Thursday, December 1, 2011

An Exposé: How Bank Foreclosure Fraud Transformed Leah R. Krier

The following exposé may viscerally appear parochial, however, it pertains to a matter of far-reaching significance.  It was developed in presentation format for widespread circulation in order to establish the foundation for a variety of initiatives associated with:
  1. Resolving the MorganStanleyGate scandal;
  2. Supporting the Occupy Wall Street and Thrive movements;
  3. Protecting my reputation in response to smears;
  4. Prosecuting banks who have committed foreclosure fraud;
  5. Removing and disbarring corrupt judges and attorneys; and
  6. Regaining custody of 3-year-old Jackson Spencer Young, an innocent victim of an horrific fraud.

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Since it pertains to exposing the shortcomings of a woman whom I will always have unconditional love for, it pains me to have to undertake this decidedly aggressive step.  Notwithstanding, I can honestly look myself in the mirror and say I have done everything possible to avoid having to undertake this measure, which will no doubt amplify her now self-imposed suffering.

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Alternatively, this Presentation can be viewed as a Powerpoint Show, by:
  1. Downloading the Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer - click here; and 
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You can also access this exposé as a video, which can be accessed by clicking here.
For more on the wrongful eviction - click here
For overview of the larger scandal - click here
To listen to Leah Krier's recorded confession of having committed
Perjury and having filed a fraudulent complaint - click here
Note: this recorded conversation was made in compliance
with applicable state and federal law for BOTH parties
For more of Leah's Big Fat Lies - click here
For access to the findings of the Durham Police - click here and read point #2
For a listing of Leah's fraudulent statements contained in her paternity petition 
filed with a Kansas Court with no jurisdictional authority - click here
For access to the complaints filed against the presiding judge and attorney - click here
For video about the accomplishments of Mr. Young's sons - click here
For details on Leah's criminal behavior -  click here
For further evidence of Leah's distinction as a prolific liar - click here
For evidence of Leah's lack of moral values - click here
For evidence of Spencer Young's exemplary personal integrity - click here
For Spencer Young's framework of moral values and guiding principles - click here
For details of Spencer Young's extensive coaching experience with his sons - click here
For further details of Leah's Grand Larceny - click here
For information of Leah's theft of US Air beverage sales - click here
For details on the violent wrongful eviction - click here
To play video - click here