Thursday, April 7, 2011

FAQ - LAW # 6: Why were there warrants for Mr. Young's arrest in NY?

The arrest warrants in New York were entirely bogus, and yet another manifestation of MorganStanleyGate. 

Here's the way this absurd fraud was orchestrated: (1) Paragon was included in the negotiations of Mr. Young's Divorce Settlement Agreement ("DSA"), and agreed to finance its key provisions, but reneged after it was inked; (2) Paragon then carried out fraudulent foreclosures on properties on mortgages where the payments were NEVER late and NOT delinquent and intercepted all income, and proceeded to do so uncontested because they prevented Mr. Young from engaging legal counsel; (3) although the market value of the properties FRAUDULENTLY FORECLOSED upon was well in excess of the mortgage balances, they marked the values WELL BELOW their actual fair value, and sought to garnish any income Mr. Young would earn; (4) based on the orchestrated fraud in items # 1, 2 and 3, Mr. Young was unable to make ANY payments under the DSA; (5) attorneys representing Mr' Young's ex-wife then filed motions in New York predicated on non-payment of monthly alimony. 

The attorney Mr. Young hired in New York (which he had no problem whatsoever in engaging) tipped Mr. Young off that if he showed up at that hearing, he was going to be arrested on a bogus arrest warrant that was kept secret from him. A second arrest warrant was issued (by the same Judge) predicated strictly on Mr. Young's failure to pay the monies due under the DSA, and called for his incarceration for 6 months while being denied any rights to due process and habeus corpus. This is patently ILLEGAL, because there is no such thing as a Debtor's Prison in America -- in other words, you can't lose your freedom simply because you owe money. Criminal complaints were filed against attorney Warren Behar and Judge Vito DeStefano, which have also been stonewalled, evidencing further corruption. But there is more . . .

Based on tips received from other reliable sources, Mr. Young learned the $1.5 million life insurance policy that should have lapsed years ago was mysteriously kept current and materially altered, with his signature forged. The fraudulent provisions were flagged as: (a) preventing Mr. Young from ever changing or cancelling this agreement; (2)preventing Mr. Young from making ANY associated investment decisions; (3) preventing Mr. Young from learning who had made the $20,000 annual premium payments to keep the policy current; (4) excluded Mr. Young from receiving any information on the policy; and (5) vested his now ex-wife with full and complete authority on this policy on HIS life. The attorney involved in this life insurance fraud was Philip Michaels of Fulbright & Jaworski. When the management committee of F&J was apprised of this, they were NON-RESPONSIVE, even though Lincoln Life Insurance (one of Mr. Young's investment banking clients) confirmed the fraud.

Further investigation revealed the full extent of what was exposed as yet another assassination plot, which sadly involved Mr. Young's ex-wife, who found herself so desperate by the MorganStanleyGate scandal, she became a complicit participant in this crime. The game plan was supposed to go down as follows: (i) have an Orange County Sheriff's deputy execute the arrest warrant, and shoot Mr. Young dead and fabricate a story that he resisted arrest and attacked the deputy; (ii) if Mr. Young was not in Orange County, they were to have the Sheriff in the jurisdiction where Mr.Young was to arrest him, and extradite him to New York; and (iii) upon his incarceration in New York, they were going to arrange to put Mr. Young in with violent criminals, who would carry out the intended dirty work in order to forever silence Mr. Young.

In response, Mr. Young alerted the appropriate authorities, and has relocated frequently as a precautionary measure. Although he has expressed his forgiveness to his ex-wife, she will need to cooperate in the criminal investigation in order to avoid prosecution.

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