Monday, March 14, 2011

An Attorney Who Counseled Her Client With Lies and False Assurances

The below letter was sent via email to the attorney who recklessly filed a flawed and meritless paternity petition  on behalf of my fiancee', Leah R. Krier.   Among other things, Leah abandoned me the day after Paragon Commercial Bank completed the worst bank foreclosure fraud in U.S. history (at the behest of Morgan Stanley) in their continued efforts to cover-up the MorganStanleyGate scandal.

This is yet another example of how Morgan Stanley programmatically seeks to bring the absolute worst out in human nature to maliciously destroy the lives and livelihoods of others in order to further an esurient agenda.

Date:        March 9, 2011

To:            Jane Isern of Brown, Isern & Carpenter

Re:           Leah R. Krier

Jane –
I didn’t start this fight, but I'm gonna finish it.[1] 
I ask you to recount how Dan Akroyd hilariously began his retorts to Jane Curtin in their classic “Point-Counterpoint” segments on Saturday Night Live – for that aptly reflects the respect I have for you.   How dare you take advantage of a girl with merely a high school education and fill her with lies and false assurances predicated on pathetically flawed legal advice, and your self-serving interests to extract legal fees from someone who can ill afford them?  In my opinion, you are not merely a disgrace to the legal profession, but to the human race.
The following explains why my feelings toward you are so strongly negative, in that I cover your: (1) failure to serve your client’s best interests; (2) failure to know your client; (3) antiquated ways; (4) woeful ignorance and flawed advice; (5) reckless disregard for the truth; and (6) potential link to criminal activities.  In closing though, I give you an opportunity to redeem yourself.
Failure to Serve Your Client’s Best Interests
You filed a deeply flawed and entirely meritless paternity petition (“Petition”) on behalf of Leah Krier.  The rationale for my opinion was explained in my March 2 epistle to your client, who was: (1) asked to forward it to you; and (2) have the Petition withdrawn.  This letter can be accessed by clicking here.   
As your fraudulent Petition was not withdrawn, clearly articulated consequential actions were undertaken against your client, about which she was provided ample and numerous forewarnings – to wit:
Ø criminal charges of grand larceny, kidnapping and child endangerment were filed against your client;
Ø counterclaims were made for amounts due plus interest;
Ø criminal acts of embezzlement were reported to her employer; and
Ø full custody will now be sought as your client has demonstrated herself to be an unfit mother
And please know that none of this would have transpired, had your ill advised Petition not been filed.  So in my opinion, it was your incompetent and/or, unethical action that directly resulted in unimaginable pain, suffering and embarrassment to your client and her other colleagues at Air Wisconsin & US Airways.
Failure to Know Your Client
You should have known through due inquiry that your client has nothing more than a high school education, has a proclivity to lie (for instance, your client told me she was sterile and could not possibly get pregnant), and is completely naïve about the nuances of family law.  Moreover, your inquiries should have revealed her past transgressions of grand larceny and embezzlement, particularly if you bothered to have her provide past electronic correspondence with me.  Had you done any of this fundamental inquiry, you would have NEVER filed a Paternity Petition.
Your client has a long notorious history of promiscuous behavior, and the notion that I am the natural father of Jackson, is highly suspect.  I honestly hope that is the case, because I deeply love that little boy, and I would feel so duped if it turned out that I wasn’t.
My March 2 letter provides overwhelming evidence of your client’s EXTENSIVE and ongoing promiscuous behavior.  In particular, she had sexual relations with three different men throughout a wild orgy-filled weekend held at Hyco Lake, NC on Aug. 3 -5, 2007.  Importantly, these dates are right smack in the middle of the likely conception period, based on Jackson’s birth on April 14, 2008.  A detailed analysis along with damning pictures is included in My March 2 letter. 
Moreover, when you take into account that recent studies have shown up to 35% of men listed as the natural father on birth certificates turn out NOT the case, your presumption that I am the natural father based SOLELY on my name being on the birth certificate is egregiously flawed.  
Antiquated Ways
I am astonished that a law firm can actually exist in the 21st century with business technology which harkens from the 19th century, in that: (1) you have no website; (2) you don't publish a fax number; (3) you don't publish an e-mail address; and (4) quite remarkably you don't answer your phones.  What do you use, telegraph and Morse code?
It was only through extensive Internet searching that I found what I believe to be an e-mail address that is associated with your office, to which this communiqué is being sent.  Notwithstanding, this letter is also being sent to some of your colleagues in the Great Bend area, in order to be certain that you received it -- this also being the case because your client has proved unreliable in the past, and is certainly no savant of current technology herself.
By the way, do you also arrive to work in a horse and buggy and break out the candles and kerosene lamps in the late afternoon?
Woeful Ignorance And Flawed Advice
In my opinion, you are woefully ignorant, or completely devoid of common sense, because your client has been prepaid for the stated needs for Jackson over the next five years (as per the next section). 
And if you bothered to Google me (BTW, do you even know what that means?), you would see that I am in the fight of my life to regain tens of $millions stolen from me through an elaborate bank foreclosure fraud, as part of a cover-up to a scandal of epic proportion.  Click here to gain access to a dozen websites which address various elements of this scandal in great detail.
So let me ask you this Einstein, if all of my wealth has been stolen through unlawful means, what pray tell does your client stand to gain in obtaining a fraudulent judgment against someone with no assets?  I have made it very clear in countless communiqués to your client that her financial worries will be a thing of the past once I regain the net worth that was stolen (roughly $50 million).  Ergo, disrupting me with you absurd Petition is NOT in your client’s best interests.
Reckless Disregard For The Truth
This next point seems to warrant your disbarment.  By advising Leah that she is the rightful owner of my engagement ring currently in her possession demonstrates prima facie instance of legal malpractice, for you very well know that under no operative circumstances involved herein is she the owner of that ring under either a Kansas law or North Carolina law -- so shame on you for playing up on her ignorance by feeding her what you very well know to be a BOLD-FACED LIE. 
Moreover, the March 2 letter corroborates the wholesale market value of the engagement ring to be $34,000, and provides guidance on how to go about selling it, and she could certainly use the monies for Jackson’s needs.
Potential Link to Criminal Activities
One of the things I ask myself when observing irrational behavior, or actions that suggest astonishing incompetence is whether there is an underlying agenda to such actions. 
If it turns out your filing of the bogus Petition is somehow associated with the MorganStanleyGate cover-up, I can assure you this will be eventually exposed, and you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Last Request
I again respectfully request your withdrawal of the subject Petition, and be sure to have Leah address the “Remaining Questions” in my March 2 letter, in which case I will discontinue my aggressive prosecution of her transgressions, and recant my earlier shared sentiments with Dan Akroyd.


Spencer C. Young

[1] From the movie, Changling, starring Angelina Jolie