Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Important Story on State-Executed Bank-Sponsored Assassinations

Consider this an Unorthodox Press Release to Major News Media Outlets

I am a former Executive Director at Morgan Stanley, who has written an important trilogy about of criminal wrongdoing sponsored by this "too-big-to-fail" bank, under the banner title of Cannibals In White Shoes: The MorganStanleyGate Exposé.  

Volume 1: Big Apple Battleground is currently available on Amazon, which is benign vis-a-vis that which is to be contained in Volume 2: Carolina Coup De Grace and Volume 3: Sunshine State Offensive. And the efforts to prevent the publication of these explosive volumes entail an outrageous Paternity Fraud, which is an often abused rigged system of oppression, whereby corrupt public officials can literally destroy a person's life by freezing a target's bank accounts, locking him up, and then arranging an "accident" to silence -- this is state-executed bank-sponsored assassination.  

This is a big story, and my life is currently in danger as such a plan is afoot (colluded efforts of corrupt Kansas and Florida public officials, no less) to permanently silence me so as to prevent the publishing of Volumes 2 & 3. The website for this book trilogy is CannibalsInWhiteShoes.com.

My Request is Simple:  Please take an interest in this important story, otherwise, I MAY be assassinated. And the only stories which seem to make the news these days are those that involve President Donald Trump in some way.  To that end, my grandfather (same name as me) worked closely with his father, Fred Trump on the sale of New York City tax liens when my grandfather was Treasurer of New York City -- a fiscal crisis was averted and Fred Trump became rich as a result, and this eventually seeded what is now The Trump Organization.  The news organizations receiving this are noted below.  I urge your involvement, as my life depends on it.

Spencer C. Young III

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