Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Complaint Filed Against Scott Thomas Orsini - Florida Bar # 855855 - Seeking Disbarment

Scott Orsini
The below complaint was filed with the Florida Supreme Court against Scott Thomas Orsini, Florida Bar # 855855 for substantial shortcomings during his tenure as representative legal counsel for Spencer C. Young.  Mr. Orsini was engaged to dismiss an audacious paternity fraud emanating from rural Kansas, and pursue other related matters.  His disbarment is being sought.

The inadequacies of Mr. Orsini’s representation pertain to: (1) glaring incompetence; (2) breach of contract; (3) reckless disregard of salient facts; (4) gross misunderstanding of operative law; (5) unethical behavior; and a (6) chronic pattern of lying. His actions, or lack thereof, further suggest (7) treacherous intent; (8) unreasonable combativeness; (9) unprofessional passive aggressiveness; and a (10) lack of empathy that borders on the inhumane, such that his behavior as legal counsel would be aptly described as “monstrous”.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Motion To Contest Outrageous Kansas Paternity Fraud Filed

The below motion to expose and dismiss the outrageous Kansas Paternity Fraud was filed today. The time has come to stop this nonsense once and for all.

REF: 15-0001625-FD
UCN: 52 2015 DR 001625 FDXX XX
Division: Family
Leah R. Krier,
Spencer C. Young,
Spencer C. Young, respectfully moves this Honorable Court to grant this Motion to Contest for
mistakes of fact concerning whether a delinquency exists, and as grounds therefore would show:
1. This matter represents an outrageous paternity fraud emanating from the state of Kansas, which pursuant to the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA), has no jurisdiction.  Pursuant to the UCCJEA, the “home state” for the Petitioner and her child during the relevant time-period (i.e., greater than six months prior to the fraudulent filing and thereafter) is North Carolina (NC) . . . NOT Kansas.  This clear and convincing fact is readily verified through public records, including: (1) NC Voter Registration; (2) NC Motor Vehicle Registration; (3) NC DMV for Driver Licenses; (4) U.S. Post Office Records; (5) Federal and NC Income tax returns; (6) NC Property tax records (for real estate and automobiles); (7) Phone number, where Petitioner’s phone number has been 919-357-3575 (“919” is a North Carolina exchange); (8) Employment records show since the time before her child was born, Petitioner has been a flight attendant for Air Wisconsin, who has been based out of the Raleigh-Durham Airport in North Carolina; (9) Petitioner’s addresses since her child was born have been: (a) 134 Meadowmont Village Circle in Chapel Hill, NC; (b) 2702 Richmond Road in Durham, NC; (c) 3107 Skybrook Lane in Durham, NC; and currently (d) 1009 Molesworth Drive in Morrisville, NC.  Uninterrupted residency in NC of the Petitioner and her child can also be verified by: (i) Dr. Stacy Heath of Harris and Smith in Durham, NC (919-967-8052), who has been Petitioner’s gynecologist since 2007; (ii) Dr. Christopher Morton of Chapel Hill (NC) Pediatrics (919-942-4173), who has been the pediatric physician for the Petitioner’s child since 2008; (iii) Deborah’s Day Care in Durham, NC (919-596-3636) which Petitioner’s child attended; and (iv) the Durham NC Public School System (919-560-3833), where, upon information and belief, the Petitioner’s child currently attends school.
2. The UCCJEA expressly forbids “Jurisdiction Shopping”, which is defined as seeking a jurisdiction that clearly favors one of the parties, and in the matter at hand, the jurisdiction that especially favors the Petitioner is Barton County, Kansas (KS), which is where this egregious paternity fraud emanated.  This is a clear instance of jurisdiction shopping because: (1) the Petitioner grew up in Barton County, KS; and (2) Petitioner’s large extended family (e.g., grandparents, parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews) all live in Barton County KS. 
3. The UCCJEA expressly prohibits imposing “inequitable hardship” for any party, which is defined as holding hearings where one of the Parties in the paternity matter is unable to attend due to: (1) Distance – the hearings were held over 1,000 miles distant from Respondent’s residence; (2) Economic Considerations – as a victim in “the worst bank foreclosure fraud in U.S. history” (a distinction readily verified by Google search), Respondent had insufficient funds to travel to Kansas, nor otherwise able to engage KS-based legal counsel to attend on his behalf; and (3) Emotional Considerations – Respondent’s wife of 24 years had passed away and the hearings were held during the week of her funeral.
4. The Petitioner is a criminal felon, who has committed FIVE instances of grand larceny against the Respondent, where she made off with Respondent’s property valued at $275,000, including a Mercedes Benz S-350 Automobile, Jewelry (e.g., diamonds); Artwork (e.g. Monet, Dali), Computers (e.g., desktops, iPads, laptops); Musical Equipment (e.g., guitars, keyboard piano, amps); Televisions & Sound System (Sony); Furniture (e.g., chairs, chaises, tables); Lighting (e.g., lamps); Kitchenware (e.g., pots, pans utensils, cutlery, glassware); Appliances (e.g., Washer & Dryer); and Clothes & Other personal items of value.  Petitioner’s thefts were made possible by a corrupt retired NC judge (David Q. LaBarre), who has been her boyfriend and was recently convicted for drunk driving.  In the event paternity did exist, the Petitioner has been prepaid in full by multiples.
5. Paternity does not exist as there is NO DNA evidence of paternity, and Petitioner has a extensive track record of widespread promiscuity.
6. Theft & Malicious Prosecution Lawsuit was filed against Petitioner by Scott Orsini of Orsini & Rose on behalf of Respondent, however O&R filed it in the wrong jurisdiction and failed to achieve any of the objectives he was engaged for.  Mr. Orsini was directed to have this paternity fraud dismissed while Respondent completed the book he was writing, Cannibals in White Shoes.  When Respondent was no longer able to pay O&R’s mounting bills, Mr. Orsini abruptly resigned leaving Respondent in a compromised position and defenseless.  
7. In support of these irrefutable facts, the following website links are incorporated by reference, as the corroborating evidence amounts to literally hundreds of pages, and also comes in the form of pithy information-rich videos: (1) Video summary of the Paternity Fraud http://dai.ly/xkvoue ; (2) FIFTEEN Independent Sources Confirm The Jurisdictional Element Of The Kansas Paternity Fraud http://tinyurl.com/hld7jjf ; (3) Details of the Grand Larceny perpetrated by the Petitioner and her boyfriend (LaBarre) http://tinyurl.com/ort89ef; (4) the list of property stolen by Petitioner and LaBarre http://tinyurl.com/mdz68jz; (5) Conviction of LaBarre http://www.wral.com/longtime-durham-judge-pleads-guilty-to-dwi/15414834/ ; (6) Petitioner’s promiscuity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cm-l1Zzk5g ; (7) Scott Orsini’s Failures to achieve any objectives http://www.morganstanleygate.com/2015/09/scott-orsinis-failures.html; (8) Respondent’s book is currently available on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MRZE464; and (9) the complete details of this paternity fraud can be accessed at  http://www.morganstanleygate.com/search/label/Paternity%20Fraud;

