Thursday, April 7, 2011

FAQ - SOC # 3: Why does Mr. Young blame others for his own mistakes?

Mr. Young is not blaming anyone for anything. Blame enters the picture when there is a legitimate failure, and an understanding of what went wrong is helpful so that it can be corrected or otherwise avoided in the future.

In the matter at hand, there was no legitimacy to the events that unfolded, for no matter what actions were undertaken, the result was going to be the same -- such is the effect of widespread FRESCA crimes, sponsored by banks with virtually limitless resources, who are supported by unethical attorneys and corrupt public officials.

What Mr. Young is doing is exposing those criminals for what they are, along with evidence that is irrefutable -- and by so doing, extricating these monsters from positions of influence from which they have long abused countless others, and which they will continue to do with increased brazenness, unless they are stopped.

FAQ - SOC # 2: Why do Mr. Young's tenants dislike him so much?

The false perception that Mr. Young was disliked by his tenants is an entirely orchestrated manifestation of the MorganStanleyGate cover-up efforts, with the evil self-serving agendas of a few who conveniently, but unwittingly supported those efforts.

Mr. Young enjoyed more than TWO DECADES owning and managing commercial real estate properties WITH NO TENANT PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER -- evidenced in part by there being no legal proceedings at all . . . not even filed papers -- few real estate investors are able to report such an accomplishment. And for the first few years of his investments in North Carolina, he enjoyed productive, pleasant and professional relationships.

It was in the summer of 2007 when the sabotage of Mr. Young's properties in North Carolina began in earnest, and this was supplemented by a vicious smear campaign of more than 60 false and disparaging articles appearing in four local newspapers, which all centered on the orchestrated parking lot imbroglio at The Courtyard of Chapel Hill, conspired foreclosure fraud by Paragon and Wachovia, and an astonishing level of corruption at the municipal, judicial, legal and law enforcement levels so as to to impede ANY resolution -- thereby perpetuating the cover-up of MorganStanleyGate.

FAQ - SOC # 1: Why does Spencer C. Young feud with everyone?

He doesn't.

Until MorganStanleyGate reared its ugly head, Mr. Young enjoyed a long, well-deserved reputation as a kind family man, friendly community leader and businessman with extensive industry contacts. He was considered by many at Morgan Stanley to be "one of the nicest guys on the [trading] floor", and while at JPMorgan, he was deemed "a valuable member of any team because he works well with others" cultivated the most impressive group of financial institution clients in the CMBS industry -- all of whom followed him when he moved to Morgan Stanley. 

The smear campaign launched against him in New York was intended to protect the valuable IQ® franchise he had created at Morgan Stanley, as well as the mounting misdeeds involved in the ensuing cover-up. The smear campaign in North Carolina was an instrumental part of the bank foreclosure fraud perpetrated by Paragon and Wachovia at the behest of Morgan Stanley -- the intent of which was to deprive Mr. Young of resources necessary to pursue his mounting claims against Morgan Stanley.   A very public smear campaign out of San Francisco was also launched by a former Kirkland & Ellis employee, and a still mysterious private smear effort was conducted out of a rural farmhouse in Potwin,KS, targeting Mr. Young's mother, sister and fiancee'.

All such smear campaigns were intended to demonize Mr. Young and were strictly motivated by Morgan Stanley's unbridled greed.  What is most disturbing is that something like this could ever happen to someone of his stature and caliber, which is why he intends to undertake a leadership role in helping others fight this woefully lopsided battle against other banksters.

When Spencer C. Young began investing in North Carolina, he had established many friendships, and strong working relationships with community leaders such as Chapel Hill Mayor Kevin Foy, Mayor Pro Tem Bill Strom and Chamber Head Aaron Nelson. Favorable articles were written about him, tenants were excited about his redevelopment plans, and he had formed strong bonds with many tenants. 

So what happened? Mr. Young was targeted "to be destroyed" by Morgan Stanley and Kirkland & Ellis, as they have a long notorious history for doing -- and since literally $billions in franchise value are at stake, along with the reputations of many prominent but wayward individuals, the efforts have been especially malicious.

FAQ - R/E # 6: Why did Mr. Young not vacate his foreclosed condominium?

