Monday, December 12, 2011

Congressman David E. Price Asked To Oppose SOPA & Help Resolve The Worst Foreclosure Fraud in US History

My Congressional representative is David E. Price of the 4th District of North Carolina. Notification urging him to: (1) oppose the censorship of the internet (the Stop Online Piracy Act), an instance of hegelian dialectic; and (2) get involved in resolving THE WORST BANK FORECLOSURE FRAUD IN US HISTORY is reflected below:

The text of the submitted message reads as follows:"Two points: (1) The Stop Online Piracy Act would censor the Internet, stifle innovation, and kill jobs.  I am your constituent, and I urge you to oppose this legislation; and EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY; (2) I need you to get INVOLVED in resolving THE WORST BANK FORECLOSURE FRAUD IN US HISTORY, involving Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo (via Wachovia) and Paragon Commercial Bank) -- go to:

And due to the importance of your involvement in this matter, this is also being posted online at:

Note:  A follow-up phone call was made to Congressman Price's office click here to hear how it went. (recording was made in accordance with applicable Federal & State law).