Based on the aforementioned mistakes of fact, a delinquency does NOT exist.

I HEREBY CERTIFY that a copy hereof has been furnished by mail to the persons listed below this 14th day of March, 2017.
Party                                                            Other
Leah R. Krier                                                  Florida Dept. of Revenue – Largo
1009 Molesworth Dr.                                     11351 Ulmerton Road   #220
Durham, NC  27560-7639                              Largo, FL  33778

Telephone No. 919-357-3575                        Telephone No. 727-588-6800
Telefax No. n/a                                               Telefax No. 727-588-4921

DATED: March 14, 2017

Signature of party signing certificate and pleading

Printed name:  Spencer C. Young
Address:          1194 Lindenwood Drive
Tarpon Springs, FL  34688
Telephone:  919-357-2844
Telefax:   n/a

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Important Story on State-Executed Bank-Sponsored Assassinations

Consider this an Unorthodox Press Release to Major News Media Outlets

I am a former Executive Director at Morgan Stanley, who has written an important trilogy about of criminal wrongdoing sponsored by this "too-big-to-fail" bank, under the banner title of Cannibals In White Shoes: The MorganStanleyGate Exposé.  

Volume 1: Big Apple Battleground is currently available on Amazon, which is benign vis-a-vis that which is to be contained in Volume 2: Carolina Coup De Grace and Volume 3: Sunshine State Offensive. And the efforts to prevent the publication of these explosive volumes entail an outrageous Paternity Fraud, which is an often abused rigged system of oppression, whereby corrupt public officials can literally destroy a person's life by freezing a target's bank accounts, locking him up, and then arranging an "accident" to silence -- this is state-executed bank-sponsored assassination.  

This is a big story, and my life is currently in danger as such a plan is afoot (colluded efforts of corrupt Kansas and Florida public officials, no less) to permanently silence me so as to prevent the publishing of Volumes 2 & 3. The website for this book trilogy is CannibalsInWhiteShoes.com.

My Request is Simple:  Please take an interest in this important story, otherwise, I MAY be assassinated. And the only stories which seem to make the news these days are those that involve President Donald Trump in some way.  To that end, my grandfather (same name as me) worked closely with his father, Fred Trump on the sale of New York City tax liens when my grandfather was Treasurer of New York City -- a fiscal crisis was averted and Fred Trump became rich as a result, and this eventually seeded what is now The Trump Organization.  The news organizations receiving this are noted below.  I urge your involvement, as my life depends on it.

Spencer C. Young III

News Media Distribution:

60 Minutes
Fox News
Al Jazeera
Google News
Associated Press
Huffington Post
USA Today
Wall St. Journal
CBS News
Washington Post
NBC News
New York Times