Spencer C. Young had every right to quiet enjoyment of his primary residence. 

The wrongful eviction in Feb. 2002 by Paragon Commercial Bank was predicated on a FRAUDULENT foreclosure in every way shape and form. This bogus foreclosure proceeded uncontested because Mr. Young was prevented from hiring an attorney, and those who are supposed to prevent such a travesty were UNRESPONSIVE, evidencing a truly astonishing level of corruption. 

Since the inception of the subject mortgage in 2002, monthly payments were NEVER late, the mortgage was NOT delinquent, and at the time of eviction, it was PAID-IN-FULL!

FAQ - R/E # 5: Why did Mr. Young's properties suddenly realize significant rent arrears?

The aggregate rent arrears pertaining Mr. Young's income producing properties in North Carolina as of November 30, 2008 were $1.8 million with $943,000 pertaining to tenancies at The Pit Stop of Durham and $857,000 at The Courtyard of Chapel Hill.

The primary factors causing this were: (1) property manager under-billings; (2) attorney failure to pursue collections; (3) tenant withholding of rent. However, this situation was yet another manifestation of the MorganStanleyGate cover-up, in that it was ALL orchestrated in order to depict Mr. Young as an incompetent, and to undermine his wealth and resources, so he could not pursue his mounting claims against Morgan Stanley.

FAQ - R/E # 4: Why did Mr. Young not finish the redevelopment work at his NC properties?

The redevelopment work at The Courtyard of Chapel Hill was only partially completed because of: (1) extensive commercial sabotage; (2) a corruption-induced lack of support in upholding the law by The Town of Chapel Hill; (3) the dissension created by the 60 false and disparaging articles; (4) inexplicable delays by the general contractor (Benjamin Construction) and (5) the conspired effort by Wachovia and Paragon to reneg on financing the remaining improvements. 

These factors led to economic destabilization of TCoCH property, and bank foreclosure fraud, denial of legal due process, corruption-induced attorney incompetence at Womble Carlyle, Kenndy Covington and Shanahan Law Group, and judicial corruption in Orange County.

FAQ - R/E # 3: Why was Mr. Young unable to resolve the Courtyard parking lot impasse?

The parking lot impasse remained unresolved BY DESIGN through blatant fraud, sabotage and corruption as revealed above in the answers to R/E #'s 1 & 2. 

Moreover, Mr. Young's efforts to permanently extricate Mr. Craig from ANY further involvement or impact on The Courtyard of Chapel Hill as detailed in his Project Lemonade plan was also undermined through conspired collusion by Wachovia Bank and Paragon Commercial Bank, when they reneged on promised financing.

FAQ - R/E # 2: Why was a portion of The Courtyard's parking lot blockaded when it was?

For 19 months (Jan. 2006 through the last week in July 2007), the Town of Chapel Hill ("Town") regularly thwarted Mr. Craig's attempts to blockade portions of the parking lot because: (1) the blockade would have violated the Town's operative Special Use Permit concerning such parking; (2) the Town has an obligation to enforce the permits it has issued; (3) Mr. Craig engaged in bad faith in refusing to enter into ANY agreement under ANY terms; (4) Mr. Craig had a well-established and notorious reputation of bad faith and similarly antagonistic behavior with previous owners of The Courtyard of Chapel Hill ("TCoCH"); and (5) Mayor Kevin Foy and Mayor Pro Tem Bill Strom expressly promised Mr. Young they would strictly enforce the operative parking lot SUP, and urge Mr. Craig to pursue any claims he may have through the civil courts. Messrs. Foy and Strom did so because Mr. Young's planned redevelopment of TCoCH would help to overcome the blight that had set into that part of Town.

So why after 19 months of judicious enforcement of the subject SUP did the Town of Chapel Hill suddenly condone Mr. Craig's efforts to blockade the TCoCH parking lot in late July 2007? ANSWER: The timing was secretly arranged and put into effect by Andrew Clubok of Kirkland & Ellis (on behalf of Morgan Stanley) and executed through the diabolical work of Ralph Karpinos, the Town Attorney, who held several meetings with Mr. Craig and outlined specific directions on how to go about establishing the blockades, along with assurances that the Town would: (1) prevent Mr. Young from removing the blockade; (2) not compel Mr. Craig to remove the blockade; and (3) not levy any fines on Mr. Craig for violating the operative SUP. Mr. Karpinos also provided Mr. Craig with the specific dates to set up the blockade -- to wit, the weekend of July 28 & 29.

