Thursday, April 14, 2011

Unjustified Panic at Deborah's Day Care . . . And Jackson Needlessly Suffers as a Result

Background -- An Unexpected Call

Leah Krier called Spencer Young some time after midnight on April 9, and confided she had been crying all week, from an overwhelming realization that "Jackson needs his father", and then continued with an admission that floored him "And I still care very much for you".  Astonished by what he was hearing, he asked "Are you saying you love me?", to which she hesitated and reluctantly replied in a demur, almost inaudible voice, "yes".
She then went on to say "and I really don't care what you say about me in your emails, or on your websites at this point.  It doesn't bother me anymore . . . but NONE of it is true.  I just go to work, care for Jackson and go to school and that's it."

Mr. Young began to slowly stand up, after having fallen out of his chair.  In the context of what appeared to be overwhelming evidence to the contrary, he had to ask: "Are you telling me, you have not had sex with another man since you left me?"  She replied more assertively "no".

Mr. Young inquired further,  "So when you moved out last summer from Danny's (the man she secretly moved in with the day after their fraudulent eviction), where did you move to?"   Leah retorted: "I moved back to Kansas with Jackson. I moved my stuff a little at a time."  Something didn't quite make sense, but Mr. Young remained silent so as not to disrupt this long-awaited candor and encouraging flow of conversation.

Does Not Compute

Mr. Young was encouraged, but skeptical of Leah's dramatic change in attitude and pleasantness, particularly in the context of how she had been bombarding Mr. Young for the past few months with a variety of meritless legal claims (in TWO states, no less) against him, which were rife with audacious lies and patently fraudulent representations.  Most notably among these were preposterous allegations of domestic violence, which she admitted to having fabricated in this phone conversation.  Notwithstanding, and for the record, Mr. Young has never, would never, and frankly could never engage in something so reprehensible and cowardly.  

His mind kicked into deductive overdrive as he mentally matched up what Leah was saying  with his recollections of entirely contradictory prior statements, such as: "I hate you!"; "I never want to see you again!"; "I've never before felt such hatred toward someone!"; "I wish you would drop dead!"; "You've ruined my life!"; "You're a deadbeat Dad and a loser!"; "You are not a father to Jackson!"; and "You are nothing to him!

Coping With an Irrational Shrew

While it's no picnic being on the receiving end of such admonishing tirades, Mr. Young has not let Leah's emotional outbursts get him down, and he has tempered any compulsion to lash out in response.  This is because he knows: (1) nothing could be further from the truth; (2) Leah has been subjected to significant chronic stress (albeit much of it, self-imposed); (3) she has a "type-A" personality where she often  gets herself so worked up, she invariably reaches a point of unadulterated viciousness for which she later feels remorseful; and (4) the trials and tribulations that have impacted Leah most are manifestations of the MorganStanleyGate scandal, and upon its resolution, they will all go away. 

A Latent Agenda Surfaces

As suddenly as glimmers of hope had appeared, a deluge of soaking rain descended upon this short-lived festive parade, as Leah abruptly segued to choruses of ". . .but you've got to get mental help, Spencer -- you're sick -- you're not right".  Mr. Young began to experience the all-too-familiar feelings of cynicism and profound disappointment overcome his short-lived ebullience, along with resonating thoughts of "I KNEW this was too good to be true". 

Perhaps Leah hadn't changed after all, and her motivation for suddenly calling him was pursuant to the diabolical directions from her notoriously deceitful attorney (Jane Isern), in a last ditch effort to save an otherwise lost cause in her bogus claims against Mr. Young.  This is because the only way of prevailing would be if Mr. Young voluntarily declared "You know, come to think of it . . . you're right , I am a nut job, and I should be committed to an insane asylum".  Unfortunately for Leah and Jane, that is NOT going to happen because there is no truth to that whatsoever.

