Thursday, January 24, 2013

To Durham DA Leon Stanback: Please Demonstrate You Are NOT Involved In A Criminal COVER-UP . . .

Leon Stanback
. . . by taking THREE simple actions, as outined in an email sent to YOU on Jan. 22nd (reproduced at the bottom of this blog posting), and explained further in this posting with clarifying context.  

The Role of District Attorney
Leon Stanback has been unresponsive to numerous requests to carry out the fundamental responsibilities of Durham County's (NC) acting District Attorney, namely: protecting citizens and their rights, victim advocacy (e.g., recovering stolen property) and by prosecuting those who break the law.
Simple enough, right?

As evidenced herein, and throughout this blog, Mr. Stanback appears to be confused about his responsibilities because, as reflected herein, he has been DOING THE OPPOSITE, resulting in what can only be described as sheer "madness".  

Notwithstanding, it is unlikely Mr. Stanback (a "retired" Superior Court Judge) could be flummoxed about his responsibilities.  Instead, the overwhelming facts suggest he has been KNOWINGLY fulfilling a pivotal role in a nefarious effort to COVER-UP the CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES of another "retired" Superior Court Judge, David Q. LaBarre, who just so happens to be a long-time friend and colleague of Mr. Stanback's.
Can you say "conflict of interest"?

Actions to End the Madness
This blog posting, as well as the widely distributed Jan. 22 Email (below), outlines how Mr. Stanback  can demonstrably refute, THROUGH HIS ACTIONS, the damning allegations of wrongdoing and "end the madness" by simply: 
  1. dropping FALSE CHARGES;
  2. recovering STOLEN PROPERTY; and 
  3. prosecuting THIEVES

Flies in the Ointment
Under normal circumstances, such pedestrian tasks are standard operating procedure for a District Attorney . . . however, the "flies in the ointment" for Mr. Stanback are as follows:
  • Judge David Q. LaBarre and his girlfriend, Leah R. Krier (pictured below in the body of
    the reproduced email) are the THIEVES  and their exploits are revealed in a 30 page indictment/complaint filed with the Durham Police Dept. on July 2, 2012, which included hyperlinks to overwhelming evidence of their FELONIES;
  • Ms. Krier has CONFESSED to the THEFT of over $200,000 in home furnishings and a Mercedes Benz S320, and to having possession of this STOLEN PROPERTY, in an admission made to Assistant DA, Kelly Gauger;
  • To COVER-UP their FELONIES, LaBarre and his girlfriend colluded to file FALSE CHARGES against the VICTIM of their THEFTS (Spencer C. Young); and
  • At Mr. LaBarre's urging, Mr. Stanback had Mr. Young ARRESTED in Florida and INCARCERATED WITHOUT BAIL for 127 days, and then arranged to UNLAWFULLY seize Mr. Young's computers in an attempt to suppress evidence against LaBarre and his girlfriend.
In the context of this egregious abuse of judicial and prosecutorial authority by Durham County officials vested with the public's trust,  . . .

. . . this is beyond OUTRAGEOUS.

Potential Implications
Mr. Stanback's behavior in this matter (the "LaBarre Larceny Scandal") suggests he is either unaware, or in a state of denial about the gravity of the situation he faces -- for he now finds himself implicated in a level of CRIMINAL WRONGDOING and ABUSE OF AUTHORITY that makes predecessor DA Mike Nifong's misdeeds in the Duke Lacrosse Scandal look like minor traffic infractions. 
The 2006 Duke Men's Lacrosse Team                  Mike Nifong

