Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More Fraudulent, Antagonistic And Absolutely Meritless Lawsuits From Leah Krier

I really can't determine if Leah has become profoundly naive, evil . . . or both -- either way, it certainly is profound.  This is because she went ahead with some her obviously bogus claims in a rural court in Barton County Kansas with absolutely NO jurisdictional authority in this matter.  See the below email along with attachment (and hyper-links) motions to finally end this nonsense.

If there wasn't so God-damn much corruption, this legal ruse would have never seen the light of day . . . it seems as though our entire legal system is in turmoil, and incapable of rendering a fair decision based on legal due process, as it was meant to be by our forefathers.

To:  Judge Ron Svaty
        Court Clerk Judy Burnette
        Leah Krier
       Jane Isern

I am unable to attend today's hearing, which Jane Isern scheduled without my prior approval and on a matter that is entirely meritless and in a court which has no jurisdictional authority whatsoever.  She also proceeded with this hearing even though she knew my wife of 24 years had just died and was buried on Monday afternoon in New York. Click here for her obituary -- click here for a video tribute

In my opinion, Jane Isern is a woefully incompetent and unethical attorney who MUST be disbarred to protect the general public, and the claims she's brought are instances of harassment and entirely frivolous.  I further believe Jane is a miserable excuse for a human being and a cantankerous shrew with the IQ of a cucumber.

This matter MUST be dismissed NOW and FOREVER, and the attached document together with its hyper-linked supporting documents should ensure this to be the case . . . if NOT, then we are also contending with a similarly corrupt judge. I demand that you stop this madness NOW!

P.S. to Leah:  You have no idea how profoundly disappointed I am in you . . . for you have devolved into a pathological liar with no class and no moral values . . .  you are a disgrace to Jackson and to your entire family.


JACKSON S. YOUNG by and through
his next of friend and natural mother,
 LEAH R. KRIER           

Case No. 2010 – DM – 399


Now again comes the Respondent (Spencer C. Young), acting in a pro se capacity, who requests the District Court of Barton County, Kansas (hereinafter, the “Court”) to:
ØDismiss Petitioner’s (Leah R. Krier’s) Motion for Default Judgment for Custody and Support (Exhibit A), filed on her behalf by her attorney, Jane Isern of Brown, Isern & Carpenter;
ØDismiss Petitioner’s Paternity Petition (Exhibit B )
ØRescind Petitioner’s Ex Parte Order, which Respondent has NEVER seen, and is aware that it exists only from a ROA docket ENTRY on this case (Exhibit C); and
ØDismiss or otherwise rescind any and all other filings or orders made or otherwise caused by Petitioner against Respondent in Barton County, Kansas.
In Support
Motion for dismissal is hereby made because of the following relevant facts:
(1)  Lack of Jurisdictional Authority – This Court has no jurisdiction whatsoever over ANY of the parties in this case, nor does it have any jurisdictional authority concerning ANY aspect of this case – ergo, the Paternity Petition is null and void;
(2)  The Respondent Timely Filed an Answer – Although the Paternity Petition was null and void Respondent did in fact timely file an Answer to the meritless claims of the Petitioner;
(3)  Ethics Violations by Petitioner’s Attorney – Petitioner’s counsel has violated the Rules of Professional Conduc(Exhibit D) promulgated by the Kansas Judicial Branch by engaging in unethical behavior in this matter toward both Petitioner and Respondent.
(4)  Paternity Has Not Been Proven – Due to Petitioner’s well-documented promiscuous sexual behavior with men other than the Respondent during the conception period of her son serious questions remain as to whether Respondent is the natural father, and Petitioner has taken no cooperative action to prove this to be the case
(5)  Claims are Meritless – Even if Respondent was the natural father, the Petitioner has no valid claims whatsoever, as she has been prepaid child support for the next five years

