Thursday, April 7, 2011

FAQ - R/E # 4: Why did Mr. Young not finish the redevelopment work at his NC properties?

The redevelopment work at The Courtyard of Chapel Hill was only partially completed because of: (1) extensive commercial sabotage; (2) a corruption-induced lack of support in upholding the law by The Town of Chapel Hill; (3) the dissension created by the 60 false and disparaging articles; (4) inexplicable delays by the general contractor (Benjamin Construction) and (5) the conspired effort by Wachovia and Paragon to reneg on financing the remaining improvements. 

These factors led to economic destabilization of TCoCH property, and bank foreclosure fraud, denial of legal due process, corruption-induced attorney incompetence at Womble Carlyle, Kenndy Covington and Shanahan Law Group, and judicial corruption in Orange County.

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