Monday, April 4, 2011

FAQ - FIN # 5: Why doesn't Mr. Young just get a job and support his family?

Mr. Young has a job.  He is CEO of Spencer C. Young Investments, Inc.

The current short-term corporate objectives are to regain the properties and assets stolen through fraud, racketeering, extortion, sabotage, corruption, and the orchestrated assassination of his career and livelihood by the collaboration of esurient bankers, unethical attorneys, corrupt public officials and unsavory others. The breadth and scale of the transgressions perpetrated against him is so large because the franchise value and reputations at risk from those who have participated in the cover-up is significant and numerous.

The notion of giving up and allowing such a malicious attack to succeed should go against the grain of every American, and allowing such bullies to succeed at something so dastardly is out of the question, for doing so will only further embolden these bastards to carry out their evil misdeeds against others.

And those loved ones who suffered most from this scandal-borne travesty are those who withdrew their moral support from Mr. Young, which in turn emboldened Mr. Young adversaries to continue their attacks with brazenness.  In other words, had they not given up on him, they would have never suffered such a precipitous decline in their standard of living that they have.

Notwithstanding, Mr. Young has unconditional love for each of his loves ones.  Therefore, upon regaining his wealth, Mr. Young intends to provide them with at least the same standard of living they were accustomed to before they were impacted by the effects of MorganStanleyGate . . . but they must be able to sincerely acknowledge their errors in judgment, and be truly contrite for their past reprehensible and debilitating behavior toward Mr. Young.  

FAQ - FIN # 4: Why was Mr. Young so fiscally irresponsible?

He isn't now, and NEVER was.

The answers to the FAQs in FIN # 1 through # 3 above evidence Mr. Young to be a conservative expert in finance, who exercised prudence throughout his professional life, extending nearly three decades -- and was fraudulently interrupted by the transgressions of MorganStanleyGate.

That such a question could EVER be asked about Spencer C. Young reveals how dangerous those responsible for MorganStanleyGate are to the general public -- for if a nightmare such as this could be brought about so quickly and in such a devastating manner . . . it could happen to nearly ANYONE.

FAQ - FIN # 3: Why did Mr. Young over-leverage himself with debt?

Mr. Young  did NOT over-leverage himself. 

Virtually ALL of his properties were financed to be at no more than 50% loan-to-value ("LTV"), which is a conservative and prudent degree of leverage, especially given his access to millions in liquidity. His residence in Manhasset, NY was worth $1.2 million and had no mortgage -- and when he later expanded the living area by 25% and renovated the entire residence, the mortgage was $600,000 making its value $1.8 million or 33% loan-to-value. 

He purchased his Meadowmont condominium with ALL cash, and when he financed out equity (for redevelopment work), it was 50% loan-to-value. When he purchased The Pit Stop of Durham, it was done so at less than 50% loan to purchase price, and his purchase of The Courtyard of Chapel Hill reflected significant upside such that its stabilized LTV was to be less than 50%

Had Mr. Young not been subjected to the extensive MorganStanleyGate cover-up transgressions in NC, his net worth of $46.5 million would have reflected an aggregate loan to value of roughly 20% . . . hardly highly leveraged by any measure.

FAQ - FIN # 2: Why does Mr. Young have no credit and is unable to get a simple credit card?

Mr. Young is Ivy-league educated with a Masters degree in finance, started his career at a Big 8 accounting firm, and is a licensed Certified Public Accountant.  He had ALWAYS been fiscally prudent, and maintained an exemplary personal credit standing for decades -- in fact, he had maintained an "excellent" personal FICO score of 794 five years into the MorganStanleyGate scandal -- in other words, his credit record continued to be spotless five years AFTER Morgan Stanley's employment fraud had commenced and he was prevented from regaining comparable reemployment.

In fact, he would have readily maintained his superior credit standing had it not been for: (1) extensive commercial sabotage of his NC properties; (2) the outlandish smear campaign in NC; (3) the conspired reneged financings by Wachovia and Paragon; (4) his wife's dramatic increase in her spending (instead of cutting back); (5) his wife's delay in selling their residence in New York; (6) his wife taking out credit cards in his name without his knowledge and racking up over $40,000 in charges; and (7) his wife filing for divorce when the sabotage and smear campaigns were amplified. As a result the 794 FICO score plummeted to 583 ("poor").  Accordingly, a bonafide expert in finance and accounting with a net worth of $46 million, and a consistent seven figure income was suddenly unable to get a simple credit card, and a local NC bank refused to open up a simple checking account for him.

