Step 7 - Expected Payouts

Note:  This is the last of 7 simple steps toward an understanding of, and participation in an exciting initiative, requiring little effort on your part.

Step 7 - How Much You Can Expect To Be Paid
If Your Referral Is Hired

In many ways, it is easier for you to make money than those who helped MIT find the 10 weather balloons in less than nine hours in the DARPA challenge) - and the payoffs are substantially higher -- here's why:
  1. Simple Referral -- All you need to do is refer someone you or your friends know that may meet the qualifications criteria of the professionals we're looking for, and provide them the Internet link that provides the particulars of the project.  And you can do this by simply posting your friends about this on your Facebook wall, issuing a "Tweet" about it on Twitter, or by sending a short e-mail to your friends.  By Comparison:  In the DARPA Challenge, MIT had to educate people concerning how they could be helpful in finding the balloons, and had to contend with the competitive aspect of the contest concerning how to filter out the dissemination of deliberately bad information by competing teams.
  2. Guaranteed Award -- If interested, your prospective "referral" will contact us after reading the project requirements, and if selected to run one of the projects, YOU immediately get paid the same amount MIT paid out to those who helped them find any of the ten weather balloons.  By Comparison: MIT's promise to pay was conditioned on them winning the contest.  In other words, had MIT not won the contest, there would be no money available to pay out.
  3. It Gets Easier -- the engagement of one professional will make it easier to subsequently engage professionals to run the other projects -- this being the case because credibility and legitimacy of purpose in the resolution of MorganStanleyGate are enhanced by each  professional who signs on.  By Comparison:  Finding a red weather balloon in Austin, Texas did not help nor hinder finding any of the other nine balloons.
  4. Early Success Can Mean Ultimate Success -- The down side facing each of perpetrators face,  the significant franchise value of the institutions they represent, and the overwhelming evidence that is stacked against them, would suggest a fair but lucrative settlement could be reached early on, and those who had begun, but had not completed their project, would still be paid handsomely, based on the award units that each received. By Comparison:  success at finding many balloons at the beginning of the contest meant nothing to others who signed up -- for it all came down to winning the contest in the end.
  5. Potentially Eye-Popping Paydays -- This is where the departure from MIT's success in the DARPA challenge is significant, albeit in a good way. Because the claim amounts are so substantial and the downside associated with the potential loss in confidence and/or franchise value at the large institutions implicated in MorganStanleyGate, the rewards can be significant for YOU.  By Comparison: There is NO comparison with the DARPA challenge.
The attached analysis illustrates in considerable detail the range of rewards you could receive in the event the professional you and your friends referred ends up successfully completing their project, or if the other projects are completed successfully.   In other words, there are many ways for you to get PAID . . . and potentially get paid in a BIG way. 

For example, The person who directly refers the attorney/law firm who is engaged to prosecute the bank foreclosure fraud claims against Paragon Commercial Bank has an expected value payment of $268,000, while the friend of a friend who successfully referred a capital provider for a $1 million line of credit, can expect a probability adjusted payment of $13,000

[Note: The atttached analysis was prepared before contemplating engaging financial advisors.]