately report this instance of fraud internally . . . for if you don't, you may be implicated in aiding and abetting a crime, which is a manifestation beyond my control if you don't blow the whistle NOW.

In closing, those of you who are at least moderately intelligent should be wondering: "How is Morgan Stanley involved in this?"  The short answer is that they sponsored the elaborate assassination, in order to silence me.  Their motivation is that I possess information as a former insider and survivor of their ensuing wrath that could end Morgan Stanley's days as a going concern, and if they don't admit to and compensate me for the audacious crimes perpetrated against me and my family over the past nine years, the Occupy Wall St. movement will assuredly result in their demise.  And for the record, I wish to point out that John J. Mack, former CEO and current Chairman of Morgan Stanley is far more dangerous to the American public than Osama Bin Laden ever was . . . and as the facts come out, you'll realize why this is the case.


Spencer C. Young

Your Absurd Message

-----Original Message-----
From: Polk, Howard <>
To: Spencer C. Young <>
Sent: Fri, Oct 14, 2011 8:12 am
Subject: RE: Policy # 4815280 (Insured: Spencer C. Young)

As we discussed Wed, Oct 12, I received your Trust documents and sent them on to our Law Department for review.  Per your instructions, Debbie Edwards is now the new Trustee for The Young Family 2000 Trust.  The Trustee’s requests as outlined in these documents were sent to our process department to gather the requested information.  Since some of the information requested is dated, it will take 2 or 3 business days to gather.  Once I receive the report, per the Trustee’s instructions, I will also email the information to you.  Keep in mind, the data gathered as a result of the Trustee’s requests may contain confidential privacy information.  In order for me to send this information via email and not through the US Mail, I must secure “encrypt” the email.  When you receive the email, there will be instructions telling you how to set up a password before you can open the email.  If you have any questions or problems opening the email, please feel free to give me a call.

   Howard Polk
Indianapolis:         (317) 485-7351
Fort Wayne:           (260) 455-3386
Facsimile:               (260) 455-0173
Cell Phone:            (260) 452-6428
E-Mail:    Howard.Polk@LFG.Com
Web-Site:                www.LFG.Com
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From: Spencer C. Young [
Sent: Wednesday, October 12, 2011 5:22 PM
To: Polk, Howard
Subject: Fwd: Policy # 4815280 (Insured: Spencer C. Young)

As per our phone conversation.

The Change in Trustee & Related Directives

-----Original Message-----
From: Spencer C. Young <>
To: ProcessingTeam-NH <>; LifePolicyHolderService <>; CustServProcessingTeam-NH <>; CustServSupport <>
Cc: edwardsdebbie10 <>
Sent: Wed, Oct 12, 2011 3:30 am
Subject: Policy # 4815280 (Insured: Spencer C. Young)
 [Note:  the below email text is also attached as a separate document]

Date:   Oct. 12, 2011

To:       Lincoln National Life Insurance Company (“Lincoln”)
            Via email at:

Re:       Policy # 4815280 (Insured: Spencer C. Young)
The accompanying notarized documents address long outstanding issues concerning the subject policy:
  • ·        Document A – replaces the sole trustee of The Young Family 2000 Trust
  • ·        Document B – terminates the subject life insurance policy and directs Lincoln to provide ALL information associated with this policy to the Insured; and
  • ·        Document C – directs Lincoln to distribute any net assets remaining after termination of the subject policy to the three potential income beneficiaries.
I would like to discuss this later this afternoon with Ron Ryan; however in the interim, please respond via return e-mail with a listing of all premium payment information since inception, the parameters of which are delineated in Document B.


Spencer C. Young