Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Father's Day Message: "Before We Turn to Stone"

In addition to effectively murdering Mr. Young's wife of 24 years (Maria Young), Morgan Stanley and other sponsoring operatives, including Wachovia Bank (now owned by Wells Fargo) and Paragon Commercial Bank, together with their respective partners in crime (Kirkland & Ellis, Nelson Mullins and Poyner & Spruill) have sought to completely destroy Spencer Young's family, and bring about utter dysfunction and estrangement.  Their intent has long been to cover-up their ever mounting misdeeds, but this MUST be exposed and prosecuted -- for this is the ONLY way Mr. Young will be able to be reunited with his loved ones . . . and he must do so before so much time passes that such polarizing estrangement becomes solidified -- or in other words, turned to stone.  

On yet another day he has been forced to spend alone, Mr. Young produced and uploaded a video this past Father's Day titled "Before We Turn To Stone", which conveyed a powerful array of messages to his four sons, whereby his messages to his youngest son were conveyed through his mother (Leah Krier), who was similarly duped by Morgan Stanley and their operatives into turning against Mr. Young.  Some of those oh so poignant messages are summarized below:

  • There are billions of people in the world . . . but only one "dad"
  • Tens of thousands of kids have lost their father in recent wars (called "Gold Star Children"), who have suffered tremendously from the painful void in their life and would give ANYTHING to have their "daddy" back in their lives
  • Mr. Young's sons are effectively Gold Star Children who have the opportunity to have their father, who loves them dearly, back in their lives
  • The fraud-induced estrangement (brought about by the unbridled greed of wayward bankers and unethical attorneys) must end before it becomes permanent
  • The video ends with his oldest son Michael pictured wearing a shirt with the latin phrase, "Sucissa Virescit", which translates to:  "What is cut down, grows back stronger"
  • Although Mr. Young's family was cut down by criminals, it has the opportunity to grow back stronger, and all his loved ones need do is OPEN THEIR EYES, and once they do, their lives will be enriched once again
The montage of pictures and videos is set to the music of Ingrid Michaelson (get it --"Michael" "Son"), and it appears to be written for Mr. Young's sons (see lyrics below):

Turn To Stone

Let's take a better look 
Beyond a story book 
And learn our souls are all we own 
Before we turn to stone 

Let's go to sleep with clearer heads 
And hearts too big to fit our beds 
And maybe we won't feel so alone 
Before we turn to stone 

And if you wait for someone else's hand 
And you will surely fall down 
And if you wait for someone else's hand 
You'll fall 
You'll fall 

I know that I am nothing new 
There's so much more than me and you 
But brother how we must atone 
Before we turn to stone 

Brother how we must atone 
Before we turn to stone 
Before we turn to stone

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Judge Ron Svaty & Attny Jane Isern Took Away A Boy's Father Through Fraud & Morgan Stanley Sponsorship

Judge Ron Svaty and Attorney Jane Isern are DANGEROUS as practitioners of law, as they are woefully CORRUPT misfits in an otherwise civilized society that needs protection from this modern-day judicial version of Bonnie & Clyde.

Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway as "Bonnie & Clyde"

However, this 'Deceitful Duo' have not been robbing banks -- rather, they have been robbing law abiding citizens of their rights, and stealing little boys from their fathers . . . and such was the case with Jackson Spencer Young, who is featured in the video below:

YouTube Video Featuring Jackson Spencer Young - "Hold Me"

And don't look for, or otherwise depend upon the Kansas Judicial Branch's self-policing "Commissions" to do anything about this 'Deceitful Duo' -- for their actions to date in responding to complaints suggest they are effectively playing the role of a fox guarding the hen house  -- accordingly, the Kansas Judicial Branch appears to lack the integrity to warrant the public's confidence.

The Fox "Guarding" the Hen House

Judge Ron Svaty and attorney Jane Isern are two colluding fraudsters and should be EXTRICATED from their positions and FOREVER BANNED from the practice of law -- Why?  Click here 

Friday, June 10, 2011

A Sudden Inexplicable Drop in Website Hits

On April 22 this year, a blog entry was made announcing, among other things, explosive growth in the number of "hits" to Spencer Young's nine content websites (this specifically excluded hits to his three feeder websites at Facebook, Twitter and Linked In).  The April month-to-date results at that point indicated a projected number of hits for the month of April of 185,000, which equated to an annualized hit rate of 2.2 million.  

This jump in website hits followed a slight decline in the month of March 2011, which was attributable to Mr. Young's attention being diverted to the nonsensical legal antics (concerning custody and child support) of his once-fiancee' Leah Krier, and unethical attorney, Jane Isern, as well as the extensive corruption noted in the Durham Police Department.  

Remarkably, Ms. Krier remains oblivious to having been duped and manipulated into turning against Mr. Young, and has since had a nervous breakdown and has engaged in a life without morals, and has now committed felony crimes.  This is consistent with the long practiced "divided & conquer" strategy in the cover-up of the MorganStanleyGate scandal employed by Morgan Stanley and Kirkland & Ellis.