Parallels with the Duke Lacrosse Case
The prosecutorial actions of the current Durham District Attorney Leon Stanback in this matter parallel those of former Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong during the now infamous Duke Lacrosse Case in that:
  1. Mr. Stanback Recklessly Prosecuted FALSE Charges made by a misguided young woman, Leah R. Krier (Mr. LaBarre's girlfriend), in an effort to COVER-UP  the FELONIES she and Judge LaBarre perpetrated; and 
  2. Mr. Nifong Recklessly Prosecuted FALSE Charges  made by a similarly misguided young woman (Crystal Mangum).  
Michael Young (Mr. Young's eldest son) was victimized by Mr. Nifong's recklessness as a member of the 2006 Duke Men's Lacrosse team as the entire team of innocent student-athletes were vilified in the media and subjected to frequent death threats, while their coach was wrongfully fired and their season was abruptly cancelled. Although Michael was one of the few players who did not attend the infamous party, rumors were swirling he was about to be formally charged -- that is until the attorney Mr. Young hired (Kyle Hall) had presented exculpatory evidence to Mr. Nifong BEFORE the formal charges were announced.  

Michael escaped indictment, however his best friend, Collin Finnerty did NOT

Additional Perspective
Michael Young and Collin Finnerty grew up together in Manhasset, New York, attended the same private high school (Chaminade) and later attended Duke University, in Durham, NC.  So when the FALSE charges of race-based hate crimes, kidnapping, assault and rape erupted on the national scene in 2006, Mr. Young was thus availed an insider's perspective to the trials and tribulations of the WRONGFULLY accused.

Mr. Young personally observed (and vicariously experienced as a loving parent) the debilitating effect the FALSE charges had on ALL members of the Duke Lacrosse Team, as well as the devastating impact the BOGUS indictment had on young Collin.  In fact, Collin became so disillusioned and repulsed by the horrific treatment he received at the hands of a RECKLESS Durham District Attorney (Mike Nifong), while being effectively ABANDONED by Duke University, he relocated to a different state (Maryland) and finished his undergraduate years at  Loyola University, where he served as Captain of its Division I Lacrosse team.

Six years later, Mr. Young experienced first-hand a similarly AUDACIOUS and PREVARICATED assault on his civil liberties and dignity, manifested by FALSE criminal charges zealously pursued by yet another RECKLESS Durham District Attorney (Leon Stanback).  He thus unintentionally gained an especially unique and insightful perspective. 
Collin Finnerty & Michael Young (May 2004), 
Prior to Picking Up Their Dates for H.S Prom
2008 Senior Class Members of the 2006 Duke Lacrosse Team
Michael Young (#27) is second from left & Collin Finnerty is in the Middle

So Is This Deja Vu?
Durham County has clearly NOT learned from its profoundly embarrassing mistakes of six years ago, and the matter at hand is metaphorically likened to a bolt of mendacious lightning that has struck the same place (Durham, NC) and in the same manner (instigated by the outlandish LIES of a deluded woman).  

At first blush, it would seem only the faces have changed in these remarkably linked scandals, as illustrated below:

 Duke Lacrosse Scandal        vs.          LaBarre Larceny Scandal
(2006 - 2007)                                                      (2011 - 2013)
The Instigating LIARS
       Crystal Mangum                                                   Leah  R. Krier
    (in actual NY Post)                                           (in envisaged NY Post)
The Innocent VICTIMS:
Seligmann-Finnerty-Evans                                   Spencer C. Young
DA Mike Nifong                                                 DA Leon Stanback                   

Durham Remains a Broken Municipality
The striking similarities in these scandals portray Durham County as a broken municipality, where unbridled corrupt influence rewards deceit, ignores civil rights, mocks the Constitution and exhibits disdain for human dignity.  

And yet as horrific a chapter the Duke Lacrosse Scandal turned out to be, the LaBarre Larceny Scandal is actually FAR WORSE because of the nature of its "assault on American civil liberties", and because the Durham District Attorney that made it possible (Leon Stanback) has engaged in behaviors that take the reckless prosecution of FALSE charges to an entirely new level, as described in the next section.