Lack of Jurisdictional Authority
This Court has no jurisdiction whatsoever over ANY of the parties in this case, nor does it have any jurisdictional authority concerning ANY aspect of this case. 
The Petitioner has a long established and current residency in the state of North Carolina, along with her son, Jackson, who was born in Durham, NC in 2008, and has lived with his mother since then, while regularly attending pre-school on full-time daily basis at a day care center located in Durham, NC.
Moreover the Respondent has never had any resident association with the State of Kansas, and while it remains unclear whether Respondent is the biological father of Jackson due to Petitioner’s well-documented promiscuous past, (pages 9 thru 13 of Exhibit E), it is an absolute certainty that Jackson was not conceived in the state of Kansas.
The Petitioner’s residency in the state of North Carolina is evidenced by the Petitioner’s: (1) valid North Carolina driver’s license; (2) voter’s registration and history of voting in the state of North Carolina; (3) registration of her 1999 red Mercury Mystique automobile with the North Carolina Dept. of Motor Vehicles, and (4) her employment by Air Wisconsin, whose duties are carried out on behalf of, and as agent for, U.S. Airways, where she has long been based out of U.S Air’s Raleigh-Durham (NC) airport hub.   Importantly, these irrefutable facts are readily corroborated by the North Carolina Dept. of Motor Vehicles (919-715-7000), the North Carolina State Board of Elections (919-733-7173) and Joel Kuplack, Vice President of Human Resources at Air Wisconsin (920-739-5123).
Furthermore, an unqualified representation of North Carolina residency was attested to by the Petitioner, which was observed and confirmed first hand in a late night visit to the Petitioner’s North Carolina residence by the Durham (NC) Police.  Officers Tyler and Silla were dispatched pursuant to the directions of Durham Police Captain Ray Taylor to conduct a criminal investigation of alleged grand larceny theft by Petitioner, as well as an investigation into the welfare of the subject child in the Paternity Petition.  These findings of fact are contained in the Durham Police Criminal Incident Report # 11-007695, and other related findings (Refer to Exhibit F)
Moreover, on April 11, 2011, it was confirmed by an independent third-party that Petitioner’s son has attended a pre-school (Deborah’s Day Care, located in Durham, NC) on a full-time basis for the past five months, and has also resided in an apartment located in Durham for a considerably longer time period than that.  This can be confirmed with “Deborah”, the owner of Deborah’s Day Care, who can be reached at 919-596-3636. (Refer to Exhibit G)
Therefore based on the aforesaid reasons and irrefutable evidence, the District Court of Barton County Kansas has no jurisdiction over this matter nor any of the parties

Timely Answer Filed by Respondent
In a subsequent communiqué, Petitioner’s attorney confirmed Respondent’s Answer was timely filed, and Petitioner’s attorney admitted to having committed fraud. (Refer to Exhibit H)

Ethics Violations & Malpractice by Petitioner’s Attorney
Based on highly unethical and incompetent behavior by Petitioner’s attorney, ethics violations have been filed against Petitioner’s attorney, seeking disbarment. (Refer to Exhibit I)

Paternity Has Not Been Proven
Although given the opportunity to submit to the Respondent the requisite buccal swab samples of DNA for the Petitioner and her son, the Petitioner has not complied.

Petitioner’s Claims Are Meritless
Respondent’s Answer of Exhibit E clearly show the Petitioner’s claims are meritless, as Petitioner has been pre-paid child support for the next five years, presuming Respondent is in fact proven to be the natural father.  Moreover, Petitioner owes Respondent $78,000 +
Petitioner’s motions for dismissal of all claims should granted and all associated filings or orders against Respondent in Barton County, KS should be rescinded.

Respectfully submitted,
Spencer C. Young

List of Exhibits:
A – Motion for Default Judgment for Custody and Support
B – Paternity Petition
C – ROA Docket Entries
D – Kansas Rules of Professional Conduct For Attorneys
E – Respondent’s March 2 Answer (The Aftermath)
F – Durham Police Report
G – Unjustified Panic at Deborah’s Day Care
H – Recent Emails exchanged with Petitioner’s attorney
I -  Ethics Violations Complaint Filed