Monday, April 4, 2011

FAQ - FAM # 5: Why are Mr. Young's adult sons estranged from him?

Mr. Young's three adult sons (Michael, Kevin & Ryan Young)  have been FALSELY led to believe he abandoned them, when nothing could be further from the truth. 

In having his wealth STOLEN through an elaborate BANK FORECLOSURE FRAUD and GRAND LARCENY, and having been UNLAWFULLY deprived a livelihood (simply because he created a highly valued proprietary CMBS franchise on Wall St. (the IQ® franchise), Mr. Young has been ILLEGALLY prevented from providing the lifestyle to which his sons were accustomed and raised in.

Although their communications have been predominantly one-way, Mr. Young will NEVER abandon his efforts to regain the once close, loving relationship they all shared -- for he deeply loves and sorely misses each of his sons -- and they very much NEED him . . . and this includes Jackson, the youngest of his four sons, who was born to Mr. Young's fiancée, Leah Krier in 2008.

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