How This Website Works

This web-log ("blog") was created to resolve the MorganStanleyGate scandal by revealing the truth and exposing those responsible.  This is best accomplished through: (1) disseminating INFORMATION that debunks the astonishing level of fraud involved; and (2) inspiring others to take ACTION through compelling incentives.
Latin Translation: Truth is Mighty and Will Prevail
  • Important Announcements - Noteworthy events that have occurred as well as those that are planned are announced through the numerous postings of this website.
  • Revealing The Elements - The many elements of this scandal (e.g., smear campaigns, foreclosure fraud, mysterious events, grand larceny, false arrest) are reported with hyperlinks to additional information, and all postings can be accessed by element in the Categories sidebar (also on the right sidebar, below the blog archive).
  • Exposing The Lies - Emphasis is placed on laying bare the bombastic lies and equivocations that are the hallmark of this scandal.  And the telltale signs of fraud are evasiveness and irrational behavior.  When this is identified, a noteworthy aggressiveness is employed to get to the truth.  And those who are "busted" ALL DO THE SAME THING -- they repeat what was already proven false, and then recoil into a cowardly state of incommunicado, which is a commonality among those who lack integrity.
  • Establishing Credibility - An understanding of this scandal comes from seeing how all the elements fit together, thereby establishing believability in what may otherwise seem implausible.  Reaching this "aha" moment is likened to viewing a Salvador Dali painting for the first time, and later studying it with the assistance of an art aficionado, and realize you missed images that now jump out of the painting at you.
  • Answering Questions - Contributing to this all-important "believability" factor is that this blog also serves as the central repository for frequently asked questions (FAQs) along with the associated answers, expressed with full candor for ALL elements of this scandal.

This Blog is Predicated on Transparency and Tenaciousness 
  • Engaging Resources - Adapting a Social Networking Mobilization Model developed by MIT (see Step 1 - The MIT Model), we are offering YOU and your friends an opportunity to play an instrumental role in resolving MorganStanleyGate (Step 2 - The Purpose) and be compensated by making a successful referral (Step 3 - How You Get Paid) of a targeted professional to run one of the projects associated with resolving the MorganStanleyGate scandal (Step 4 - Project Listing).  And you get paid if you or any of your friends who sign up (Step 5 - How to Register) refer someone who is engaged to run one of the projects.  The more people you mobilize (Step 6 - How to Mobilize), the greater your chances are in getting paid for making, or otherwise being involved in a successful referral.  And if your successful referral achieves their project objectives, you could be paid handsomely because significant franchise value is at stake. (Step 7 - Expected Payouts).
  • Cultivating Teamwork - The MIT Social Networking Mobilization Model has been adapted to foster cooperation and open sharing of information within each team and among all teams.
  • Tracking Progress - Progress made in each of the projects will be tracked and openly shared, while follow up items will be closely monitored.

To prevail in exposing and rectifying a multi-faceted fraud brought about by a scandal with the magnitude of MorganStanleyGate, this quest must be pursued with the transparency of water (in other words, reveal EVERYTHING) and with the tenaciousness of an angry tiger (following through on EVERYTHING).  These elements are aptly depicted in the picture above and this blog has been designed with these in mind.