Abuse of Prosecutorial Authority
Leon Stanback's reckless behavior in the LaBarre Larceny Scandal has been far worse than that demonstrated by Mike Nifong in the Duke Lacrosse Scandal because Mr. Stanback . . .
  1. Prosecuted charges against Mr. Young, which he knew to be FALSE, with the intent to aid and abet the felonies perpetrated by LaBarre and others;
  2. Arrested Mr. Young via SWAT team on FALSE charges and jailed him WITHOUT BAIL;
  3. Prepared PERJURED extradition documents for signature by then Gov. Bev Perdue;
  4. Pursued Mr. Young's extradition to NC which he KNEW to be FATALLY DEFECTIVE;
  5. Executed the WRONGFUL SEIZURE of Mr. Young's computers in an effort to SUPPRESS EVIDENCE against his friend, Mr. LaBarre and his girlfriend;
  6. Failed to drop the charges against  Mr. Young after Ms. Krier had CONFESSED to the thefts and to having possession of his stolen property;
  7. Failed to RECOVER and return Mr. Young's STOLEN property;
  8. IGNORED the complaint filed against LaBarre, despite overwhelming evidence of Grand Larceny, Fraudulent Conversion & AutoTheft, as well as abuse of judicial authority;
  9. Undertook other illicit actions with the express INTENT to COVER-UP the FELONIES of his friend and colleague, Judge LaBarre, his girlfriend and unsavory complicit others; and
  10. Deliberately wasted hundreds of thousands in taxpayer dollars in an elaborate and  vicious assault on American civil liberties, as outlined in the section that follows.

Vicious Assault on American Civil Liberties
In the Duke Lacrosse Scandal, three student-athletes were WRONGFULLY indicted and arrested on FALSE charges.  For purposes of this comparative analysis, it is important to keep in mind they spent no time in jail, as they were comfortably availed advanced notice, and were allowed to voluntarily surrender and immediately post bail, all of which were coordinated with their respective criminal defense attorneys.

By comparison, Spencer C. Young (who has NO CRIMINAL RECORD) was:
  • Violently arrested without warning by a US Marshal SWAT team
  • Stripped searched and detained in a holding cell with violent felons
  • Not provided ANY details of the charges against him for 3 months
  • Denied access to an attorney
  • Denied the opportunity to post bail for 127 days
  • Prevented from making phone calls to family members or friends
  • Placed in solitary confinement for mentally disturbed inmates
  • Later transferred into "maximum security" with the most violent felons
  • Regularly subjected to physical threats by severely deranged inmates
  • Psychologically tortured (e.g. denied privileges for pretended offenses)
  • Physically tortured (e.g. denied medical treatment for a broken bone)
  • Subjected to ongoing emotional trauma via intentional sleep deprivation
  • Extradited over two days in an over-crowded van with hands & legs shackled
  • Often denied personal hygiene privileges; and
  • Administered drugs to dangerously elevate his blood pressure

Is This Really Worth the Risk?
Leon & Michelle Stanback
Mr. Stanback, please ask yourself whether the downside associated your behavior to date is really worth the risk, as the related consequences could exceed those of your predecessor, Mike Nifong (e.g., disgraced removal from office, disbarment, bankruptcy).  In so doing, I'm surmise you will consider how your wife, Michelle may also be impacted.

The Truth is this:  Your actions in the LaBarre Larceny Scandal substantially exceed the wrongdoings of Mr. Nifong in the Duke Lacrosse Scandal and evidence:
  • an egregious abuse of prosecutorial authority; 
  • a vicious assault on American civil liberties; and
  • complicity in the COVER-UP of FELONIES perpetrated by your friend and fellow retired Superior Court Judge, David Q. LaBarre, along with his girlfriend and others.
You are now being asked to ameliorate an outrageous travesty of justice from the LaBarre Larceny Scandal by carrying out THREE SIMPLE TASKS, which were outlined to YOU in the Jan. 22 email (reproduced below).  These TASKS coincide with your express responsibilities as District Attorney, and will affirm your oath to defend and uphold the U.S. Constitution.  

And by TIMELY doing so, you will end this madness, and likely distance yourself (and your family) from the SIGNIFICANT downside you may otherwise experience.

