Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Hobbit's Relevance To The Worst Bank Foreclosure Fraud In US History

I'm often asked why I've put so much effort into exposing and resolving the MorganStanleyGate scandal. A comprehensive answer frankly requires an entire book, such as Cannibals In White Shoes.

Notwithstanding, this blog post addresses ONE COMPELLING REASON, pertaining to The Worst Bank Foreclosure Fraud in U.S. History, which has TWO IMPORTANT ELEMENTS.  And a touching moment from the movie "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" (based on the fantasy novel The Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkien) aptly illustrates this below.

Set-Up For Video Clip:  During their ultimate quest to regain the kingdom home they were driven from, The Dwarves of Erebor engage in one battle after the other with a variety of evil forces, who are especially grotesque villains (sort of like those who have assisted bankers in foreclosure fraud, such as corrupt judges, amoral attorneys and crooked cops).  In the 2 minute clip below, they have just won such a battle and are taking stock of those who have been part of their journey, but one person (Bilbo Baggins of Bag End) appears to be missing . . .

So how is this 2 minute cinematic video clip relevant?  My home was taken from me through audacious foreclosure fraud (foreclosing on a mortgage that had been paid in full), and I plan to get it back with the assistance of others in a position to help (the 1st element) and then launch a movement to help victimized others do similarly (the 2nd element).  I am in the process of summoning those with the metaphorical magical powers of Gandolf the Wizard to regain my home and stolen net worth, so that I may play an instrumental role (a modern day Bilbo Baggins, if you will) in helping many others (metaphorically The Dwarves of Erebor) do the same.

Foreclosure fraud continues to be perpetrated by wayward bankers (represented by Smaug the Dragon, sitting atop a pile of gold), who have become so blinded by greed they appear to have lost their humanity altogether by destroying lives, families and communities -- sort of like the destruction caused by a fire-breathing dragon.  Do you realize the number of foreclosed upon homes that sit vacant at any one point in time could readily house ALL the homeless?  And the fact that so many homes were foreclosed upon via outlandish fraud is beyond the pale . . .


Smaug The Dragon Sitting On A Pile Of Gold As He Eyes His Next Victim

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

FIFTEEN Independent Sources Confirm The Jurisdictional Element Of The Kansas Paternity Fraud

Kansas Has NO Jurisdictional Authority WHATSOEVER Over Spencer C. Young

The Scope of this Blog Post

This post contains the FIFTEEN independent sources that expose Ron L. Svaty as a hopelessly corrupt District Court Judge in rural Kansas.  He operates with brazen disregard for the U.S. Constitution and relevant operative other law as though he has been granted omnibus immunity.  He is mistaken - HE IS NOT ABOVE THE LAW.

The Kansas Paternity Fraud was concocted out of thin air and Svaty knowingly adjudicated this canard without authority, promulgating BOGUS orders from a court venue more than 1,000 miles away from residences of ANY of the parties in this charade.  Worse yet, he did so with the express intent to: (1) maliciously harass Spencer C. Young; (2) criminally deplete him of resources; and (3) eventually unlawfully incarcerate him for failing to pay a paternity claim that simply does not exist.

Even more outrageous is that Svaty's malicious actions were orchestrated on behalf of a multiple-felon in North Carolina (Leah Krier) who made off with over $200,000 of Spencer C. Young's property that was placed in storage after being victimized in the worst bank foreclosure fraud in U.S. History.

In addition to the glaring deliberate omission to confirm paternity through DNA testing (which Leah Krier refused to comply with), the relevant operative law is the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act ("UCCJEA"), which requires at least one parent and the child in question to have a permanent primary residence for at least six consecutive months.  During the relevant time period in this fraudulent paternity claim, KANSAS was NEVER a residence for ANY of the parties in this charade and to this end here are . .  .

The 15 Independent Sources Proving Jurisdictional Fraud . . .

Throughout the lifetime of the subject child, up to when this Paternity Fraud first surfaced in 2011, the "Relevant Time Period" (or "RTP") for applying UCCJEA, the following sources READILY PROVE an uninterrupted North Carolina residency for ALL relevant parties, namely: Leah Krier ("LK"); her son Jackson Krier ("JK"); and Spencer C. Young ("SCY").  Svaty was provided this information which he deliberately ignored:
  1. Voter Registrations -- The Chapel Hill office of the North Carolina Board of Elections confirms SCY and LK as registered voters during the RTP; 
  2. Motor Vehicle Registrations --The DMV of North Carolina confirms separate motor vehicle registrations for SCY and LK during the RTP; 
  3. Driver's Licenses -- The DMV of North Carolina can confirm separate valid driver's licenses to have been in effect for SCY and LK during the RTP; 
  4. Post Office Records -- The U.S. Postal Service will confirm the primary residences of LK and SY to be in North Carolina throughout the RTP;
  5. Federal Income Tax Returns -- The IRS can confirm tax returns filed by LK and SY for the tax years of the RTP had residence addresses that were NOT Kansas, but either North Carolina or Florida;
  6. State Income Tax Returns -- The North Carolina Dept. of Revenue can confirm tax returns reflecting pertaining to the RTP were filed for LK and SCY;
  7. Property Taxes -- The counties of Durham (NC) and Orange (NC) can confirm filings pertaining to the RTP to have been filed by LK and SCY;
  8. Phone Numbers --Verizon can confirm the phone numbers of LK and SCY to have always been (919 in North Carolina) during the RTP;
  9. Hospital Records -- Durham Regional Hospital can confirm LK gave birth to Jackson within the RTP, i.e., on April 14, 2008, when I was duped into thinking I was the biological father;
  10. Employment Records -- Air Wisconsin can confirm LK has been an employee throughout the RTP and that during that time. she was based out of the Raleigh-Durham Airport in North Carolina
  11. Internet IP addresses -- the IP addresses of the residence computers used by LK and SCY can be confirmed to have been geo-located in North Carolina or Florida during the RTP;
  12. Google Pictures -- Satellite and street level pictures from Google Earth during the RTP can confirm the location of the Mercedes Benz S320 owned by SCY and stolen by LK to have ALWAYS been in North Carolina during the RTP 
  13. Gynecologist Records -- Dr. Stacey Heath of Harris & Smith Gynecologists in Durham, NC (919-967-8052) can confirm LK to have been a regular patient throughout the RTP and that her home address to have ALWAYS been in NC;
  14. Pediatrician Records -- Dr. Christopher Morton  of Chapel Hill (NC) Pediatrics (919-942-4173) can confirm JK to be a regular patient throughout the RTP and the residence address to have ALWAYS been in NC;
  15. Day Care Records -- Deborah's Day Care of Durham, NC can confirm JK attended from 2011 through 2012 


These 15 Sources PROVE BEYOND ALL DOUBT THAT THIS IS PATERNITY FRAUD, and an instance of "Jurisdiction Shopping", which is specifically PROHIBITED by UCCJEA.  This has been  summarized in the FIRST slide below, and then followed by how the 15 Sources expose this as a BLATANT PATERNITY FRAUD: