Friday, December 23, 2011

Criminal Bankers Will Again Make This A Christmas Without My Sons . . .

. . . And There Is Something Very Wrong With This.  

And while I am certainly NOT alone in being victimized by bankers consumed with avarice, it's fair to say if this could happen to me and my loved ones, it could happen to ANYONE, and I want to be perfectly clear about just ONE instance that should scare the hell out of EVERY American citizen.  I was violently evicted by a SWAT team on a mortgage that was
  • NEVER delinquent
  • NOT in default, and on the day of the eviction

What will it take to awaken the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of the United States of America to protect WE THE PEOPLE? The below video was produced last Father's Day, which was also spent alone and also the antithesis of American values.

Notwithstanding, I wish a Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to ALL.

Senate Judiciary Committee Asked To Confront Stifling Corruption & More

The below correspondence has been sent to each of the 18 Senators who comprise the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary.

Date:     December 23, 2011 

This message is FROM: Spencer C. Young, on his own behalf, as well as for the benefit of his loved ones AND for the countless others who have been, and will continue to be, similarly victimized if the insidious practices addressed herein persist. [Note: underlined hyper-links to additional information are denoted throughout.] 

Which is directed TO:



This is a clarion call to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, who absolutely MUST address this scandal, and not because $Billions are involved, but because I am its poster-boy victim, whose plight has significance to many others; therefore I humbly request your assistance to confront stifling legal & judicial corruption – and I ask you to respond with due urgency, as this is also a matter of life and death. 

Now for the particulars . . .

This Is A Clarion Call . . .

Members of the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary (the "Judiciary Committee") are each hereby notified of a widespread and vexing scandal known as “MorganStanleyGate”, a nine-year quagmire that represents:

  1. An assault on the Constitution, the American family & accepted values;
  2. The manifestation of corporate greed by wayward bankers; and most notably;
  3. The abject failure of a legal & judicial system replete with extant corruption.

And due to its omnipresence and crisis level, this is being concurrently shared with over 1,800 national/local news media outlets, as well as senior administrators and professors at the top law schools in the United States. Moreover, it has been concurrently posted on-line at

Simply stated, a scandal of this scope, magnitude and duration can NEVER be tolerated in America and those culpable MUST be exposed and aptly punished.

To The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee . . .

For the benefit of others posted on this matter, the Judiciary Committee is headed by Senator Pat Leahy and its 18 members are pictured below.
Blumenthal       Coburn            Coons             Cornyn              Durbin           Feinstein
    Franken        Graham         Grassley         Hatch           Klobuchar           Kohl
      Kyl               Leahy               Lee             Schumer        Sessions      Whitehouse

Who Absolutely MUST Address This Scandal . . .

The Committee's stated jurisdiction DIRECTLY pertains to the MorganStanleyGate scandal in the following areas:

1. Judicial Oversight – The Committee's self-described "critical role" is in "providing oversight of the Department of Justice and the agencies under the Department's jurisdiction, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation"
2. District Court Judges – They are also charged with the consideration of all "Article III" district court nominations, which are the ONLY courts that may render final judgments in cases involving life, liberty and property rights.
            3. Matters Involving . . . – Civil liberties, judicial proceedings, local courts
            and state jurisdictions.

In conjunction with its stated jurisdiction, and the profound failures of justice experienced in New York, North Carolina and Kansas over a nine-year period in the areas of banking law, civil law, constitutional law, criminal law, employment law, family law and real estate law, the time has come to say "enough is enough".

Accordingly, I, Spencer C. Young am hereby requesting The Committee's DIRECT and IMMEDIATE involvement, particularly since there exists today a planned assassination of MY life, and set in motion by a woefully corrupt rural Kansas District Court Judge, who harkens from a state I’ve only briefly visited and from a county I've never in my life stepped foot in – more on this below.

And NOT Because $Billions Are Involved . . .

As a former Wall St. insider and later a target of avarice-motivated retaliation, I have been meticulously exposing the unlawful actions and policies of Morgan Stanley since the late spring of 2007, and over this time period, this bank has wiped out $46 Billion in shareholder value. And if this dastardly financial institution doesn't admit to, and desist from further sponsorship of unlawful activities, then I believe you can count on the eventual dissipation of what little market capitalization value remains.

But Because I Am Its Poster-Boy Victim . . .

Most would consider my career, educational and personal credentials impeccable, yet in many ways, I've unwillingly become a poster-boy for what ails much of America – for I have been subjected to just about "everything" imaginable pertaining to the infringement of rights to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness. And what is especially perverse about this – is that stemmed from my success at creating and building franchises that are worth $Billions today. Notwithstanding, it was unbridled greed by wayward bankers that resulted in what is surely the antithesis of American meritocracy.