The Jan. 22  Email to District Attorney Leon Stanback

-----Original Message-----
From: Spencer C. Young <>
To: LStanback <>; 9196146062 <>
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Sent: Tue, Jan 22, 2013 12:02 pm

Subject:  Durham DA Leon Stanback Asked to Execute THREE Simple Tasks To Avoid Similar Circus of a Duke Lacrosse Scandal

To: Durham District Attorney Leon Stanback

As noted in the blog post titled: "Durham COVER-UP: Judge David Q. LaBarre And His Girlfriend, Leah R. Krier, are NOT Above The Law" you are AGAIN asked to undertake what should (under normal circumstances, devoid of corrupt influence) be THREE simple tasks in the discharge of your mandated responsibilities, namely:

  1. Drop the FALSE charges against Spencer C. Young [which were made to COVER-UP the CRIMES of Durham Judge David Q. LaBarre and his girlfriend, Leah R. Krier (pictured together below)];
  2. Return Mr. Young's stolen property, including his WRONGFULLY SEIZED computer equipment, taken in an attempt to suppress the damning evidence against LaBarre and his girlfriend); and
  3. Prosecute the TRUE CRIMINALS in this matter - namely LaBarre, his girlfriend and the other accomplices identified in the Criminal Complaint filed on July 2, 2012
Doing so will naturally distance yourself from the same disgraceful fate of your predecessor (Mike Nifong) had suffered, who also zealously prosecuted what he knew (or should have known) to be FALSE charges of a misguided young woman (Crystal Mangum) in the Duke Lacrosse Scandal.  In the matter at hand the misguided young woman is Mr. LaBarre's girlfriend, Leah R. Krier, who was directed by Mr. LaBarre to carry out numerous FELONIES and then provided FALSE assurances of immunity from prosecution.  In carrying out Task # 3 above, it is IMPORTANT you demonstrate by your actions that NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW, most especially Judges who abuse their judicial authority, as Mr. LaBarre did.

Judge LaBarre is pictured above with his girlfriend Leah R. Krier in December 2010, just a few months before they embarked on crime spree that spanned SIX months (from March 2011 to September 2011), involving Grand Larceny, Fraudulent Conversion & Auto Theft, and then followed in July 2012 with Obstruction of Justice, Criminal Invasion of Privacy, MORE Grand Larceny, and with regard to Mr. LaBarre, Abuse of Judicial Authority and a variety of other "color of law" (FBI parlance) violations. In arresting their robbery victim (i.e., Spencer C. Young) through the filing of FALSE CHARGES to COVER-UP their CRIMES, they also demonstrated profound level of EVIL.

Spencer C. Young

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Durham COVER-UP: Judge David Q. LaBarre And His Girlfriend, Leah R. Krier, are NOT Above The Law

As evidenced in the emails below, the efforts to COVER-UP the CRIMES of CORRUPT Durham County Judge David Q. LaBarre are increasingly OBVIOUS and BEYOND ABSURD.  These also provide insight into how profoundly CORRUPT this county in North Carolina is.  There can be no other explanation for the now absolutely RIDICULOUS behavior of so many in Durham County.  And this particular CIRCUS was set in motion by Mr. LaBarre.

Evidence of Cowardice
As of this posting, this particular FRAUD, in a LONG string of other related FRAUDS, is IN PROCESS, and consistent with FRAUDSTERS caught in the act, NO one involved in this CHARADE is answering their phone, nor responding to the mounting evidence and damning allegations.  

The CRIMES of LaBarre & His Girlfriend
It is remarkable to fathom that a "retired" Durham County Superior Court Judge (David Q. LaBarre) could brazenly engage in extensive FELONIES over a six-month period, for the benefit of a woman half his age, with whom he's been carrying on an affair (they are pictured together below).  And in violation of North Carolina's Judicial Ethics Standards, LaBarre did so by presiding over a FABRICATED case that HE master-minded, so that he could secretly issue BOGUS orders to facilitate the theft of property involuntarily placed into storage after the worst bank foreclosure fraud in U.S. history.
Durham County Judge David Q. LaBarre with his girlfriend Leah R. Krier in December 2010,
just a few months BEFORE He presided over a BOGUS Case Involving Ms. Krier, in
BRAZEN violation of NC Judicial Ethics Standards.

