Thursday, August 1, 2013

No Jurisdiction Over An Obvious Jurisdiction Fraud In A Paternity Fraud? What !?!

Ron L. Svaty is a notoriously corrupt judge in Ellsworth County, Kansas, and the epitome of judicial kakistocracy.  An overview of his outrageous paternity fraud is accessible by clicking here.   Those who somehow remain unconvinced that Svaty is a monster, a list of his criminal acts, along with hyperlinks to the overwhelming evidence against him, can be accessed by clicking here.  Moreover, after being tipped off about his nefarious scheme, a separate website has been established to expose and monitor his plan to falsely arrest and assassinate Spencer C. Young on behalf of Morgan Stanley in a desperate effort to prevent the publishing of his tell-all exposé, Cannibals In White Shoes, detailing his knowledge of Morgan Stanley’s involvement in criminal activities, with a unique dual perspective – to wit, as a former insider executive director and later as an unwitting target of wrath from this “too big to fail bank”.

With regard to Svaty’s criminal wrongdoing, the below document evidences a preposterously corrupt system that is so obviously rigged, it represents an assault on intelligence.  It is yet another instance of kakistocracy having a strangle-hold on the throat of America's common sense.  Allow me to get to the gist of it -- simply put, it was a way of having the overwhelming evidence of Svaty's paternity fraud, jurisdiction fraud and disregard of the US Constitution from creating a record of having been presented to others in the Kansas Office of Administrative Hearings.  

What is comedically ironic is the basis upon which this dismissal is predicated (and later granted).  Now get this (on page 3 below) "the Office of Administrative Hearings has no jurisdiction to determine the validity of the court order" . . . even if obvious jurisdiction fraud that is as plain as day was committed.  Folks, that is . . .  

Absolutely Preposterous !

Kansas Paternity Fraud -- RIGGED Procedures To Dismiss Appeal Of A Corrupt Judge's Fraudulent Acts

The fact that this PATERNITY FRAUD charade persists proves the level of CORRUPTION in the Kansas Judicial Branch is beyond stifling, and the people of Kansas most certainly have a severely BROKEN SYSTEM such the notion of checks and balances no longer exists -- THERE SHOULD BE NO TRUST IN IT -- IT SHOULD BE THROWN OUT and COMPLETELY OVERHAULED, while those who have perpetuated this UNLAWFUL INSULT TO AMERICA should be thrown in prison . . . most especially the WOEFULLY CORRUPT JUDGE Ron L. Svaty.

What this means is this . . . a UNETHICAL JUDGE such as Mr. Svaty can engage in widespread CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES with complete IMPUNITY as if he is ABOVE THE LAW, simply because: (1) self-policing (an absurd concept indeed) by the Kansas Judicial Qualifications Office will take no action; (2) no attorney will prosecute a judge for fear of retribution that will end their career (or worse); and (3) law enforcement will take no action, as they are perhaps the most corrupt -- they simply ignore criminal charges brought against a judge, and say "hire an attorney" or "file a complaint the Judicial Qualifications Office.  So the system of checks and balances to preserve a citizen's rights is just ONE BIG CIRCLE-JERK intended to frustrate and thwart those who are victimized by REPREHENSIBLE OUT OF CONTROL JUDGES such as Mr. Svaty.

In other words, it is a ILLEGITIMATE SYSTEM that is INCAPABLE OF KEEPING JUDGES HONEST and anyone with half a brain can see it has in fact been rigged to COVER UP THE CRIMINAL ACTS OF AMORAL JUDGES, whose decisions are predicated entirely on WHO HAS PAID THEM OFF.  In other words, the concept of  JUSTICE FOR ALL IN KANSAS IS NONEXISTENT.

This means patently EVIL judges such as Ron L. Svaty can engage in ILLEGAL activities and accept bribes to issue entirely BOGUS orders which: VIOLATE OPERATIVE LAW (in this case the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction & Enforcement Act ; (2) DISREGARD THE US CONSTITUTION; (3) ASSAULT CIVIL RIGHTS; and (4) HAVE NO JURISDICTIONAL AUTHORITY whatsoever.

The below documents filed Aug 1, 2013 are ENTIRELY FRAUDULENT and were filed by Chris J. Kellogg who is very much part of this canard [UPDATE: MESSRS. KELLOGG AND SVATY WERE LATER NAMED IN A FEDERAL COLOR OF LAW INDICTMENT].

Here's a bulleted summary of this ridiculous document:
  • Seeks to intercept the ability of independent third parties from seeing evidence of this OBVIOUS PATERNITY FRAUD ;
  • States that this FRAUD is exempt from review by third parties;
  • Ignores the fact that this matter is predicated on an OBVIOUS FRAUD, and aids and abets a felon in North Carolina (Leah R. Krier), who has already made off with over $200,000 of defendant's property (see Criminal Indictment detailing FIVE episodes of Grand Larceny, orchestrated by a similarly wayward judge in North Carolina (David Q. LaBarre), and serves to cover up many other felonies such as other forms of fraud, racketeering, extortion, sabotage, private and public section corruption and even assassinations
  • Judgements are deemed valid even in the face of OBVIOUS FRAUD that is intentionally perpetrated by a CORRUPT JUDGE (Ron. L. Svaty); and even more remarkably, .
  • There are no third parties with jurisdiction over a CRIMINALLY CORRUPT JUDGE, such as Mr. Svaty.

AND . . .