Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Understanding MorganStanleyGate Through the Artistry of Music Video

This post seeks to make the relatively complex MorganStanleyGate scandal more understandable and emotionally impactful through use of metaphoric reference in two epic music videos by the performing artist known as "Woodkid".  Although these interpretations bear no semblance to what this gifted artist intended, their coincidental relevance and applicability to many key elements of this scandal is positively astonishing.

              The Golden Age Album Cover                                       The Artist Woodkid

Woodkid's Music Videos

Those familiar with the innovative creativity of neofolk baroque pop artist "Woodkid" (1) understand his emotive songs and stark black & white images in his epic music videos are intended to evoke a feeling of heroism, which is in this case, portrayed by battle in the face of daunting adversity. 

Two thematically linked music videos borne from Woodkid's inaugural album The Golden Age bear remarkable  metaphoric relevance to the MorganStanleyGate scandal, as follows: (1) Iron -- This music video depicts the onslaught of a devastating assault that rains havoc on those seemingly prepared to engage in battle but nevertheless succumb to an overwhelming attack; and (2) Run Boy Run -- The fallen leader in the prior battle is granted a second chance, albeit this time incarnate as a young boy, who is forewarned by others (driven underground by the same insidious force) to run from yet another imminent offensive.  After retreating to safety, he is prepared for the next battle, albeit this time on his terms, in which he ascends to engage in combat head on, initially very much alone, but eventually with a vast groundswell of grassroots support, which results in a resounding victory.

This represents how MorganStanleyGate can and should be resolved, helped in part by the revelations contained in the upcoming exposé, Cannibals in White Shoes, and the activism initiatives to be launched therefrom.

The Reinterpretation of "Iron"

The music video and lyrics of Woodkid's Iron is presented below, and then followed by relevant interpretations of their metaphoric relevance to MorganStanleyGate.

Deep in the ocean, dead and cast away
Where innocence is burned in flames
A million mile from home, I'm walking ahead
I'm frozen to the bones, I am...

A soldier on my own, I don't know the way
I'm riding up the heights of shame
I'm waiting for the call, the hand on the chest
I'm ready for the fight and fate

The sound of iron shocks is stuck in my head,
The thunder of the drums dictates
The rhythm of the falls the number of deaths
The rising of the heights ahead

From the dawn of time to the end of days
I will have to run away
I want to feel the pain and the bitter taste
Of the blood on my lips again

The steady burst of snow is burning my hands,
I'm frozen to the bones, I am
A million mile from home, I'm walking away

I can't remind your eyes, your face

Select Lyrical Interpretations of Iron

Certain lyrics from Iron, metaphorically describe some key elements of MorganStanleyGate such as:
  • "Deep in the ocean, dead and cast away . . . A million miles from home, I'm walking ahead" -- motivated entirely by greed, Morgan Stanley sought to decimate me and distance me from my loved ones through a diabolical strategy of Divide & Conquer, but I remain undaunted, because in exposing their audacious criminal acts, and holding accountable those responsible, countless "quieted" others will most certainly benefit.
  • "A soldier on my own . . . I'm riding up the heights of shame" -- Morgan Stanley has subjected me to extensive smear campaigns of bold-faced lies in New York and North Carolina, and has also undertaken actions emanating from California, Kansas and most recently in Florida to further besmirch my character. In light of their failed assassination attempts, their intent has been to marginalize me so that my deep knowledge and damning claims will not be taken seriously and thus not acted upon.
  • "I'm waiting for the call, the hand on my chest, I'm ready for the fight and fate" -- By reaching out to extensive range of empathetic others to synergistically participate in this quest, I'm waiting for "the right ones" to say "I believe in you and in what you are seek to accomplish", as I am oh-so-ready.
  • "The rhythm of the falls . . . the rising of the heights ahead" -- I have always felt it was NEVER  a question of "IF", only of "WHEN" the full extent of Morgan Stanley's criminal wrongdoings would be exposed and embraced by a vast populace and acted upon.  And when that happens, those responsible will fall from grace, while those who have been wrongfully held down by the oppressive acts of Morgan Stanley (and perhaps other banks) will finally have the opportunity to soar.