For an appreciation of what I and my loved ones have been subjected to for nearly a decade, one need only peruse the below "List of Devastation", and note that each bulleted item contains one or more hyperlinks to astonishing evidential details:

And in the context of my possessing a graduate level Ivy-league education, and being a member of Mensa and Intertel, if I can't figure out how to overcome the corruption-laden obstacles that have assaulted my inalienable, constitutional and civil rights over a nine-year period, I would submit perhaps NO ONE CAN, and this is why . . .

Whose Plight Has Significance to Many Others . . .

My saga suggests an epic systemic failure of justice and underscores why the Judiciary Committee simply MUST get involved – for I am certainly NOT alone, but I'm a helluva good representative. And with a YOUR assistance, I will be able to MEANINGFULLY rectify this assault on the American way, and stop these Banking Bullies from continued raping and pillaging of innocent Americans. For more about me, this plight and quest for justice, and why I’m the right guy to get behind and support, click here for summaries on my various websites.

Therefore, I Humbly Request YOUR Assistance . . .

Specifically, I'm asking the Judiciary Committee to commission three investigations:
  1. Judicial Corruption of Ellsworth County, KS District Court Judge Ron L. Svatyclick here for details, and be sure to note the link to "older posts" in order to access the full extent of his transgressions. Importantly, the blatant instances of fraud and corruption have been heretofore covered up by the Kansas Supreme Court itself, through is Committee on Judicial Qualifications.
  2. Foreclosure Fraud by Paragon Commercial Bank CEO, Robert C. Hatleyclick here for details, but keep in mind this small bank (acting at the behest of Morgan Stanley) collaborated with Wachovia to execute what is perhaps the worst bank foreclosure fraud in US history. And for particulars on the 20 elements of fraud employed, click here.
  3. Acts of Police Brutality By Orange County (NC) Sheriff, Lindy Pendergrass click here for details on the over-the-top eviction and attempted assassination by SWAT team on a low leverage residential mortgage that was NEVER delinquent, NOT in default, and on the day of eviction, PAID-IN-FULL!

       Ron L. Svaty                   Robert C. Hatley             Lindy Pendergrass

Note: There is far more to this scandal; however, by initiating these investigations, the proverbial “house of cards” will come tumbling down because the criminal acts have been blatant and the evidence (all accessible on-line) is overwhelming.

To Confront Stifling Legal & Judicial Corruption . . .
Question: How could a person of seemingly vast intelligence with a strong educational background have cultivated a seven-figure annual income and eight-figure net worth over a two-decade-plus career in corporate finance, banking and real estate, while being much beloved by a close-knit family and respected in the communities where he resided . . . and then suddenly lose it all and become an outright pariah almost overnight?

Before considering possible answers, it would be helpful to view the two below videos, about the successes realized by my three adult sons (who had to overcome overwhelming adversity), much of which was extensively covered on national TV, most notably at the 4:30 mark of the first one. While viewing them, keep in mind I coached EVERY one of my now adult sons’ grade school athletic teams and instilled the very attributes discussed by the EPSN sports commentators.

    Click here to play video              Click here to play video

Now Let’s Consider The Possible Answers: Perhaps I was consumed by pernicious addictions to drugs, alcohol or gambling? Or maybe I was exposed as having defrauded others in a Ponzi scheme? Could it be that I was part of a terrorist sleeper cell targeted by Seal Team Six, and that I just barely got away, and I am now in hiding? Or might I have been afflicted with debilitating health issues of either a physiological or psychological nature? NO – NO – NO – NO – NO – NO – and NO !!

     Then what could have caused such a sudden and precipitous fall from grace?

The Reality: A perfect storm of: (1) significant franchise and reputational value at risk; (2) unbridled greed; and a (3) well-entrenched culture of fraud and corruption sponsored by Morgan Stanley and often executed in collaboration with Kirkland & Ellis were the key ingredients. Add to that a victim possessing strong values and unwavering perseverance, and you have the requisite elixir to transform what began in 2002 as a relatively pedestrian employment fraud into a scandal of epic proportion today.

And I Ask You To Respond With Urgency . . .

There are two reasons for the expressed urgency to this request.

The first pertains to what has been an arduous quest for justice. And please understand I have diligently pursued all reasonable and expected channels of recourse throughout this nine-year nightmare; however, I have been gamed by Morgan Stanley sponsored fraud and corruption at every juncture (typically via paid off attorneys, judges and public officials) – such is the impact of unfettered corporate esurience.