The explosive growth in April commenced at the beginning of the month and continued to steadily increase across all nine content websites, such that the actual number of hits came in at 242,292, equating to an annual hit rate of 2.9 million.  This was an increase of 81% over the prior month.  

However, an odd phenomenon was immediately noticed on May 1, and has been continuing.  As noted in the below chart, the month of May declined 36% from the prior month, and June is continuing this trend and is shaping up to be one-third of what April's website hits were.  How can this be, and who is responsible?  

We are running the forensics, but who do you think?

An OBVIOUS Example of Corruption in the U.S. Judicial System

Date:   June 10, 2011

To:       Carol G. Green, Secretary – Via Email:  judicialqual@kscourts.org
Commission on Judicial Qualifications (“The Commission”)
301 SW Tenth, Room 374
Topeka, Kansas  66612

Ms. Green –
Your response is insulting on many levels, and suggests an abandonment of integrity within the U.S. judicial system by the state of Kansas, and perhaps criminal collusion on your part.  Without any question or reservation, Judge Svaty MUST be removed from the "bench" and disbarred.

Reasons to Extricate and Disbar Judge Svaty
  1. “The Commission” is a self-policing entity whose mandate is to ensure four simple Canons be followed by its judges, in that they should:
    1. Avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety
    2. Competently perform their duties
    3. Avoid conflicts of interest; and
    4. Remain independent
If you bothered to read my submission, you’d realize Judge Svaty violated ALL FOUR Canons.  In fact, his actions are so egregious, they warrant his disbarment, for he represents an outright menace to society, as outlined in the points that follow.
  1. Judge Svaty knowingly colluded with attorney Jane Isern in:
    1. Jurisdiction fraud – the matter has NOTHING to do with Kansas
    2. Denial of due process – he held a bogus hearing which he knew one of the parties could not possibly attend, nor have legal representation for
  2. Judge Svaty incompetently awarded full custody and all parental rights (based on a petition seeking joint custody) to a first-time mother, high school drop-out and soon-to-be convicted felon with well-known and extensively documented psychological issues (hereinafter “Reckless Mother”), and did so to the exclusion of an accomplished master-degreed Ivy-league educated father of three highly successful adult sons
  3. Judge Svaty rendered a baseless draconian decision citing a fraudulent, unspecified and entirely concocted rationale (e.g., a phone conversation with his secretary to merely confirm his email address)
  4. Judge Svaty recklessly awarded and derived baseless child support as he DELIBERATELY ignored it has all been substantially pre-paid to the Reckless Mother while incompetently disregarding a overriding salient uncertainty, which is covered in the next point;
  5. Judge Svaty made an entirely incompetent determination of paternity, and did so despite being provided overwhelming evidence of the Reckless Mother’s promiscuous behavior during the period of conception.  Accordingly, the identity of the true father remains very much in doubt, and Judge Svaty did so knowing the Reckless Mother refused to provide requisite DNA samples;
  6. Judge Svaty condoned, or otherwise disregarded to the prior fraudulent acts and ethics complaint filed against the Reckless Mother’s attorney (Jane Isern).

Demand for Investigation
Based on the aforesaid, the Commission has FULL and COMPLETE jurisdiction and I DEMAND FULL INVESTIGATION into Judge Svaty’s ATROCITIES!!!  And don’t insult me by suggesting I appeal this outright ABOMINATION . . . for you very well know the deadline to appeal this 100% FRAUDULENT DECISION  expired TWO DAYS AGO. 
In order to provide proper context for the wide public, law enforcement and media distribution of this instance of blatant judicial corruption is receiving, I have:
Ø      Reproduced our email correspondence (see below);
Ø      Provided public access for complaint filed against Judge Svaty – click here
Ø      Provided public access for complaint filed against Jane Isern – click here
Ø      Posted this communique on-line, which can be accessed by clicking here.

Planned Assassination (Certainly of Character and Possibly of Person)
The aforesaid corrupt actions are ALL linked to the MorganStanleyGate scandal, and are intended to undermine the credibility of the now massive claims by attempting to depict me as “deadbeat father”, and eventually silence me.  Judge Svaty was directed to aggressively issue an entirely bogus arrest order in the near future, and wayward deputies would say I “resisted arrest”, shoot me dead in their own “self-defense”, and then plant a gun on me.  Click here for some other attempts made on my life.
Judge Svaty’s fraudulent arrest order would be deemed “contempt” and predicated on violating some baseless provision in a bogus ex parte TRO I learned about in a Barton County Court ROA but was never provided a copy.  Alternatively, the arrest order could be based upon non-payment of Judge Svaty’s meritless child support, which is explained further below.

