Friday, April 22, 2011

John Mack - Hypocrite & Murderer

The below email was sent to John Mack, upon his return to Morgan Stanley as its new CEO (note: he has since retired, but remains Chairman of Morgan Stanley's Board of Directors).  The request to meet to resolve the referenced employment fraud was not only rebuffed, actions against Spencer Young were substantially stepped up.

Over time, John Mack proved himself to be a profound hypocrite, and an exceptionally evil man, and the information Mr. Young now possesses on Mr. Mack's subsequent wrongdoings is enough to send Mack to prison, which is why such outlandish efforts were later made to silence Mr. Young.

Importantly, had Mr. Mack taken 15 minutes to meet with Mr. Young, the MorganStanleyGate matter would have been resolved back in 2005, Maria Young would still be alive today, their family would be very much close and loving, as it had always been.  

Instead, Mack directed an increase in an unending series of unlawful and malicious acts against Mr. Young, which created unimaginable chronic stress over many years, and eventually taking a lethal physical toll on Maria Young, thereby killing her.

Subject: Congratulations // Parallels To Your Experience With Phil Purcell . . . As Well As With The Ron Perelman Matter // Request For A Meeting
Date: 7/5/2005, 1:42 AM
From:"Spencer C. Young" <>
To:John Mack <>
Organization:Spencer C. Young Investments, Inc.

John –

Congratulations on your appointment to CEO of Morgan Stanley -- a position originally promised to you as quid pro quo for the instrumental role you played in the merger of Morgan Stanley and Dean Witter. I'm sure Dick Fisher is smiling and quietly applauding from above. With hind sight, perhaps your only regret is that you trusted Phil Purcell to be a man of his word. As I have told my three sons, "the cream always rises to the top" -- ergo, bravo for your perseverance in proving this so.

I bring to your attention a matter of somewhat similar circumstances, also having parallels with the Ron Perelman matter.  Specifically, I have been a victim of an egregious breach of contract and Machiavellian scheme carried out by Warren Friend and John Westerfield of Morgan Stanley. Through fraudulent internal misrepresentations and hectoring, I was terminated after having created and trademarked the most successful proprietary brand of CMBS on Wall Street, to wit, “IQ®, representing Institutional Quality”. Specifically, my professional ethics were blasphemed and my personal integrity was defamed. Moreover, legitimate efforts for re-employment have been tortiously interfered with by Morgan Stanley, perhaps because group heads at firms such as AXA, Aegon, GMAC, Apollo, JPMorgan and Union Central Life had agreed to work for me in a new, competing endeavor, called Project Atlas. I was so vexed by what Warren Friend and John Westerfield perpetrated, that I wrote an epigrammatic poem as a cathartic release, which has been published by three periodicals, including one by Mensa, an intellectual society at which I am a lifetime member. I have attached this document, which includes translations and explanations directly related to this matter -- I merely changed or omitted names in the interest of proper decorum and discretion.

Morgan Stanley refused to enter into any settlement negotiations, so I was left with no alternative but to file a claim with the NASD for $10 million plus damages – and I am contemplating increasing this amount because of additional damages realized from delay tactics and failure to produce discovery information, similar to the unsavory legal tactics recently revealed in the $1.45 billion judgment granted to Ron Perelman.

This ordeal has taken an enormous toll on me and my family. Specifically, Morgan Stanley's invidious actions have caused a tremendous financial and emotional strain, and has forced me to seek business opportunities outside of New York. By pure serendipity, I found such opportunities as a result of my son Michael's matriculation at Duke University, where he recently completed his freshman year, and played for their #2 ranked lacrosse team. Although I have had to spend most of my time
in Durham and Chapel Hill away from my wife and other two sons in New York (who are also being recruited to play lacrosse for Duke), I had the opportunity to see most of Michael's lacrosse games and became well acquainted with Head Coach Mike Pressler. I have also established a strong relationships with Smedes York, the CEO of York Properties and a two term former Mayor of Raleigh, and Aaron Nelson, the Executive Director of the Chapel Hill/Carrboro Chamber of Commerce.