The Embodiment of Evil
And when LaBarre and his girlfriend were exposed, but availed an opportunity to avoid criminal prosecution, what did he do?  He ABUSED his judicial authority, wasted hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars, and violated seventeen Constitutional Rights (while crossing state lines) by colluding with his girlfriend to file FALSE charges against the person they robbed of over $200,000 of personal belongings.   Are you kidding me ?!?  In America ?!? 

Three Simple Tasks
And who is helping to COVER-UP the CRIMES of CORRUPT Mr. LaBarre and his girlfriend?  Stay tuned . . . because the list seems to be growing by the hour.  Mr. LaBarre's friend and colleague, current Durham DA Leon Stanback continues to be asked to do what should be THREE simple things, which are supported by the U.S Constitution:
  1. Drop the FALSE charges against Spencer C. Young;
  2. Return Mr. Young's stolen property (including his WRONGFULLY SEIZED computer equipment, which was taken to suppress the evidence against LaBarre and his girlfriend); and
  3. Prosecute the TRUE CRIMINALS in this matter - namely LaBarre, his girlfriend and other accomplices identified in the Criminal complaint filed on July 2, 2012.

In Conculsion . . .
Someone who is robbed of their property should NEVER be jailed (without bail for 127 days) and tortured by the victimizing THIEVES . . . yet that's EXACTLY what happened here.  Mr. Stanback, it's TIME TO STOP THIS MADNESS . . . even if one of the THIEVES happens to be your friend and a Durham County Judge, because in America . . . 

. . . No One Is Above The Law !!

-----Original Message-----
From: Spencer C. Young <>
To: lawrence.m.campbell <>; antoinette.hilliard <>
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Sent: Tue, Jan 22, 2013 9:22 am

Subject: More Corruption in Effort to COVER-UP the Crimes of Durham County Judge David Q. LaBarre

To: Lawrence Campbell - Chief Pubic Defender for Durham County

Antoinette Hilliard - Public Defender's Office for Durham County

Bill Breeze is NON-Responsive to my email and phone calls on ALL of his phone lines -- it is clear he deliberately did not take my calls, thereby suggesting he is following through on the contemplated "Failure To Appear" FRAUD below, in which case, please assign me a new public defender, who will TIMELY carry out steps 1 & 2 below; but replace reason # 3 in step 1 with "needing more time to become familiarized with the facts of the case".  Thank you.

I really wish these diabolical efforts to undermine the US Constitution and my civil rights would cease.  To reiterate what should be readily achievable objectives, I want these bogus charges dropped, my property returned and those responsible for these thefts fully prosecuted.  If there wasn't such a stifling level of corruption at play, these objectives would be readily achievable.

Note to Durham DA Leon Stanback:  Please stop emulating your disgraced predecessor, Mike Nifong with the overzealous prosecution of charges which you know to be FALSE.  Do the right thing and start by DROPPING these ABSURD charges and prosecute the REAL CRIMINALS in this matter, as detailed in the criminal complaint filed on July 2, 2012.  This madness MUST stop.


Spencer C. Young  

-----Original Message-----
From: Spencer C. Young <>
To: breezelaw <>
Cc: lawrence.m.campbell <>; antoinette.hilliard <>; AshBailBond1 <>; June <>
Sent: Tue, Jan 22, 2013 2:04 am
Subject: A Set-Up For A FRAUD-Based "Failure To Appear" At A Hearing on a Matter That Should Have Been Dismissed

To:  William Breeze - In his role as a Durham County Public Defender


Bill --

Everything you say, write or otherwise represent is either a BOLD FACE LIE or an intentionally DECEPTIVE EQUIVOCATION of facts.  Please CEASE & DESIST from such atrocious behavior.  

