Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Judge Ron Svaty & Attny Jane Isern Took Away A Boy's Father Through Fraud & Morgan Stanley Sponsorship

Judge Ron Svaty and Attorney Jane Isern are DANGEROUS as practitioners of law, as they are woefully CORRUPT misfits in an otherwise civilized society that needs protection from this modern-day judicial version of Bonnie & Clyde.

Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway as "Bonnie & Clyde"

However, this 'Deceitful Duo' have not been robbing banks -- rather, they have been robbing law abiding citizens of their rights, and stealing little boys from their fathers . . . and such was the case with Jackson Spencer Young, who is featured in the video below:

YouTube Video Featuring Jackson Spencer Young - "Hold Me"

And don't look for, or otherwise depend upon the Kansas Judicial Branch's self-policing "Commissions" to do anything about this 'Deceitful Duo' -- for their actions to date in responding to complaints suggest they are effectively playing the role of a fox guarding the hen house  -- accordingly, the Kansas Judicial Branch appears to lack the integrity to warrant the public's confidence.

The Fox "Guarding" the Hen House

Judge Ron Svaty and attorney Jane Isern are two colluding fraudsters and should be EXTRICATED from their positions and FOREVER BANNED from the practice of law -- Why?  Click here