I would like to arrange a face-to-face meeting with you, as I believe you and I would be able to gain quick resolution to this matter -- you will likely recognize me from conversations we had during your original tenure at Morgan Stanley. By way of background, I joined Morgan Stanley in 1997 to jump start originations in Real Estate Debt Capital Markets, and did so by making sweeping operational changes. Accordingly, commercial mortgage originations increased 5 fold (to $2.5 billion) in
less than two years. I also established CreditSource® Commercial, utilizing the Dean Witter retail brokers to market commercial mortgage financing. Prior to that, I launched the CMBS principal transaction business at JPMorgan, and in so doing, became well acquainted with Dick Fisher's brother, David.

I have a similar regret -- to wit, having trusted Warren Friend and John Westerfield. Simply stated, I'm looking to: (1) clear my sullied name and reputation, (2) receive fair recompense; and (3) be given a legitimate opportunity to demonstrate that I am also the "crème de la crème".


Spencer C. Young

Countermand of Valor by Spencer Young -- As Published by Mensa - Nov-Dec 2004.pdf (292KB)

Email From Maria - The Day After Thanksgiving 2006

One can NOT emphasize enough how dangerously evil Morgan Stanley is as an institution, and the below email from Maria provides additional context to this reality.  She wrote it the day after Thanksgiving in 2006, a traditional family event that Mr. Young was not part of for the first time.

Morgan Stanley MUST be exposed and brought to justice.  This firm should have NEVER been bailed out by the U.S. government with taxpayer money -- they should have been allowed to fail because this firm epitomizes the complete failure of humanity -- for their unbridled greed drives them to literally destroy other peoples lives.  Click here to access how they do this, along with three other examples of such diabolical efforts, where they were caught red-handed, and paid a price.  Unfortunately, they NEVER changed their malevolent ways -- they merely became more adept at covering it up.

Maria and Spencer Young had as strong a marriage as there could be, and there was no father who was closer to his sons than Mr. Young.  Yet Morgan Stanley destroyed it all -- and how they went about doing it should scare EVERY  U.S. citizen.

Morgan Stanley MURDERED Maria Young -- Morgan Stanley MURDERED the Young Family -- Morgan Stanley MURDERED Mr. Young's career and livelihood.  And although Mr. Young cannot bring Maria back to life, nor un-do the torture she was subjected to for over 8 years, leading to her death on April 17th, he CAN and WILL bring back to life everything else that Morgan Stanley MURDERED, and by doing so, allow Maria's legacy of love to live on.

-------------Original Message----------------
Sent: Friday, November 24, 2006 8:39 PM
Subject: (no subject)

I hardly thought I'd ever be writing this letter but life certainly surprises us all at times. Spencer, we've been through much together...many beautiful, fun and happy times and of late many painful times. We've both handled the past four years badly on many levels. In spite of the good things that we both believe we have done...and there have been many...we have not banned together through this time and we have both allowed our marriage and our family to splinter and break and I am writing this to let you know that I am not going to allow that to happen.

Yesterday was the worst day ever for me...and it made me realize that I need for you to be a part of this family. You are loved dearly and you are a vital part of whom "The Young's" are....I want to regroup and to come together and rebuild our lives. The boys love their family deeply and they want us to be as we were...a loving family.

After reading and reflecting on your emails to the boys and I, I have come to realize that I have completely under appreciated the toll that Morgan Stanley's wrongful acts have taken on you. I know that you are pursuing what you think is right and importantly that you are doing it not only for yourself and your professional reputation but for your family. You have always worked so hard and what they did was wrong..I have always believed that. I realize now that you feel (and rightfully so in many cases) that you have been betrayed and I never intended for you to feel that I am betraying and abandoning you as well. What I have wanted so very badly is to return to a normal life, life before Morgan Stanley's horrible actions, life when we were a happy family with time together as a family - all of us together. It is in this vein that at so many times I just wish we could put the Morgan Stanley case behind us and move on. I guess it is wishful thinking and not the way the real world works...but again to allow this horrible firm to trash not only a career that was thriving and where you were so successful, but to also allow this to destroy our family...that would be the worst tragedy of all. You are right to remember our vows of "for better or worse" and unfortunately in life many times adversity can bring out the worst in a couple's relationship and in our case I believe that is what happened. But it is not too late and we should not allow the tentacles of Morgan Stanley to reach further into our life and inflict more harm than they already have. I know you have a big battle ahead and realize now the adversity you have had to deal with in pursuit of what is for you a quest of righteousness. Let's try to come together to bring our family back to what it once was...I know we cannot turn the clock back but we can start to craft a new beginning and be a family matter what.