The record is clear that I sent you a written request  to withdraw on Jan. 15, 2013, but you LIED in saying you had not received this, as forensics confirmed you had not only received it, but you had opened the email THAT Day.  On Jan. 18, when I finally reached you by phone, you agreed to withdraw THAT MORNING and promised you would confirm having done so later that day.  Unfortunately, you again LIED and accomplished NOTHING of what you had represented, while also avoiding my phone calls that day and Monday, Jan 21.  Remarkably, you ALSO LIED about the day and time of the hearing, and you did NOTHING to have these absolutely BOGUS charges dropped or otherwise dismissed.

Now you email me (below) about the Jan. 23 hearing and state : "Generally on this setting the defendant who has counsel is not expected to be present.  However, because you may not have counsel, I cannot guarantee that you need not attend in the event that my motion to withdraw is granted."  What ?!?  What the hell is wrong with you?  You very well know I am in Florida, and had you not DELIBERATELY DELAYED YOUR WITHDRAWAL BY A WEEK, this would not be an issue.  You are CLEARLY trying to set me up in a FRAUD-Based "Failure To Appear At Hearing" so that I will be re-arrested.  STOP IT !

Here's what I want you to do:
  1. As my representative counsel, postpone the scheduled 1/23 3:30 p.m. hearing on the basis that: (1) I still have not received the Discovery information (because your predecessor Brian Aus had deliberately withheld it from me); (2) my WRONGFULLY SEIZED computer equipment has still NOT been returned to me and is necessary for my defense [Note:  there is NO REASON to hold onto this -- if the prosecutors want to hold onto the "evidence", they can keep the back up drives (which are exact replicas of what's on my computers) and return my equipment; and (3) you are NOT qualified to represent me in this case (and WE know this last point is a generous euphemism).
  2. As my representative counsel, have the two BOGUS Misdemeanors combined with the BOGUS felony charge and moved to the Superior Court, which will the render the ridiculous Jan. 28 hearing as unnecessary, and thereby compel my CRIMINAL adversaries to produce ALL of their BOGUS Discovery information in advance, so I can dissect it and expose their FRAUD.  
  3. After 1 & 2 are accomplished, THEN resign as my counsel.  Understood?  I will then have new counsel get these FALSE charges dropped or otherwise dismissed.
UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should this hearing be held, unless of course there is MORE UNLAWFUL and CORRUPT influence, in which case, you are to serve as my representative counsel at this second setting.  This also means that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES am I to be deemed a "Failure to Appear".  Are we clear on this?  I'm also leaving voicemail messages, which I know you listen to before you start each day, so you won't resign and say you never got this message.

I will separately re-send you my mailing address to mail me the long withheld discovery information, and note that I have copied Lawrence Campbell and Antoinette Hilliard of the Public Defender's Office and others, to be sure we are ALL on the same page.


Spencer C. Young


William H. Breeze, Jr.
Attorney at Law
115 Market Street, Suite 222B
Durham, NC 27701

-----Original Message-----
From: William Breeze <>
To: spencercyoung <>
Sent: Mon, Jan 21, 2013 5:31 pm
Subject: NEED Stret address to send Fed-Ex and discovery

William H. Breeze, Jr.
Attorney at Law
115 Market Street, Suite 222B
Durham, NC 27701
Tel. 919-682-5516 or 919-228-8529
Spencer Young                                                Via email to:
January 21, 2013
RE: Withdrawal and need an address to send Discovery Disks by Fed-Ex
As you wish, I am asking the Judge to allow me to withdraw from representing you in your case scheduled for this week as well as for the matters set for the 28th
Given that I have been appointed and you do not want me on the case, I will petition to withdraw from representing you.  .  Generally on this setting the defendant who has counsel is not expected to be present.  However, because you may not have counsel, I cannot guarantee that you need not attend in the event that my motion to withdraw is granted.  I will nonetheless ask the court to reset the case for a later date. 
Please email to me the address to which I should send copies of the discovery we received.  I have a full day tomorrow but will do my best to get the copies sent to you.Once sent, I will also let you know the tracking number.
I look forward to gewtting the address to which I am to send the discovery material.
 William H. Breeze, Jr.
Attorney at Law
115 Market Street, Suite 222B
Durham, NC 27701
Tel. 919-682-5516 or 919-228-8529

FIFTH Public Defender (Bill Breeze) Was Asked To Resign on Jan.15 . . .

