Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rogue Air Wisconsin Employee (and Agent for US Airways) Now Regularly Engaging in Grand Larceny

The below email was sent to the senior management of US Airways and Air Wisconsin requesting that they intervene in counseling a rogue employee (Leah R. Krier) who has been regularly engaging in felony activities, and the impending embarrassment she will end up bringing to them, if they don't act quickly.

Follow up inquiry was also made if any changes in internal controls were made in response to the ongoing theft of US Air Beverage sales by Air Wisconsin Flight Attendants, in which Leah Krier played a prominent role.

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From: Spencer C. Young <spencercyoung@aol.com>
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Sent: Tue, Aug 30, 2011 12:40 am
Subject: Fwd: More Grand Larceny by Air Wisconsin Employee Leah Krier

To:  Senior Management of US Airways and Air Wisconsin

The below public blog posting can also be accessed by clicking here, and please understand Air Wisconsin employee (Leah R. Krier) WILL be prosecuted.  Sadly, Leah still doesn't realize she's been a manipulated pawn and involved in scandals that are way over her head.

Oddly, Leah's also been unwittingly helpful in exposing the extent of corruption involved in theMorganStanleyGate and Fraudclosure scandals.  Notwithstanding, please understand, when this begins to take hold in the national media, it will prove embarrassing to you.

I urge you to encourage Leah Krier to cease and desist in her felonious activities, as it certainly reflects poorly on your airlines.  And please advise what changes, if any, were made in your internal control procedures in response to the theft of US Air beverage sales by Air Wisconsin flight attendants, which Leah Krier was an active participant in.


Spencer C. Young

More Grand Larceny by Leah Krier, Facilitated by Yet Another Corrupt Judge (David Q. LaBarre)

Leah Krier has struck again with a brazen grand larceny of ransacking Spencer Young's belongings at a UHaul Storage facility in Durham, NC.  In this criminal act,  . . .

More Grand Larceny by Leah Krier, Facilitated by Yet Another Corrupt Judge (David Q. LaBarre)

Leah Krier has struck again with a brazen grand larceny of ransacking Spencer Young's belongings at a UHaul Storage facility in Durham, NC.  In this criminal act, she continues to spiral out of control and is effectively proclaiming: "I'm above the law, and I can steal whatever I wish from my former fiancee', whom I abandoned when he needed me most.  And I am doing this with reckless abandon because wonderfully crooked officials representing the law are not only helping me, but providing me very specific guidance -- in fact, I'm so giddy about this, I feel like a kid in a candy shop!"  

Wake Up Leah
Leah, are you really so utterly clueless to think all these high-powered officials are helping you commit felonies, covering for you, and looking the other way because they think you're special?  Let me explain:  They are encouraging you to do things that will get me so angry at you that I will do something stupid in the heat of emotion, for this is ALL part of the desperate efforts to cover-up MorganStanleyGate.  I will NOT lash out at you, and I expect to forgive you for ALL of your horrible acts since we were victimized in the worst bank foreclosure fraud in US History . . . but I will NOT be able to do so until you WAKE UP and express contrition for your reprehensible behavior.  In the meantime, I will prosecute you criminally, and in the event you are unable to turn away from "the dark side", the charges will NOT be withdrawn. 

Judge LaBarre, The Durham Police & UHaul Storage
Corrupt others who made this possible include: (1) retired Superior Court Judge David LaBarre, who was specifically brought out of retirement on an "emergency basis" to facilitate this fraud; (2) the Durham Police; and (3) UHaul employees. And for these people, this was an encore performance to the grand larceny earlier this year. Of note is Judge LaBarre's patently unethical and unlawful behavior -- He continues to issue the bogus open-ended court orders without Spencer Young's knowledge, without proper service and without due process of law to allow Mr. Young the opportunity to prove he OWNS the valuables Leah is now stealing.  Fundamentally, he shouldn't have to do this, because Leah Krier has the burden of proving she owns what she has been stealing from leasehold storage units owned by Spencer Young . . . yet this corrupt Judge is complicit in this grand larceny.  Have we now entered "Bizarro World"?

News Flash
Here is a reality-check news flash for ALL involved -- You CAN'T do this in America . . .  it is against the law, and you WILL be held accountable.  For if this behavior was condoned, anarchy would break out, looting would be the norm and the concept of property ownership would simply not exist.  The below email further explains what occurred and specifies follow-up items for UHaul to make good on.

