Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How Can This Happen In America? The Worst Nightmare Imaginable . . .

During the UNLAWFUL incarceration of Spencer C. Young on entirely FABRICATED charges that were made up OUT OF THIN AIR (and later dismissed as such) by corrupt Durham North Carolina District Attorney Leon Stanback in an diabolical effort to cover-up the multiple FELONIES of North Carolina Judge David Q. LaBarre and his girlfriend (Leah R. Krier), he was denied access to computers and was also UNLAWFULLY denied legal counsel.  

            Durham D.A. Stanback                      Judge LaBarre At Dinner with Leah Krier
As a result, Mr. Young had to handwrite messages to be posted on-line or otherwise disseminated by email and/or regular mail through a private investigator (“PI”) he had hired. These handwritten messages were secretly handed off during visits by his private investigator, who would then upload these documents to this website and mail (electronic and/or regular) out copies to a variety of others, as directed, with the ultimate goal of securing Mr. Young his rightful freedom. 

The Key Points of this transmital

  • I am in torturous agony!  Please help ! 
  • I was arrested 7/3/2012 on a pretended offense by a corrupt judge (LaBarre) in North Carolina who abused his authority and sought to cover up his own felonies
  • Over $200,000 of my property was stolen by this judge and his girlfriend  (Krier)
  • The stolen property was involuntarily placed in storage as a result of the worst bank foreclosure fraud in U.S. history
  • Since my wrongful arrest, I've been (1) incarcerated with violent felons; (2) tortured; (3) denied computer access; (4) denied access to human/civil rights organization; (5) denied legal representation (the Public Defenders are in on this charade); (6) 17 Constitutional rights were violated; and (7) denied legal due process in its entirety.

This transmittal was distributed to a wide audience, including public officials who  took oaths of office to preserve, defend and protect the US Constitution, and thus were obligated to intervene and stop this travesty of justice.   They knowingly and deliberately chose not to and are thus complicit in the long list of felonies these crimes were orchestrated to cover-up.  These officials are:
  • Bev Perdue - Governor of North Carolina;
  • RIck Scott - Governor of Florida;
  • Pam Bondi - Attorney General for the State of Florida;  and
  • Roy Cooper - Attorney General for the State of North Carolina

      Perdue                            Scott                                  Bondi                          Cooper