. . . however, it's ONE WEEK LATER, and he has still NOT resigned representation of Spencer C. Young on BOGUS charges that MUST BE DROPPED (Are you listening Durham District Attorney Leon Stanback?).  

This failure by Durham Attorney William Breeze is deliberate and part of yet another effort to cover up the CRIMINAL acts of the Corrupt Durham County Judge David Q. LaBarre, and his girlfriend, Leah R. Krier (pictured together further below).  In this case, there is a diabolical effort to again UNLAWFULLY jail Spencer C. Young on FALSE charges.  In reality, those involved in this insidious effort  are some of the most despicable and dangerous people imaginable, most especially Mr. LaBarre.
Breeze (in hiding)                                               Contact Information on Mr. LaBarre  

The TRUTH That Can NOT Swept Under the Rug
LaBarre and and his girlfriend colluded and brazenly engaged in grand larceny, fraudulent conversion and automobile theft of Spencer C. Young's property involuntarily placed in storage after being victimized in the worst bank foreclosure fraud in U.S. history.  When they were caught red-handed in their FELONIES, they arranged for Mr. Young to be arrested on charges that were literally made up out of thin air.  He was placed in maximum security jail with the most violent of felons, tortured daily and UNLAWFULLY denied bail for 127 days !!  This can happen in America?  Are you kidding !?!  NFW !!  

This is precisely what spurred the Occupy Movement -- the response to corrupt rigged systems that assault the U.S. Constitution and American values.  And although the encampments were disbursed, this Movement persists and quietly continues to grow.

-----Original Message-----
From: Spencer C. Young <>
To: BreezeLaw <>
Cc: lawrence.m.campbell <>; antoinette.hilliard <>
Sent: Tue, Jan 15, 2013 3:01 pm
Subject: Please Resign Representation

Bill --

As per below email, I ask that you please resign representation.


-----Original Message-----
From: Spencer C. Young <>
To: lawrence.m.campbell <>
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Sent: Tue, Jan 15, 2013 2:58 pm
Subject: Cover-Up of the Criminal Wrongdoings of Judge David Q. LaBarre & His Girlfriend, Leah R. Krier

The body of text below is also attached as a PDF file

To:          Lawrence M. Campbell – Chief Public Defender of Durham County

Cc:          National News Media

               Select Law Enforcement


Bcc:        Interested Others
Re:         Cover-Up of the Criminal Wrongdoings of Judge David Q. LaBarre & His Girlfriend, Leah R. Krier
The efforts to COVER-UP the CRIMINAL wrongdoings of CORRUPT  Durham County Judge David Q LaBarre, and his girlfriend Leah R. Krier (pictured below), are quite obvious.  And this email will summarize why William Breeze MUST be removed from representation as my public defender in the 100% false and entirely concocted charges against me.  It will then be followed by a fully dissected analysis of the astonishing level of corruption involved in this matter.
Leah Krier and Judge David LaBarre at a romantic dinner together.

Mr. Breeze represents the FIFTH failure of your office in a matter that should have never been prosecuted, and in the very least should have been dismissed long ago.  In responding, please avoid suggesting I have any culpability in the profoundly incompetent circus antics of the five public defenders assigned over the past 2 ½ months – for this is why I have been circulating the details to the mainstream media and law enforcement (also copied herein), and have posted on-line.