Why were these dates chosen? They were chosen to coincide with a secretly arranged divorce judgment in New York, which Mr. Young was never served court papers on -- and it was at that time when the written smear campaign was ramped up. This coordinated effort was intended to overwhelm Mr. Young with strife and start the process of going after all of his assets so that he could not pursue his mounting claims in MorganStanleyGate.

Important side note: That which was printed in the 60 false and disparaging articles were ALL predicated on this one orchestrated event . . . and it was widespread corruption that prevented its resolution.

FAQ - R/E # 1: Why did Mr. Young not enter into a parking agreement for The Courtyard?

An agreement pertaining to offering a portion of the parking lot serving the The Courtyard of Chapel Hill ("TCoCH") could not be reached for ONE VERY SIMPLE REASON -- Pleezy Harbor Craig (a/k/a "PH Craig") would NOT agree to ANY arrangement at ANY terms. 

This undeniable fact was memorialized in detail by Mr. Young's representative legal counsel (Womble Carlyle) to Mr. Craig's attorney (sole practitioner, Mike Pipkin), and copies were widely made a matter of public record. Those specifically apprised included: (1) Mayor of Chapel Hill (Kevin Foy); the Chapel Hill Town Council (e.g., Bill Strom); and (3) other local community leaders (for example, the Executive Director of the Chapel Hill - Carrboro Chamber of Commerce, Aaron Nelson).

It is important to note that over the duration of Mr. Young's professional career in corporate finance, banking and real estate investment, whichspanned more than two decades, he was ALWAYS able to enter into a final agreement in ANY and ALL contract negotiations he entered into -- and as an investment banker at JPMorgan and Morgan Stanley, this entailed literally hundreds of complex agreements with some of the largest financial institutions in the world, involving $BILLIONS. 

So does it seem even remotely plausible Mr. Young couldn't enter into a simple agreement to either lease or purchase a small parcel of adjacent land which has always been part of the property he owned, for a few hundred thousand dollars, no less? No the reality is that those involved in this charade are a collection of bombastic liars and cowards, who are being exposed as such.

FAQ - PSY # 2: Some have suggested Mr. Young needs psychiatric help -- what's his response?

Those who have suggested this have been exposed as having sinister intentions, for it remains the last desperate attempt to undermine the credibility of Mr. Young's claims to cover-up the MorganStanleyGate scandal -- this being necessary because the other alternative methods failed, as discussed below.

There are few more grounded people than Spencer C. Young, which any conversation with him (preferably in a nationally aired interview) will reveal, and which is readily apparent in his writings at many of his websites, and one which aptly reveals this is a feel-good blog featuring musings on happiness through self-actualization, which can be accessed by clicking here.

Notwithstanding, when MorganStanleyGate began to take its toll on his entire family, Mr. Young went to a world renowned psychiatrist in the interest of prudence and precaution. The only meaningful finding was confirmation of his IQ in the top 1%.

This smear campaign attacking Mr. Young's mental stability was first introduced a few weeks after the wrongful eviction in late February 2010 and fully exposed as a vicious canard by a former Kirkland & Ellis employee, after other attempts to silence Mr. Young failed, Including assassination, incarceration with violent criminals or to a mental ward in a manner consistent with that which was portrayed in the movie  Changling.

FAQ - PSY # 1: What is Mr. Young so obsessed with this matter?

Are you serious? 

f everything you worked for your entire life was taken away from you because of a fraud predicated on the unbridled greed of wayward bankers, would you just turn away, hang your head and say "woe is me -- I guess it was meant to be"? 

If so, why don't you just jump off a bridge now . . . for such cowardice is dangerous to ANY civilized society.

FAQ - OTH # 3: Why would others risk so much in their transgressions against Mr. Young?

The answer is as disturbing as it is simple -- because it is worth it to them -- such is the impact of esurience and the worst people in positions of influence (a/k/a kakistocracies). 

