Step 2 - How Adapted

This is the second of 7 simple steps  toward: (1) a big payday for YOU; (2) helping countless  disenfranchised victims; and (3) making charitable contributions in YOUR name to causes such as cancer research, disaster relief and rooting out corruption.  

This Second Step involves . . .
Understanding How 
M.I.T.'s Social Networking Model
(for Problem Solving via Mass Mobilization) or . . .
. . . has been adapted to resolve the many complexities of the MorganStanleyGate scandal, and do so in a manner which miraculously simplifies everything.

To understand this adaptation, think of it this way:  MITSo-NetMo originally mobilized a large populace to find red weather balloons throughout the U.S. using financial incentives to instigate cooperation among others, in many cases complete strangers.  In the matter at hand, we're doing the same thing, except instead of finding balloons, we're finding professionals with specific areas of expertise, who will be engaged to head up clearly defined projects which will resolve the elements that comprise MorganStanleyGate.

However, there is one significant difference:  The total cash prize in the DARPA Red Balloon Challenge was $40,000, whereas in resolving all elements of the MorganStanleyGate scandal could result in aggregate cash prizes exceeding $10 million . . . and no, this is not a "typo", nor is this potential aggregate cash prize purse an exaggeration -- in fact, there is a scenario that could play out that would make this an understatement.

The Opportunity
YOU are being presented with an opportunity for a BIG PAYDAY, requiring LITTLE EFFORT on your part, while also supporting such worthy causes as:

And this is accomplished by mobilizing a populace through social networking to identify and engage the professionals necessary to resolve each element of MorganStanleyGate . . . and that's where YOU come in.

Professionals Sought
We are looking to engage four types of professionals to head-up the various projects necessary to resolve ALL elements of MorganStanleyGate:

  • Attorneys 
  • Capital Providers 
  • Consultants
  • Financial Advisors
Each will administer a separate project with clear and measurable objectives.