Bogus Domestic Violence Documents Received

On Monday, Apr. 11, Mr. Young received a faxed copy of Leah's admittedly fabricated Domestic Violence claims and noted an entry in the pro se complaint form she filled out that fully contradicted her earlier representation about having moved to Kansas last summer.  The form asked for the name of the school the dependent child (i.e., Jackson) attended and Leah entered: "Deborah's Daycare".  The entry in Leah's handwriting is shown below 

This sounded familiar to Mr. Young, so he "googled" it and up popped details of this quaint pre-school located in Durham, NC address, along with a map, satellite picture and street level picture

Liar, Liar . . . Pants On Fire

Dispirited by Leah's OBVIOUS LIE, Mr. Young began to surmise perhaps NOTHING Leah said was true.  And as he reflected on this likelihood, he was struck by how much he wanted to believe her, but simply could not  . . . because Leah was once again caught red-handed  in a BOLD-FACED LIE, consistent with her now notorious history as a PROLIFIC LIAR.  He then struggled to suppress angered thoughts from creeping into and setting up permanent residence in his mind.  To counteract these dark thoughts, he kept thinking/hoping: Leah is inherently a good and kind person . . . she's just being horribly manipulated and misguided by some exceptionally convincing outside sources with a decidedly evil agenda.

Deborah's Day Care

Mr. Young decided to call Deborah's Day Care ("DDC") in the late afternoon (4:15 pm) of Monday, April 11, and a pleasant voice greeted him.  He introduced himself as Jackson's father and inquired about his son's matriculation there.  The initially gregarious and forthcoming woman who answered the phone, and had introduced herself as "Emily" or "Miss Em", suddenly became icy cold and refused to answer any questions, and brusquely suggested Mr. Young call the next day at 10:00 am, when the owner, "Deborah" would be in.  

As they were wrapping up their phone conversation, Mr. Young reiterated the purpose of his call was to inquire about, and assess the health, safety and welfare being accorded his toddler son whom he had only recently learned was attending their pre-school.  He went on to say her refusal to provide ANY information to a parent father was "wrong", "suspicious" and "personally insulting".  She oddly hung up on him before he could finish his sentence, and ensuing calls went unanswered.

The Next Day

At 10:00 am the next day (Apr. 12), Mr. Young called DDC, and when the phone was picked up, he heard some commotion and raised voices in the background.  Miss Em, answered, but quickly handed the phone to "Deborah", who was notably guarded in what she said while advising Mr. Young that a Sheriff's deputy was standing by her side.  Mr. Young did not know what to make of this; however, after getting past some awkward initial conversation, Deborah determined Mr. Young was not at all "as described" and therefore the Deputy's services were not required.  They then candidly engaged in a lengthy pleasant and constructive conversation.

Mr. Young began by asking: "What was THAT all about?".  Deborah explained the events that unfolded yesterday, after his initial phone call.  Under most circumstances, Mr. Young would have been shocked; however, with regard to his experiences in the Triangle Region of North Carolina, dating back to the Summer of 2007 (when his investment properties first began experiencing sabotage), this sort of nonsense was fast-becoming the norm, so here's a precis of the histrionics that unfolded from yesterday's two-minute phone call:
  • Certainly based on nothing Mr. Young said in their abbreviated conversation, Miss Em concluded on her own that he was in town and was on his way to pick Jackson up.  [Note: At the time, Mr. Young was approximately 1,000 miles away.]
  • Ms Em called Leah (who was out of town) and her mother, Linda, whom she said "freaked out" when Miss Em delivered her erroneous conclusion.
  • As most parents pick up their kids at 5:00 pm, when Linda pulled into the parking lot, she noted a few other cars in her rear-view mirror, one of which was a  black car (Mr. Young owns a black Mercedes);
  • Linda rushed into DDC, and quickly instigated a complete lock-down of the facility, causing panic among the other parents who were also coming to pick up their children, and understandably distraught that they were being locked out from their children.
  • As Linda hid in one of the closets with Jackson, arrangements were made to secretly let some of the other parents in from a back entrance; however, they refused to admit entry to the poor fellow who emerged from the black car (it as a Honda Accord), even though they knew him well from having often picked up his child in the past.
  • Miss Em said Leah had told her Jackson's father was "extremely smart" and "a genius" but Jackson was being kept away from him because he was a "crazed lunatic". So when this unwitting and perplexed, but increasingly agitated father demanded to be allowed in, they refused to do so "until the Sheriff arrived"
  • It was explained they took this precaution because they were afraid the ever-brilliant Mr. Young had somehow convinced this fellow to help him get his son Jackson, and was hiding off to the side, ready to burst in once they opened the door, remembering also being described as a very strong and athletic man.
  • When the Sheriff arrived, he was briefed of what transpired, but it wasn't until he completed a thorough search of the grounds did Linda emerge from the closet with Jackson.
  • Based on the trauma thus caused to many parents and children, Deborah called Leah and advised her Jackson was no longer welcome to matriculate at her pre-school.