Those responsible for MorganStanleyGate and its ensuing cover-up appear devoid of moral values, and will only become more bold and brazen in their bullying of others for their own self-aggrandizement. Their unlawful actions have been protected in the past by an equally disturbing level of corruption, which further underscores the urgency of resolving this scandal by fully exposing those who have played a role.

FAQ - OTH # 2: Why doesn't Mr. Young just move on -- hasn't his family suffered enough?

Due to the unique circumstances surrounding the MorganStanleyGate scandal, Mr. Young's family was going to suffer its effects, irrespective of the course of action he chose to take; however, his quest for justice is THE ONLY WAY they will be able regain the lives they once had and expose those responsible or otherwise involved.  And by doing so, countless others will benefit.

And the scale and seriousness of this matter is such that failure is NOT an option.

FAQ - OTH # 1: What is the root cause of Mr. Young's tribulations?

The MorganStanleyGate scandal is the cause of virtually ALL the trials and tribulations he and his  loved ones have had to face since November 2002, which is why he will NEVER give up on his pursuit for justice.

Accordingly, he is committed to exposing and prosecuting ALL who have played a role AND refuse to cooperate in the investigations.  Those people WILL be exposed and MUST be removed from their positions of influence . . . for the danger of not doing so cannot be overemphasized.

FAQ - LAW # 7: Why haven't crimes against Mr. Young been investigated by law enforcement?

There is perhaps no more compelling evidence of the scope and magnitude of the corruption involved in the MorganStanleyGate scandal than the fact that NO INVESTIGATIONS have been conducted despite numerous filings of criminal complaints and claims to a variety of law enforcement who were provided literally thousands of pages of overwhelming evidence, ALL of which is accessible at MULTIPLE websites on MULTIPLE servers and at MULTIPLE offsite locations.

FAQ - LAW # 6: Why were there warrants for Mr. Young's arrest in NY?

The arrest warrants in New York were entirely bogus, and yet another manifestation of MorganStanleyGate. 

Here's the way this absurd fraud was orchestrated: (1) Paragon was included in the negotiations of Mr. Young's Divorce Settlement Agreement ("DSA"), and agreed to finance its key provisions, but reneged after it was inked; (2) Paragon then carried out fraudulent foreclosures on properties on mortgages where the payments were NEVER late and NOT delinquent and intercepted all income, and proceeded to do so uncontested because they prevented Mr. Young from engaging legal counsel; (3) although the market value of the properties FRAUDULENTLY FORECLOSED upon was well in excess of the mortgage balances, they marked the values WELL BELOW their actual fair value, and sought to garnish any income Mr. Young would earn; (4) based on the orchestrated fraud in items # 1, 2 and 3, Mr. Young was unable to make ANY payments under the DSA; (5) attorneys representing Mr' Young's ex-wife then filed motions in New York predicated on non-payment of monthly alimony. 

The attorney Mr. Young hired in New York (which he had no problem whatsoever in engaging) tipped Mr. Young off that if he showed up at that hearing, he was going to be arrested on a bogus arrest warrant that was kept secret from him. A second arrest warrant was issued (by the same Judge) predicated strictly on Mr. Young's failure to pay the monies due under the DSA, and called for his incarceration for 6 months while being denied any rights to due process and habeus corpus. This is patently ILLEGAL, because there is no such thing as a Debtor's Prison in America -- in other words, you can't lose your freedom simply because you owe money. Criminal complaints were filed against attorney Warren Behar and Judge Vito DeStefano, which have also been stonewalled, evidencing further corruption. But there is more . . .

Based on tips received from other reliable sources, Mr. Young learned the $1.5 million life insurance policy that should have lapsed years ago was mysteriously kept current and materially altered, with his signature forged. The fraudulent provisions were flagged as: (a) preventing Mr. Young from ever changing or cancelling this agreement; (2)preventing Mr. Young from making ANY associated investment decisions; (3) preventing Mr. Young from learning who had made the $20,000 annual premium payments to keep the policy current; (4) excluded Mr. Young from receiving any information on the policy; and (5) vested his now ex-wife with full and complete authority on this policy on HIS life. The attorney involved in this life insurance fraud was Philip Michaels of Fulbright & Jaworski. When the management committee of F&J was apprised of this, they were NON-RESPONSIVE, even though Lincoln Life Insurance (one of Mr. Young's investment banking clients) confirmed the fraud.