As a result, my now massive and ever-growing claims (which are ALL rooted in fraud and legitimately aggregate to $1.65 Billion) have astonishingly NEVER been adjudicated, and outside of regaining what was stolen, it is my wish to earmark the lion’s share of what should be substantial pecuniary and punitive damages for the benefit of others similarly oppressed, and to do so by establishing and funding a foundation in perpetuity for that purpose.

Importantly, this represents a legitimate opportunity to help productively bring to fruition some of the “demands” for change embodied in the Occupy Movement. And while many agree this movement is still in its nascent stage, there is clearly a sense of urgency felt by ALL who are part of it . . . because frankly, the inequitable oppression of our civil liberties has gone on far too long.

As This Is Also A Matter Of Life And Death . . .

The second reason for an urgent response far more serious . . . because it is a matter of life and death . . . and I’m NOT being histrionic, nor is this conjectured hyperbole.
What I’m referring to pertains to the first of the three aforementioned investigations. I have learned District Court Judge Ron L. Svaty has planned my assassination by following a paradigm that sadly goes on ALL the time. It is a dark side of America that has grown from corporate greed and corruption, which the general public has been substantially unaware of, but is beginning to be enlightened about. And what makes it so dastardly is this – as a means of cover-up, it involves manipulating my loved ones to unwittingly set the assassination plot in motion.

Here are the four steps involved in Judge Svaty’s dastardly plan:

1.      No Jurisdiction & No Due Process – This woefully corrupt Judge Svaty accepted a bartered bribe to rule on an entirely fraudulent paternity matter in Kansas involving my fiancée (Leah Krier) and the youngest of my four sons (now 3 year old Jackson Young) knowing he had no jurisdictional authority (for the UCCJEA ”home state” is without question North Carolina, which is roughly 1,300 miles distant). This reprehensible judge rendered his bogus ruling at a hearing he knew I could not possibly attend nor have legal representation for. He even rushed the phony hearing to coincide with the funeral of my wife of 24 years, which was held in New York.

2.      Paternity Uncertainty & Bogus Child Support Assessed – Although the corrupt Judge Svaty was aware there is significant uncertainty concerning who was Jackson’s biological father, and that Leah Krier had been prepaid “child support” for the foreseeable duration of Jackson’s childhood, corrupt Judge Svaty ignored the need for DNA paternity testing, and assessed an entirely concocted monthly child support obligation, while knowing I had been: (a) victimized by bank foreclosure fraud; (b) denied a livelihood; and (c) what limited funds I had available were being used to recover the $millions that were stolen in the foreclosure fraud.

3.     Bogus Arrest Warrant – In back-dating an entirely fraudulent Child Support Obligation to May 2011, corrupt Judge Svaty has now established an entirely bogus delinquency of 8 months, and it’s only a matter of time that he would issue a warrant for my arrest (in fact, it may have already been issued.)

4.    Assassination During Arrest or While Incarcerated – There are many creative methods employed in carrying out a corporate-sponsored “hit”, which often involve corrupt Sheriffs and their deputies throughout the US. In instances where money is no object, some believe nearly every deputy has a “price” to orchestrate a hit by planting a gun on their target and suggesting the “deadbeat dad” was “armed, threatened the officer(s) and resisted arrest”. In the alternative, the arrested “deadbeat dad” is deliberately incarcerated with violent criminals, who do the requisite dirty work for a fraction of the cost. Cooperative reciprocity in “apprehending deadbeat dads” among sheriffs in different states is commonplace. 

So before I am assassinated in this manner so as to cover-up the explosive MorganStanleyGate scandal, I respectfully ask you to heed my plea for help with due urgency. For more about corporate assassinations click here, and details abound on instances of family law corruption that is destroying lives and killing innocent fathers.

Closing Remarks

In closing, you may be wondering why my fiancée would cooperate in my assassination. I frankly don’t know, but two factors provide some insight: 
  1. Nervous Breakdown – Leah continues to suffer from the effects of a nervous breakdown that stemmed from the fraudulent bank foreclosure, and this traumatic event has seemingly transformed her into a person quite foreign to me; and
  2. Muzzled by Attorney – Leah has been instructed by an attorney (also in rural Kansas), Jane Isern, who is also part of this corruption-laden maze, to not speak with me. 
But I have some first-hand experience in this – for my wife of 24 years (who later passed away from cancer) was duped into doing something quite similar, however, in her case, a corrupt New York Judge (Vito DeStefano) was involved and she became so financially desperate that she agreed to participate in an life insurance fraud that would have paid her on a $1.5 million life insurance policy that was supposed to have been cancelled years earlier (click here for details).

Respectfully submitted,
Spencer C. Young