You can't make this stuff up and it might be hilarious if an innocent little three-year-old didn't have to suffer the consequences of what is now complete family dysfunction in the aftermath of what is perhaps the worst bank foreclosure fraud in U.S. history. and yet another chapter of misery stemming from the MorganStanleyGate scandal.

The Impact of Losing a Father
                               Before                                      After

Mr. Young's Reaction

Aghast at what he heard, Mr. Young explained how very sorry he was that his brief (2 min.) phone call inquiry had somehow sparked a panic of this scale.  In return, Deborah graciously extended her apology for the misunderstanding and agreed Mr. Young's intentions were legitimate, reasonable and something she would expect any caring and prudent parent would do under the circumstances.  In fact, she said it pains her to see how many parents really don't care much about their child.  And given the accomplishments of Mr. Young's three adult sons, it appears he must have done something right in their care and upbringing.

Predicated on their extensive conversation, she went on to say Mr. Young was "nothing at all like he was described to be" by Leah, rather he was obviously a prudent, reasonable, and caring parent who very much loves his son.  She went on to say there was nothing unreasonable about his inquiries in wishing to know the whereabouts, care and safety of his child, irrespective of what the relationship may be between the parents.

Mr. Young asked Deborah to reconsider her decision to expel Jackson from her pre-school and she gladly agreed to reinstate him immediately, going so far as to say she would call Leah and Linda right away and meet with them that night to personally apologize for the misunderstanding.  She mentioned Leah had originally planned to have Jackson's birthday party at her pre-school on April 14th (Jackson's birthday), and she wanted to be sure Leah knew of the misunderstanding and resultant decision right away.

Mr. Young said he would also contact Leah and Linda (Leah's mother) to ensure they understood what transpired, so that they would not over-react any more than they already had.

The Immediate Aftermath

Throughout the ensuing two days, and up to the time of this posting on Jackson's 3-year-old birthday, Deborah and Mr. Young frequently attempted to contact Leah, who oddly did not accept, nor return their phone calls.  Moreover, Leah instituted calling and text messaging restrictions that blocked any and all attempts by Mr. Young to reach her, or her mother.  Deborah was able to briefly speak with Linda who seemed to indicate Jackson would no longer attend Deborah's Day Care.

How very unjust and sad . . . most especially for Jackson.

Durham Police Dept. "Top Brass" Implicated in Corruption to Cover-Up Leah Krier's Illicit Acts . . . But Why?

The below email was circulated on April 10, 2011 to family and friends of Leah Krier in a continued effort to elicit their intervention to stop Leah's self-destruction.  It is clear some have taken the time to read these epistles and contacted her to gently suggest she rethink what she's doing and consider the associated impact of her actions on her 3-year-old son, Jackson.  To them, I say thank you; however, while at times showing some signs of returning to the person we all know and love, Leah continues down a destructive path.  To them, I suggest they take a stronger stance, while being mindful that her bark is worse than her bite.

Notwithstanding, it is also clear others have not read or otherwise comprehended the content of these periodic communiques, and have merely expressed blind faith and support to Leah.  To those I say: "You are doing yourselves, Leah and most especially Jackson a potentially calamitous disservice, but it's never too late to correct your misjudgment.  In fact, the blind faith supporters will have a far greater impact on influencing and ultimately convincing Leah to mitigate a self-imposed travesty on a path toward certain disaster.