The Relevant Video Images in Iron

Following the order in which they appear in this music video, the images bullet-listed below are metaphorically linked with many key elements of the MorganStanleyGate scandal:
  • Flag -- The two crossed keys represent being treacherously double-crossed by colleagues at Morgan Stanley in an audacious employment fraud, after I had created the most successful proprietary brand of CMBS, the IQ® ("Institutional Quality") brand.  Those responsible for this fraud (notably John Westerfield, Tony Tufariello and Warren Friend) later caused over $10 billion in subprime mortgage trading losses that crippled Morgan Stanley, ended its days as an investment bank, and played leading roles in causing the Great Recession. They were summarily fired as a result.
  • Lit Match -- This signifies lighting the fire in my belly and the "Lamp of Truth" to shine on Morgan Stanley's employment fraud and their malicious destruction of my Wall St. career.
  • Attack Dog Salivating -- This reflects how I felt about the strength of my civil claim against Morgan Stanley and my moving to a rival Wall St. firm, which would make Morgan Stanley's fraud patently obvious -- this being the case because key Morgan Stanley client department heads at major insurance companies had initially agreed to transfer their business to wherever I landed, and later agreed to leave their jobs to come work for me in an initiative coined "Project Atlas". 
  • Numerous Tattoos -- Symbolically these represent my many irrefutable successes during my tenure that Morgan Stanley's bold-faced lies can't simply wipe off and disassociate from me.  These include: (1) #1 global ranking as CMBS underwriter for 3 consecutive years; (2) completing the largest farm loan deal in Wall St. history; (3) earning the largest investment banking fee for Morgan Stanley's Securitized Products Group; and (4) creating the most successful proprietary brand of CMBS, the IQ® ("Institutional Quality") brand, which was initially valued at $250 million when first developed and considerable more thereafter.
  • Beating Drums -- I’ve had to beat my own drum to counter being constantly bombarded by Morgan Stanley's malicious lies and character smears from orchestrated campaigns emanating from New York, North Carolina, Kansas, California and Florida.
  • Lamp of Truth -- This pertains to the effort to shine "the light of truth" on the darkness of Morgan Stanley's dastardly propagated lies.
  • Crypt -- This signifies Morgan Stanley's premeditated murder of my Wall St. career, and represented in the likeness of a young boy as the promise of what could have been was snuffed out while still in its nascent stage.
  • Others Going Into Battle With Me -- These images represent the real estate capital market department heads at many Morgan Stanley clients who agreed to join me in the launch of Project Atlas, an innovative fully integrated real estate merchant & investment banking initiative.
  • Reading the Catechism -- Reading off the list of misdeeds perpetrated or otherwise sponsored by Morgan Stanley, where all told there have been 47 of them.
  • Lamp of Truth Snuffed Out -- Destruction of the lantern signifies extinguishing the light of truth, made possible by an overwhelming level of corruption.
  • Burning Catechism -- Torching this book symbolizes Morgan Stanley's corrupt influence that has undermined the integrity of US system of justice and efficacy of law enforcement in their profoundly reckless failure to prosecute the criminal indictments that have been filed.
  • Iron Gates -- This represents Kirkland & Ellis (attorneys for Morgan Stanley) and other law firms whose outright lack of ethics has served to protect Morgan Stanley and its operatives to date.
  • Angry Skies -- The ominous storm clouds signify Morgan Stanley's wrath, which is about to rain down on me, my Project Atlas team, family and friends.

  • Two Keys -- One key signifies exposing Morgan Stanley's fraud and the second key launches Project Atlas, the combination of which would have decimated Morgan Stanley's CMBS franchise.

  • Final Image -- When the obfuscating clouds of lies are finally cleared away , the entity responsible is readily apparent.
The Closing Image of Iron AND the Opening Image of Run Boy Run

The Reinterpretation of Run Boy Run 

A similar presentation and analysis is conducted for Woodkid's Run Boy Run and presented below, where this music video picks up EXACTLY where "Iron" left off, as noted in the picture above.

"Run Boy Run"

Run boy run! This world is not made for you
Run boy run! They’re trying to catch you
Run boy run! Running is a victory
Run boy run! Beauty lays behind the hills

Run boy run! The sun will be guiding you
Run boy run! They’re dying to stop you
Run boy run! This race is a prophecy
Run boy run! Break out from society

Tomorrow is another day
And you won’t have to hide away
You’ll be a man, boy!
But for now it’s time to run, it’s time to run!

Run boy run! This ride is a journey to
Run boy run! The secret inside of you
Run boy run! This race is a prophecy
Run boy run! And disappear in the trees

Tomorrow is another day
And you won’t have to hide away
You’ll be a man, boy!
But for now it’s time to run, it’s time to run!

Tomorrow is another day
And when the night fades away
You’ll be a man, boy!
But for now it’s time to run, it’s time to run!

Select Lyrical Interpretations of Run Boy Run

As was the case with Iron, many lyrics from Run Boy Run, metaphorically represent certain aspects of MorganStanleyGate such as:
  • This world is not made for you . . . They're trying to catch you -- banking motivated by unbridled greed and profound deceit is offensive to me, and it is because of these motivations that Morgan Stanley has sought to destroy my family, career and livelihood and thus cover up their extensive criminal activities entailing fraud, racketeering, extortion, sabotage, corruption and assassinations, or FRESCA crimes
  • The sun will be guiding you . . . They're dying to stop you -- The sun represents antiseptic light to counter the darkness of Morgan Stanley's vicious lies, and they have gone to outlandish lengths to stop me from exposing them
  • The ride is a journey to . . . the secret inside of you -- This has indeed been a journey of nearly TWELVE years, and the secret of Morgan Stanley's extensive criminal activities is now out 
  • Tomorrow is another day and when the night fades away, you'll be a man, boy -- The promise of tomorrow has been what has kept me going for so long and in finally prevailing, I will have certainly matured to a level of unquestionable manhood.
The Relevant Video Images in Run Boy Run

