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An Attorney's Unethical Behavior & Fiancee's Reprehensible Acts

This entire situation is quite remarkable, and "the gloves are coming off", as reflected below.  If you enjoy seeing a corrupt and unethical attorney get crucified then by all means read on, but be advised a woefully unfaithful fiancee' is also aptly taken to the shed.  Yes, this is a further manifestation of the effects of MorganStanleyGate, and why those responsible MUST be brought to justice.
Date:  March 30, 2011

To:       Jane Isern (via email) of Brown, Isern & Carpenter

Cc:      Leah Krier (via email)
Judy Burnette of the District Court of Barton County, KS (email)
Mary Gatton of the District Court of Barton County, KS (via email)
Roughly 500 Others Who Know, Or Know of Leah (via email)
Judge Ron Svaty (via email)
Subject:  Your Continued Fraudulent & Unethical Behavior
Ridiculing you is like shooting fish in a barrel – for each time I expose what an utterly classless imbecile you are, you give me increasingly absurd folly with which to crucify you further.  And because my disdain for you has reached new heights, I will utilize expletives throughout this document for two reasons: (1) to aptly convey my deep-rooted hatred for the fraud you are and what you represent; and (2) to replicate and therefore make a mockery of the typical classless utterances of your trailer-park-trash-client, Leah Krier.  

In my opinion, you’re a miserable excuse for a human being and the most cognitively challenged and unethical attorney I have yet come across.  I’m sure Larry the Cable Guy had amoral incompetent buffoons such as you in mind when referring to “99% of all attorneys who give the rest a bad name”.  However, when insulting someone so very worthy of ridicule, sometimes less is more – ergo, please click here for a concise summary of my feelings toward you.

Your March 24 Letter & Journal Entry
I explained how sending me correspondence via regular mail may never reach me and asked you to communicate by email only – so what do you do?   You send me a letter and Journal Entry by regular mail dated March 24, which I, only by chance, received today (March 30), and you then ask for a response 10 days from the date of your letter – to that I say “fuck you”.  Be advised, I will only accept correspondence from you via email from this point forward.   Any correspondence from you by “snail-mail” will be discarded unopened and deemed not sent.  

And with regard to the contents of your letter, what don’t you understand?  Your FRAUD was exposed and you now face charges of serious ethics violations from the Kansas Judicial Branch, and ultimate disbarment.  And to underscore what a bold fucking liar you are, let me point out a few things in your latest correspondence:
1.     You had no choice but to acknowledge your motion for default judgment was a fraud as my response was obviously made on time, and you very knew this to be the case.
2.     You failed to address your surreptitious and fraudulent efforts to obtain a default judgment without my knowledge, and you might have gotten away with it, if I hadn’t directly contacted the Barton County District Court, based on a gut instinct that you were a Goddamn lying fucking bitch, and boy did you ever corroborate that assessment.
3.     You said “the problem” was that I failed to send my “Answer” to you – fuck you – that is complete bullshit, and you know it, you fucking liar.  You run such a backward 19TH century law firm, you don’t have a website address, and you never publicly published an email address or fax number until i forced you to do so.  Accordingly, I sent my “Answer” to Leah, and directed her to forward it to you in the event she didn’t withdraw the meritless Petition.  And she did in fact forward it to you, per your instructions, you Goddamn lying fucking bitch – therefore, you received my “Answer” two days before the statutory due date, which was further evidenced by roughly 500 concurrently emailed witnesses (also copied herein) who know, or otherwise know of Leah.
4.     In addition, Judy Burnett of the Barton County District Court confirmed she had printed and delivered my Answer to you, indicating it was timely received, thereby supporting my opinion of you as pond scum.
5.     Your own voicemail message beautifully evidences what an utterly deceitful fucking bitch you really are.  I tried calling you on numerous occasions during the week of March 14th, but you ducked my calls – so I demanded a return call indicating times I would be available.  So what do you do?  You call 3 times within minutes of each other, during the time period I expressly said I would not be available, and you leave a bizarre and entirely unjustified constraint to communication, which you deliberately orchestrated so that I could not reach you until after your fraudulent default judgment was awarded – Click here to dowload this file and play on Microsoft’s Media Player.

The Salient Aspects of the Bogus Paternity Petition
Ø The state of Kansas has no jurisdiction over this matter whatsoever, and you know it, which is why I view you as a Goddamn fucking legal whore;
Ø Leah has no financial claims whatsoever (in fact, she owes me $78,000 +), as she has received a $34,000 prepayment, which according to her expressed written needs for Jackson, will cover him for the next five years – and the fact that you informed Leah she was the rightful owner of MY engagement ring indicates either a reckless disregard for the truth or gross incompetence – I suggest it is both, for in my opinion, you are an  incompetent legal skank;

And wasting your time and efforts on a matter you know has no jurisdictional relevance in Kansas (or in any state for that matter because any paternity-related claims, if they in fact exist have been prepaid for the next five years), is merely racking up legal fees for you, which Leah will have to pay, rather than have those funds available for the care of Jackson.  Once again, in my opinion, I consider you an ignorant attorney slut.