---------- Original Message ----------
Spencer C. Young
Date: Sun, Apr 10, 2011 at 5:44 AM
Subject: Durham Police Dept. "Top Brass" Implicated in Corruption
As implausible as it may seem, the Durham Police Department's "Top Brass" have been Implicated in additional elements of corruption, as they were oddly found to be involved in covering up certain the unlawful acts perpetrated by Leah Krier.  And the logical question to then ask is this: WHY would the Durham Police and its leadership, including the Chief of Police, Jose Lopez, engage in and support the cover-up of Leah's illicit activities? 

The Answer

It has NOTHING to do with Leah and EVERYTHING to do with the MorganStanleyGate and Fraudclosure scandals . . . read on and you'll see how.

Lies, Irregularities & an Irrational Use of Police Resources

Click here for the details on the lies, omissions and observed irregularities of the Durham Police Dept. that arose from what should have been a routine investigation, and typically carried out by two people -- to wit, a junior level Patrol Officer and an Investigator.

Throughout this investigation, Mr. Young debriefed the Durham Police personnel working on it and exposed numerous contradictions in their findings.  And when Mr. Young pressed for answers he had every right to know, the Durham Police oddly recoiled and provided no assistance whatsoever, reflecting deliberate evasion.  And the court order they referenced as the basis for withholding that information was DENIED and therefore INVALID -- moreover, it was a knowingly FRAUDULENT filing (more on this below).  

Simply stated, Mr. Young's interrogatories centered on assessing the health, safety and well-being of his toddler son (Jackson), and determining the whereabouts and condition of  his stolen property (e.g., a Mercedes Benz S-320, high-end electronic equipment and valuable paintings).  

And as Mr. Young continued to press for answers and an explanation of contradictory findings, the number of senior Durham Police personnel involved began to increase dramatically.  Notwithstanding, those who entered the picture were only more intractable and unforthcoming, supporting an obvious "party line" that was not well thought through.  Review the below list staff involved and ask yourself:  "Does such a pedestrian matter warrant the time and attention to this level and degree from the Durham Police Department?":
  • Chief of Police Jose Lopez;
  • TWO Assistant Chiefs of Police (Forbes & Mihaich);
  • Captain (Ray Taylor);
  • THREE Sergeants (Clayton, Sumerville, & Gooch),
  • TWO Patrolmen (Officers Deloach, Heim & Silla)
  • TWO Investigators; (Tyler & Barfield);  and roughly a
  • HALF DOZEN special services officers.  
This equates to 17 mostly high-level police personnel on a matter that normally requires only two junior officers.  Can you spell C-O-R-R-U-P-T-I-O-N ?

Leah's Questionable Mental Well-Being

Although she ignored Mr. Young's frequent urgings to see a mental health care professional, Leah Krier exhibited the classic symptoms of a nervous breakdown after she, Jackson and Mr. Young werewrongfully and unlawfully evicted from Mr. Young's Meadowmont Chapel Hill condominium on Feb 2, 2010.  This unjustified and highly traumatic event was the coup de grace in what may be the worst foreclosure fraud in U.S. History, for which he will be filing substantial claims for damages.  And since then, her behavior has steadily transmogrified to a level of viciousness Mr. Young never knew existed within her psyche.

And now it appears Leah is spiraling out of control, evidenced by her recent engagement of YET ANOTHER ATTORNEY (with money she says she doesn't have).  This time it is a similarly deceitful and corrupt attorney in North Carolina who filed FRAUDULENT domestic violence charges against Mr. Young. [Note:  As of this writing, Mr. Young as not seen these bogus legal papers, and only recently learned of this through the Durham Police Dept.]

Leah is aware her filing is a FRAUD, in which she has effectively perjured herself -- this being the case because her allegation of domestic violence is a physical impossiblity, as Mr. Young has not been within 600 miles of Leah, nor Jackson for over a year now.