This music video picks up exactly where Iron left off, and metaphorically I am but a small boy relative to the large global banking institution that is Morgan Stanley, a bank deemed to big to fail and thus bailed out with over $100 billion in taxpayer monies, the MOST of any of the bailed out banks.
  • Victorious -- Morgan Stanley sits victorious atop a mountain of lies (picking up exactly where the Iron music video left off)
  • Boy Running -- I must run away from Morgan Stanley's continued attacks, which include; (1) the grand larceny theft of my $40 million net worth; (2) in the worst bank foreclosure fraud in US history; (3) (including a violent eviction, attempted assassination and false arrest by a SWAT team on a mortgage that was paid in full!); (4) a second false arrest on entirely fabricated charges by yet another SWAT team attack; (5) and then incarcerated with the most violent of felons for 127 days. All associated bogus charges were later dismissed. And of recent, there have been efforts to prosecute and incarcerate me on an audacious paternity fraud from a state with no jurisdiction (Kansas), which is over 1,000 miles away, in an effort to protect a NC judge who orchestrated another outlandish grand larceny in the theft of my belongings placed in storage from the foreclosure fraud.  Folks, you just can't make this stuff up !
  • The Walls of Truth -- Although the walls of truth loom large, they have been hidden by the clouds of deceit propagated by Morgan Stanley and its operatives

  • Forewarnings -- "Deep Throat" sources within Morgan Stanley (represented by black crows flying by the boy's side) had forewarned me of Morgan Stanley's dastardly plans.

  • Tripped Up -- Those whom I had trusted (e.g., attorneys I had hired) made me especially vulnerable and ended up as traitors who were paid off to facilitate Morgan Stanley's dastardly assault by secretly stonewalling pursuit of my mounting claims against Morgan Stanley, and then depleting me of resources by stealing my net worth through the worst foreclosure fraud in US histoty, while loved ones were turned against me by a Divided & Conquer strategy implemented by Morgan Stanley their attorneys, Kirkland & Ellis, and numerous other operatives.

  • Grass Roots Support -- The intent of Cannibals In White Shoes is to instigate grassroots support to meaningfully address pressing national issues such as banking abuse (e.g., foreclosure fraud), judicial corruption and police brutality.

  • The Effect of Public Support -- In exposing the extensive wrongdoings of Morgan Stanley, others similarly victimized will start to come forth, and with empiricism as a guide, it is likely that Morgan Stanley is not the only financial institution committing such atrocities. 

  • Finally Assisted -- Word finally gets out to those in a position to help, and they arm me with what's necessary to expose MorganStanleyGate and hold accountable those who are responsible for its heinous acts.

  • Initial Pursuit -- If I have to go it alone initially, I shall, but it is my sincere wish that others benefit from growing grassroot support and related activism

  • Activism Initiatives Launched -- This grassroots support will continue to grow and lead to broad based activism initiatives pursued by others specifically confronting banking abuse (e.g., foreclosure fraud), judicial corruption and police brutality.

  • Leadership Role - Because I am deeply knowledgeable of such banking sponsored abuses (as both a former insider banking executive, and later as the target of such wrath), I am well-suited to play a leadership role to implement much needed changes.

  • End of a Journey -- Nov. 20, 2014 will mark the TWELFTH anniversary of the beginning of MorganStanleyGate, and the ship in the music video represents the end of a long journey is near.

  • Finally Victory -- This will be manifested in unquestionable acceptance of the truth by exposing the mountain of lies Morgan Stanley and it operatives heaped on me and my loved ones and using much of my recovered wealth and ALL punitive damages to help disenfranchised others who have been similarly victimized

  • A Better Tomorrow --The lasting impact of this victory will be realized through meaningful changes, such as: (1) stopping the bank foreclosure fraud and getting people back in their homes; (2) rooting out judicial corruption; and (3) demilitarizing law enforcement and eradicating police brutality. 

Closing Thought

Resolving MorganStanleyGate is simple in concept in that involves acceptance of the truth, but the lies Morgan Stanley has propagated in the name of greed for more than a decade have caused unimaginable pain and suffering.  If many others will benefit then perhaps this arduous fight would be proven worthwhile . . .

Magna Est Veritas Et Praevalebit
(The Truth is Mighty and Shall Prevail)

* * * * * 

(1) The performing artist known as Woodkid is Yoann Lemoine, a music video director, graphic designer and singer-songwriter from Lyon, France, who was previously best known for directing many noteworthy music videos for Katy Perry,Taylor Swift, and Lana Del Ray.