Notwithstanding Mr. Young intends to resolve MorganStanleyGate and expose those responsible for this astonishing fraud, regain ALL that was stolen, and ensure all legitimate claims are paid in full and that his high personal credit standing is FULLY reinstated.

FAQ - FIN # 1: Why was Mr. Young unable to get a job after Morgan Stanley fired him?

Shortly after Mr. Young was surreptitiously included in a firm-wide downsizing, he had job offers from JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs, which mysteriously disappeared. With a team of client executives who helped him create the IQ® franchise, he had offers to join Barclays Capital and Allied Capital -- and yet again those offers were withdrawn without explanation.

It was later learned Morgan Stanley was responsible, motivated to protect the IQ® franchise Mr. Young had created.  As perhaps prophetic justice, those principally responsible for these malicious actions (John Westerfield and Anthony ["Tony"] Tufariello) were later fired for having caused over $10 billion in residential sub-prime mortgage losses, which nearly ended Morgan Stanley as a going concern.

The third person involved in this scheme (Warren Friend) was eventually fired, and shortly upon arriving at Deutsche Bank, he was fired and the entire real estate advisory business he was hired to run was shut down, no doubt due to the realization that Mr. Friend's entire career was predicated on fraud.

FAQ - FAM # 5: Why are Mr. Young's adult sons estranged from him?

Mr. Young's three adult sons (Michael, Kevin & Ryan Young)  have been FALSELY led to believe he abandoned them, when nothing could be further from the truth. 

In having his wealth STOLEN through an elaborate BANK FORECLOSURE FRAUD and GRAND LARCENY, and having been UNLAWFULLY deprived a livelihood (simply because he created a highly valued proprietary CMBS franchise on Wall St. (the IQ® franchise), Mr. Young has been ILLEGALLY prevented from providing the lifestyle to which his sons were accustomed and raised in.

Although their communications have been predominantly one-way, Mr. Young will NEVER abandon his efforts to regain the once close, loving relationship they all shared -- for he deeply loves and sorely misses each of his sons -- and they very much NEED him . . . and this includes Jackson, the youngest of his four sons, who was born to Mr. Young's fiancĂ©e, Leah Krier in 2008.

FAQ - FAM # 4: Why did Mr. Young default on his Divorce Settlement Agreement?

The default was a treacherously orchestrated fraud carried out by Paragon Commercial Bank at the secret behest of Morgan Stanley. Mr. Young's banker at Paragon, Martin Borden was provided copies of the Divorce Settlement Agreement ("DSA") during negotiations, and throughout such discussions, Mr. Borden provided ongoing assurances that Paragon would deliver on financing the key provisions of the DSA

It is noteworthy to point out that the estrangement Mr. Young had with his three adult sons had ended with the execution of the DSA in January 2008, and the four of them were well on their way to reestablishing the close bond they had prior to MorganStanleyGate.  However, by Paragon's defaulting on their commitment to make good on their financing, Mr. Young could not possibly make good on the financial provisions of the DSA.  This instance of treachery is why such an act was believed to be more heinous than murder in Dante's "Inferno", the third in his classic trilogy, "Divine Comedy".

Notwithstanding, once this agreement was executed, Paragon reneged with malicious intentions -- albeit right out of the Morgan Stanley / Kirkland & Ellis game plan book., and eventually became the foundation upon which the eventual multi-faceted foreclosure fraud was based.

FAQ - FAM # 3: How could Mr. Young divorce his wife after she was diagnosed with cancer?

He didn't.  Mr. Young's wife was unaware of her medical condition, and showed no symptoms until AFTER their divorce was completed -- and the full extent of the gravity of her condition was not known until well after their divorce was finalized.

It is a well-known medical fact that chronic stress can severely compromise a person's immune system, and if efforts are not actively undertaken to mitigate (e.g. through exercise or laughter) or otherwise confront it in a productive manner (e.g., using it to meaningfully change what you don't like in this world, and in a manner which will benefit many others) -- then physical maladies can surely manifest. 

In the context of there being no prior family medical history, it is Mr. Young's opinion that the stress of MorganStanleyGate not only caused the divorce from his wife of 24 years, but led to her pancreatic cancer -- and in effect, due to the premeditated nature of this scandal, those involved in causing and perpetuating it were complicit to, at the very least, an attempted murder -- for what began as an effort to assassinate a career and reputation. eventually became much more than that.