No Valid Claims

Leah Krier has no legitimate claims against Mr. Young.  Presuming Mr. Young is in fact Jackson's natural father (which remains in question), she has been pre-paid for Jackson's stated needs for at least the next five years, all of which is evidenced in great detail in his March 2, 2011 email to her.   Moreover, she owes Mr. Young over $78,000 for money he loaned her to pay off her high interest credit card debt on multiple occasions, and as recompense for the  belongings she's stolen -- ergo, factoring that into account, Mr. Young owes Leah NOTHING . . . in reality, it is the other way around.  Accordingly, her intentions at this point can only be interpreted as sinister.

Notwithstanding the fact that Jackson may not be his natural son, Mr. Young wants Jackson to have a wonderfully happy and fulfilled childhood that his three now adult sons had, and be as well-provided for as they were, which is something Leah Krier will likely NEVER be able to remotely come close to. 

Instead of uniting with Mr. Young to combat their mutually shared injustice, Leah has undertaken baseless and malicious adversarial actions against Mr. Young, after cowardly abandoning him in Feb. 2010 when he needed her most.  She then proceeded to engage in a reckless public display of promiscuous behavior and demonstrative lack of moral values.  Sadly, Mr. Young now feels COMPELLED to rescue Jackson from an otherwise certain life of misery, neglect and aimless direction within a haphazard and amoral environment, while protecting him from a woman who has sadly transformed into something now unrecognizable and quite evil.

The Downside
NOTHING good can come from Leah's FABRICATED legal claims in Kansas and North Carolina, and her pernicious antics have needlessly hampered and delayed Mr. Young’s pursuit of legitimate claims against those responsible for causing their current travails. 
Instead of standing by her man and cooperating with Mr. Young on a legitimate pursuit of justice, she has blindly followed the advice of evil/incompetent counsel, and she has thus amplified EVERYONE's suffering.  This evokes a saying that comes to mind: "The quality of one's life is a function of the quality of one's decisions"
 And by continuing to go forward with such malicious fabricated attacks against the (purported) father of her son (whom she kidnapped more than a year ago), she is demonstrating a woeful lack of moral values and dangerously irrational judgment.  And taking into account her now well-documented instances of atrocious behavior, this would suggest she is an unfit mother -- hence the now urgent necessity for Jackson's rescue.

Reiterated Plea for Intervention 

As inculcated to Leah's friends and family, Mr. Young is again pleading for them to intervene and compel her to stop her from her augmenting madness.  For at this point, Leah is merely a pathetic pawn, who is being manipulated into making horrible decisions by people who do NOT have her best interests at heart.  This includes Jane Isern, an unethical and incompetent attorney in Great Bend, KS, as well as a yet-to-be-identified North Carolina attorney who filed for a knowingly FRAUDULENT and LIBELOUS Domestic Violence Protection Order.

So What's the Connection with the Aforementioned Scandals?

The connection with the MorganStanleyGate and Fraudclosure scandals is less obvious, but consistent with the ongoing efforts to prevent Mr. Young from prosecuting his mounting civil claims and exposing those involved in these scandals.  They hope to do so by burdening him with frivolous legal problems, and manipulating loved ones to do "the dirty work" helps to undermine the credibility of Mr. Young's claims, as well as emotionally devastate him, such that he gives up his quest for justice.  [Note: that will NEVER happen --in fact efforts to stop him only increase his resolve.] 

In addition, from a Socratic reasoning perspective, the findings to date certainly warrant further inquiry because: (1) a rudimentary investigation of this sort does NOT AT ALL justify the level of Durham Police Resources involved;  (2) there is no legitimate basis to withhold information from a father concerning the safety and welfare of his toddler son; (3) there is no legitimate reason to impede the return of stolen belongings; (4) the level of observed deceit within the Durham Police Department is mind-boggling; and (5) attorneys in two states have engaged in unethical and perhaps unlawful behavior that is CONTRARY to the best interests of their client, Leah Krier, but certainly consistent with a divide and conquer strategy. that has been long employed against Mr. Young.