Sunday, April 3, 2011

FAQ - FAM # 2: Why did Young divorce after 24 year marriage?

Spencer and Maria Young were happily married for over two decades; however the sudden demise of their marriage was entirely due to the unrelenting stress caused by MorganStanleyGate -- in other words, without question, they would have remained married for the duration of their lives had Morgan Stanley and Kirkland & Ellis not instigated and sponsored such an overwhelming scope of evil actions.

FAQ - FAM # 1: Why did Mr. Young abandon his family?

That is NOT the case at all, for Mr. Young will forever hold unconditional love for each member of his family (even those who may no longer consider themselves to be part of his family), irrespective of their past acts toward him.  They have incorrectly interpreted his being unlawfully denied a livelihood as an intentional revocation of financial support, which over the past two decades was decidedly lavish by most standards.

In actuality, the reality might be better described as being the other way around -- albeit the result of loved ones being manipulated by unsavory others pursuant to a "Divide and Conquer" strategy, which Morgan Stanley and Kirkland & Ellis are notorious for surreptitiously employing against their targets. 

In this case, it included multi-faceted smear campaigns in New York and North Carolina, and canards involving perfect strangers mysteriously getting involved to further propagate smears against Mr. Young pursuant to a talking points script.  This was done in order to cause sufficient doubt in the minds of his loved ones, so they would eventually turn against him. Some of these efforts were executed publicly, while others were done privately through anonymous e-mails.

Mr. Young forgives each of his loved ones, but would like to remind them that sometimes you just need someone to believe in you to accomplish things never thought possible.