Why William Breeze MUST Be Removed
Here are just a few of the reasons why Mr. Breeze MUST be removed from representation:
  1. No Background – Mr. Breeze has no background in criminal defense -  his practice is in administrative and government law
  2. No Website – He is a sole practitioner, yet he has no website and does not advertise – this is beyond suspicious
  3. No Cases – internet searches yield NOTHING in terms of cases he’s handled and the only thing substantive that pops up is that he chaired some committee on immigration law
  4. No Pictures - He has no pictures online, which I have always found to be a flag that the person has something to hide, and therefore has undertaken sophisticated means of removing information – and that he has NO pictures on his Facebook page is beyond the pale.
  5. Also Corrupt – Mr. Breeze’s emailed response to my THREE stated objectives (dismiss charges, return my property & prosecute my filed 7/2/2012 complaint), our ensuing conversation last week and his inaction to date, confirm he will (just like his four predecessors) do NOTHING to achieve them – he represents yet another instance of insidious intentions and a stifling level of corruption in the Durham County legal process.  Any public defender with integrity would see what’s REALLY going on (a BLATANT FRAUD OF EPIC PROPORTION) and march right into the DA’s office to DEMAND: (i) the charges be dropped; (ii) the return of my property; and (iii) my filed complaint be prosecuted.
  6. Friend of the Devil – Further corroborating his lack of ethics and integrity, Mr. Breeze is also close friends with a Durham County official who was caught red-handed and played an instrumental role in the FRAUD associated with my extradition from Florida to North Carolina.  This will be covered in the transmittal that follows.  Sadly, one of your direct reports is also implicated.
My Charges MUST Be Dismissed
Let’s get this straight – I am the VICTIM of Grand Larceny Theft perpetrated by Judge LaBarre and his girlfriend Leah Krier, and to COVER-UP their CRIMINAL acts, I was arrested on FABRICATED charges that were made up out of thin air in the SAME RECKLESS MANNER that Crystal Mangum made her FALSE claims against three innocent Duke student/athletes, which then Durham DA Mike Nifong zealously pursued in the Duke Men’s Lacrosse FRAUD ( I should know, my son was on the team and his best friend Collin Finnerty was one of the three indicted) ; however, what happened to me was MUCH WORSE, as I spent 127 days being physically and psychologically tortured in maximum security jail while being UNLAWFULLY DENIED BAIL.  This is NOT only UNACCEPTABLE, this should NEVER OCCUR IN AMERICA !! 
All told, 17 of my Constitutional Rights were violated.  And I STILL HAVE NOT BEEN PROVIDED WITH DISCOVERY, which Brian Aus has withheld from me.  Moreover, my LYING FALSE ACCUSER, Leah Krier has confessed to Kelly Gallagher, the assistant Durham County DA prosecuting this ruse that she in fact carried out the thefts and has possession of MY PROPERTY.   My charges MUST be dismissed.

My Property MUST Be Returned
Since Ms. Krier has admitted to having possession of MY property, I want it back NOW !!  And my computer equipment is still UNLAWFULLY being withheld from me for over six months.  And if you wish to believe the bullshit charge of “cyberstalking” upon which the WRONGFUL SEIZURE was based (in reality it was an effort to suppress evidence against LaBarre & Krier, and therefore an OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE), then the Durham Police should  keep the back-up drives (which one can readily see are exact copies of what’s on my computers) and return ALL of my computer equipment to me.  My property MUST be returned.
Prosecute the July 2, 2012 Criminal Complaint
I’ve never received a straight answer as to why the 30 page complaint detailing the FIVE EPISODES of Felonies committed by Judge LaBarre and his girlfriend (Leah Krier), hasn’t been prosecuted.  The only action I’ve seen in response was the mysterious and abrupt “retirement” of Captain Ray Taylor, shortly after I began to press this when finally able to secure my release from jail.  The Criminal Complaint filed on July 2, 2012 MUST be prosecuted.
Please Respond ASAP
My next hearing is set for ONE WEEK from TODAY, so I request that you respond ASAP.  And at this point, knowing what you know, perhaps it is YOU who should march into Durham DA Leon Stanback office.  Thank you.

Spencer C. Young