Spencer C. Young

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From: Spencer C. Young <spencercyoung@aol.com>
To: bradley_crabtree <bradley_crabtree@uhaul.com>
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Sent: Wed, Aug 24, 2011 5:32 pm
Subject: Grand Larceny

[Note the body of this text is also attached separately]

Date:     August 24, 2011
To:         Bradley Crabtree - UHaul Storage (4411 Durham-Chapel Hill Rd., Durham, NC)
CC:         Paul Smedberg & Barbara Avery – UHaul Storage
               Amerco Senior Management (separately to provide context)
               Durham Police Dept. 
               Charlotte FBI
               News Media Outlets (separately due to volume and to provide context, albeit with two exceptions)
   Leah Krier’s Family & Friends (separately due to volume)
   Air Wisconsin Senior Management
Re:  Grand Larceny

Brad –

There are numerous problems with your response to my inquiries about the Grand Larceny on Unit 1146 perpetrated by Leah Krier on August 18, 2011:

  1. You Failed To Notify Me of Attempted Access – I asked you to immediately advise me if ANYONE attempted to access to my storage unit at your facility.  You Failed To Do So.
  2. You Failed to Advise and Present Me With Any “Court Order” – I asked you to immediately advise me if you were presented with a court order and fax it to me.  You Failed To Do So.
  3. You Ignored My Instructions – I called you in the afternoon on August 18th and advised Leah Krier would likely be coming by to access the unit.  I instructed you to not allow her access, and to advise me immediately.  I was then put on hold and no one ever picked up.  Subsequent calls were then diverted to your call the UHaul National Call Center.  As I now understand, Leah had just arrived at the facility and was ransacking my unit (with your assistance) when I called.
  4. You said the Court papers “looked legit” – First of all, you are obviously not qualified to make such an assessment, and you should have faxed it and alerted me (as instructed) and you should have contacted your legal department at UHaul – You did NOT do so.  And what suggests your complicity is that I informed you of Leah’s earlier instance of grand larceny in April this year.  Anyone properly trained would have quickly realized the document was a fraud because: (a) there is no evidence indicating the owner of the subject property was provided notice (because it WAS NOT); (b) there was no opportunity to contest it (this was a violation of my constitutional right to legal due process); (c)  the so called “order” was irresponsibly written as a carte blanche for Leah Krier to effectively ransack the storage unit without having to prove she was owner of its contents – this is reckless and fraudulent:  (d) as I owned the leasehold, Leah Krier had the burden of specifying  the items and proving ownership to the property BEFORE she was given access . . . NOT after; (e) after being notified of such claims, I am supposed to be given an opportunity to respond to those claims – this was NOT done; and (f) the threat of holding UHaul in contempt for not complying with the “Order” unless UHaul provided evidence on August 31 does not exonerate you, for this is reckless bullying by yet another corrupt judge.  In other words, UHaul should have raised all kinds of red flags due to the obvious irregular nature of this purported “court order”.  Please fax me a copy of the document you were provided and give me a heads up call once this is sent. My fax number is 919-869–1817
  5. This was Grand Larceny – This constitutes grand larceny beyond all doubt and I hereby DEMAND copies of the surveillance video evidencing Leah’s theft on April 1, 2011 and August 18, 2011 and ANY other dates that she requested access to my Unit.  This is imperative for civil claims and the criminal prosecution of this brazen felony.  Please arrange for these to be sent as zipped video files in a commonly used file format and delivered via email to:
    1. Durham Police Chief Jose Lopez  (jose.lopez@durhamnc.gov)
    2. Durham Police Captain Ray Taylor (ray.taylor@durhamnc.gov)
    3. FBI Agents Doug Curran (doug.curran@ic.fbi.gov) and Tim Halodik (tim.halodik@ic.fbi.gov) of the Charlotte FBI, and
    4. A copy to me at SpencerCYoung@aol.com
  6. Status of My Storage Unit & Its Contents – Please also address: what happened to my lock?; What’s the status of security at my storage unit?  What is the condition and extent of its contents, at this point?  Please take a picture of its contents and also email it to me.
I would also like to understand why Paul Smedberg (your supervisor) has failed to cooperate in providing the long requested security tapes of Leah Krier’s grand larceny in April, and why he never returns my calls.  This is the United States of America, and UHaul’s behavior would suggest this is a backward third world country. Suffice it to say, if this were standard operating procedure for UHaul in the treatment of its customers, it would no longer exist.

Be advised continued lack of cooperation will implicate UHaul and its parent company (Amerco) in the aiding and abetting of a felony.  I didn’t start this fight, but I sure as hell am going to finish it . . . which means I’m going to be all over this like white on rice.  And when you respond back in writing (with copies to the Durham Police and Charlotte FBI), please confirm, under penalty of perjury, that you are not related in any way to Leah’s best friend, Leslie Crabtree of Durham, or do not otherwise know her.

Note that law enforcement and the news media are being provided this transmittal due to its association withMorganStanleyGate, which will become obvious in the coming weeks.  I have also separately circulated this to Leah Krier’s family, friends and her employer . . . because her behavior is now completely out of control, which greatly saddens me.


Spencer C. Young

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From: Bradley Crabtree <bradley_crabtree@uhaul.com>
To: spencercyoung <spencercyoung@aol.com>; Barbara Avery <barbara_avery@uhaul.com>
Sent: Mon, Aug 22, 2011 12:27 pm
Subject: Re: Fwd: Grand Larceny & Its Link to TWO National Scandals


I have spoke to no one about any of this in months.  Especially not earlier that day.  She showed up maybe a week or so prio and I told her she was not allowed in anymore because of all of the confusion and she simply left and came back several days later with more papers.  And I am sure you will say they are fake too but like I said months back that is not my wrong doing if they happen to be.  Everything looks legit.  

Thanks, Brad