Leah’s Continued Reckless Behavior
Further supporting your irrelevance, Leah also engaged a family law attorney in North Carolina (obviously with similarly lacking ethics as you), and has attempted to smear me with fabricated allegations of recent domestic violence and abuse, which would be quite impossible since I have not seen, nor been in the same state as her or Jackson for over a year.  I am also not a coward who hits women and children, which is a common trait among her other past boyfriends.

By comparison, I have raised three very accomplished young adult men.  For instance, my oldest son Michael graduated with honors from Duke University, and his brother Kevin is currently a senior at Duke, while twin brother Ryan is an All-American at Maryland.  Leah’s malicious effort to smear me was merely a feckless attempt to cover-up her own criminal grand larceny, whorish behavior and reckless, haphazard and dangerous arrangements made in the care of Jackson.  I have exposed her numerous transgressions, along with instances of corruption in the Durham Police Dept., and rumor has it that Leah ended up fucking the investigating officers to get them to go along with her ridiculous charade.  And I’ve also been hearing she’s contracted various venereal diseases (specifically herpes and syphilis).

In fact, I’ve received evidence about her fucking so many different guys, it appears she’s turned into a full-fledged prostitute.  I am so sad that Jackson has such a woeful disgrace for a mother, who is so poorly educated (with barely a high school diploma) and so utterly desperate at this point, it seems the only thing she knows how to do is get drunk, spread her legs, and then shack up with some guy she barely knows for the time being. (NOTE to Leah:  Congratulations are in order for this now infamous distinction on your 37th Birthday today as a bonafide criminal fucking whore.)

Paternity DNA Testing
Jane, since Kansas has no jurisdiction over this matter, it is inappropriate for you to be involved in any associated aspect of paternity DNA testing.  Moreover, you have demonstrated yourself to be thoroughly devoid of moral principles, and appear incapable of administering anything in a fair and equitable manner, because in my opinion, you have no fucking integrity whatsoever. 
However, let me point out further evidence of your heartlessness and ignorance.  It is entirely unnecessary and frankly inhumane to subject little Jackson to the pain of extracting blood, you stupid fucking psychopath – a buccal swab of the inner cheek is all that’s needed – the same goes for Leah (yes, it is needed for the mother, you Goddamn moron), and the cost is dramatically less.
Your Suggested Stipulation
Your suggestion that I enter into “an agreed upon stipulation finding that [I am] not the father . . . and [that I would then] be dismissed from this case” is patently insulting – for even if it turns out I am not Jackson’s natural father, I feel an overwhelming obligation to rescue that little boy from the clutches of someone who, in my opinion is an astonishingly ignorant and uneducated criminal, and a venereal-diseased whore who lacks moral values altogether – she is an unfit mother in every way, shape and form.
Another Diabolical Trap Exposed
I’ve learned the real reason why you’ve been trying to lure me to Barton County on this concocted legal matter that has absolutely no jurisdictional relevance in the state of Kansas.  Upon receiving a copy of the ROA (“Register of Action”) Report on this bogus matter from Mary Gatton of the Barton County District Court, I noted references to “temporary orders” in October 2010. 
When I asked Ms. Gatton what these were, along with a request to send me a copy of them, she oddly refused to do so.  I’m surmising these “ex parte orders” were wrongfully granted based on utter bullshit lies presented without my knowledge, and likely contain vague language warning against “harassment”.
This would set the stage to arrest and incarcerate me for God knows how long, upon my merely showing up in court, for “contempt of such orders” based on a thoroughly concocted determination of harassment – for example, emails and/or website entries that I have every right to issue/publish, pursuant to my first amendment right to free speech . . . especially since they are all predicated on statements of verifiable facts.

Your Relationship to John Isern
When I asked Ms. Gatton if you were related to John Isern, the Court Administrator for the 20th district (which includes Barton County), she reluctantly said “yes”, but oddly refused to divulge the nature of your relationship to this person – so I’ll pose it directly to you: “What is your relationship to John Isern?” and understand this is relevant to the ethics complaints and disbarment claims filed against you.
My Demand

I no longer request, but DEMAND you withdraw the Bogus Paternity Petition and stop wasting your client’s limited funds, which should instead be used for Jackson’s needs, not your esurient interests. 

I expect a response from you by April 4, which coincides with the ridiculous deadline you gave me.


Spencer C. Young

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