Further investigation revealed the full extent of what was exposed as yet another assassination plot, which sadly involved Mr. Young's ex-wife, who found herself so desperate by the MorganStanleyGate scandal, she became a complicit participant in this crime. The game plan was supposed to go down as follows: (i) have an Orange County Sheriff's deputy execute the arrest warrant, and shoot Mr. Young dead and fabricate a story that he resisted arrest and attacked the deputy; (ii) if Mr. Young was not in Orange County, they were to have the Sheriff in the jurisdiction where Mr.Young was to arrest him, and extradite him to New York; and (iii) upon his incarceration in New York, they were going to arrange to put Mr. Young in with violent criminals, who would carry out the intended dirty work in order to forever silence Mr. Young.

In response, Mr. Young alerted the appropriate authorities, and has relocated frequently as a precautionary measure. Although he has expressed his forgiveness to his ex-wife, she will need to cooperate in the criminal investigation in order to avoid prosecution.

FAQ - LAW # 5: Why did Mr. Young resist arrest by the Orange County Sheriff's Deputies?

He didn't -- and this is yet another BOMBASTIC LIE and very much part of the cover-up in MorganStanleyGate. 

When a SWAT Team of over a dozen Orange County (NC) officers WRONGFULLY broke down Mr. Young's front door on Paragon Commercial Bank's FRAUDULENT FORECLOSURE on a mortgage that was NEVER late, NOT delinquent and PAID-IN-FULL, Mr. Young showed no resistance, and would had been shot dead had he not announced having CNN and ABC News on each of his phone lines. 

Although he showed no resistance whatsoever, Mr. Young was hit in the heart with a taser gun prong, and electrocuted relentlessly in an attempt to cause asystole (cessation of the heart beat).

FAQ - LAW # 4 - Why did Mr. Young threaten the Orange County Sheriff's deputies?

Nothing could be further from the truth.

A hallmark in any cover-up (particularly when law enforcement corruption is involved) are BOLD-FACED LIES, and such is the case with this BOMBASTIC LIE. Empirical evidence of the proclivities of human nature is that history tends to repeat itself, and such is the case here. 

This was more than a WRONGFUL eviction on a entirely FRAUDULENT FORECLOSURE, it was an attempted assassination, which then morphed into an attempted incarceration into a mental ward alaChangling style. 

Since BOTH efforts to silence Mr. Young failed, these LIES were introduced. Without question, corruption is rampant within the "Office of the Orange County (NC) Sheriff", and its most notorious practitioners are Sheriff Lindy Pendergrass, and his thugs Major Charles Blackwell and Deputy J.C. Clayton -- they are as DANGEROUS to the general public, as the L.A Police were in the 1920's, as depicted in the Clint Eastwood directed film, Changling, starring Angelina Jolie and John Malkovich.

FAQ - LAW # 3: Why was Mr. Young suddenly unable to hire an attorney in North Carolina?

As noted in the answer to FAQ - LAW # 2, the orchestrated resignations by Mr. Young's representative counsel eventually progressed to the absurd point of NO ATTORNEY IN NORTH CAROLINA would represent him . . . and the reasons provided were similarly nonspecific, evasive, or just outright lies.  For example, "my case load is too large" was a common one, which was said so often by so many, it appeared to be read from a well-circulated script.  It is remarkable how pervasive lying is in this region of the country . . . hence the moniker "Carolina Liars".    

All told over 100 North Carolina law firms were contacted, and the conversations were so odd, they appeared to be out of a modern day episode of "The Twilight Zone".

In carrying out their dastardly fraudulent foreclosures, Paragon Commercial Bank and Wachovia Bank instigated and relied upon this manifestation through their attorneys (Poyner & Spruill, and Nelson Mullins, respectively).  These foreclosures resulted in a grand larceny theft of $46.5 million and were carried out at the behest of Morgan Stanley, pursuant to the directives of Kirkland & Ellis.