Thursday, April 7, 2011

FAQ - SOC # 3: Why does Mr. Young blame others for his own mistakes?

Mr. Young is not blaming anyone for anything. Blame enters the picture when there is a legitimate failure, and an understanding of what went wrong is helpful so that it can be corrected or otherwise avoided in the future.

In the matter at hand, there was no legitimacy to the events that unfolded, for no matter what actions were undertaken, the result was going to be the same -- such is the effect of widespread FRESCA crimes, sponsored by banks with virtually limitless resources, who are supported by unethical attorneys and corrupt public officials.

What Mr. Young is doing is exposing those criminals for what they are, along with evidence that is irrefutable -- and by so doing, extricating these monsters from positions of influence from which they have long abused countless others, and which they will continue to do with increased brazenness, unless they are stopped.

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