Meritless Child Support
Be advised, this entire sequence of events has been a BLATANTLY ORCHESTRATED FRAUD, for which Judge Svaty has played a prominent role, and serves as preamble to the above-described planned assassination.  Importantly, on May 9, 2011, Judge Svaty directed monthly payments of $373 to commence and be made to the “Kansas Payment Center” starting (eight days earlier) on May 1 – ergo, as of the date of this letter, I would be considered “delinquent”. 
Such directed payments are null and void because:
Ø      The Paternity Obligation has not been Established as the Reckless Mother has refused to submit buccal samples for DNA testing;
Ø      Reckless Mother has been prepaid $34,000 -- In the event paternity is in fact established, this represents the prepayment of conditional child support for the next 7 ½  years
Ø      Reckless Mother has been prepaid another $20,000 – This represents a $20,000 loan to pay down her high interest credit card debt which has has not repaid.  Excluding statutory interest, this would mean to she has been prepaid conditional child support for an additional  4 ½ years
Ø      Reckless Mother has Engaged in Grand Larceny Theft of at least another $75,000 – this covers three separate events where she has stolen such things as a Mercedes Benz S-320, valuable paintings, high end electronic equipment, household appliances, furniture, etc.  In the event criminal charges are dropped, and the fair market value of the items stolen by the Reckless Mother are conditionally deemed prepaid conditional child support, this would take such an obligation (should it in fact exist) well past the age for which child support would apply
Ø      Income Implicit in Child Support calculation is a FRAUD – The income used to calculate child support does NOT currently exist, as I have been unlawfully denied a livelihood in the MorganStanleyGate scandal.  One cannot pay what one does not have, and there is no such thing as a “debtor’s prison” in America – but that is what Judge Svaty’s planned actions would suggest.
Accordingly, even if the paternity tests were to indicate I am the natural father of the minor child (now 3 years old), there are NO conditions where I would have any child support obligation whatsoever.
Judge Svaty is reprehensible and dangerous – he MUST be REMOVED AS A JUDGE and DISBARRED, and I will do whatever is necessary to ensure this manifestation . . . for the public MUST be protected from this MONSTER.

Respectfully submitted,
Spencer C. Young

Prior Emails Exchanged with The Commission
-----Original Message-----
From: judicialqual <judicialqual@kscourts.org>
To: 'spencercyoung@aol.com' <spencercyoung@aol.com>
Sent: Thu, Jun 9, 2011 6:50 am
Subject: Your e-mail sent June 3, 2011
Dear Mr. Young,

This Commission does not have jurisdiction over legal and appealable matters.  Appeals can be taken from a decision of the district court to the Court of Appeals.  You have not otherwise provided any information which suggests a violation of the judicial code.

I am sorry we are unable to assist you in that regard.


Carol G. Green, Secretary
Commission on Judicial Qualifications
301 SW Tenth, Room 374
Topeka, Kansas  66612
------Original Message------
To: judicialqual
Subject: Re: Your complaint against District Judge Ron Svaty
Sent: Jun 3, 2011 4:12 PM
Are you saying you are not going to investigate this OBVIOUS instance of 
unethical conduct? 

-----Original Message-----
From: judicialqual <judicialqual@kscourts.org>
To: 'spencercyoung@aol.com' <spencercyoung@aol.com>
Sent: Fri, Jun 3, 2011 8:54 am
Subject: Your complaint against District Judge Ron Svaty
Dear Mr. Young:

The Commission on Judicial Qualifications considers and investigates complaints of alleged unethical conduct of state court judges under the Code of Judicial Conduct.  The powers of the Commission are not the same as those of an appellate court. The Commission does not consider legal issues or matters which involve the judicial discretion of a judge in deciding a case. Those decisions must be appealed to a higher court if errors are thought to have occurred. This Commission has no jurisdiction regarding district court jurisdiction, child custody, or child support.

I am sorry we are unable to assist you.


Carol G. Green, Secretary
Commission on Judicial Qualifications
301 SW Tenth, Room 374
Topeka, Kansas  66612

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Morgan Stanley Killed Maria Young

The above video is, among other things, a tribute to Maria Young and how her battle against pancreatic cancer served as inspiration for our son Ryan and the entire Maryland Men's Lacrosse team, who made it the NCAA Division I Championship in Men's Lacrosse as an UNSEEDED team.  While this is a tremendous accomplishment, it bears reminding that Maria's passing at the age of 54 this year would NEVER have transpired had it not been for the chronic stress she was subjected to from the MorganStanleyGate scandal.

How So?  Her family health history has decided longevity (e.g., her mother is in her 80's and still vibrant, and her father lived into his 70's), she was NOT a smoker, she seldom drank alcohol, she was not overweight and there was  NO INCIDENCE OF CANCER in her family background whatsoever. Moreover, it is a well-known medical fact that chronic stress can substantially lower one's immune system, which is the body's primary defense against this dreaded disease.

Accordingly, Morgan Stanley killed Maria Young.