Monday, December 5, 2011

Truth + Dare = Removal & Disbarment of Judge Ron L. Svaty (a Stanford Law School Alumnus)

Truth AND Dare – The truth about a monstrously corrupt Kansas District Court Judge is further revealed in an issued dare to watch two short videos and not feel unvarnished outrage at Judge Ron L. Svaty (Phone: 785-472-8931 / email:, who could very well represent the VERY WORST of the Judicial System in America – he MUST be removed.  The videos were produced by Spencer C. Young as a labor of love for, and in celebration of, his sons.  [Note: This has also been widely circulated by email . . . including each and every professor and administrator of Stanford Law School, which is the alma mater of this profoundly reprehensible human being.]

Jackson Young
The first video, Hold Me is of 3-year-old Jackson Young.  Ron Svaty accepted a bartered bribe to deprive this boy of his father (Spencer C. Young), despite having no jurisdictional authority whatsoever to do so.  In reality, the home state with jurisdiction (North Carolina, where both Leah and Jackson continue to reside) is over 1,000 miles away.  His draconian decision was predicated on baseless and vague prevarication.  Moreover, Jackson’s mother, Leah Krier, has admitted to filing fraudulent court documents and to committing perjury (click here to access her confession in the “Perjury” section).   Svaty held a rushed hearing, which he KNEW Mr. Young could not attend, nor have legal representation for, and held it to coincide with the funeral of Mr. Young’s wife of 24 years – he is a MONSTER.
(Click here to play video)
Ryan Young
The second video entitled Closer To The Edge Of Glory, celebrates the vast collegiate accomplishments of Ryan Young, Mr. Young’s 22 year old son, and also makes mention of Mr. Young’s other two highly accomplished adult sons (Michael 25 and Kevin 22), who recently graduated from Duke University.   (IMPORTANT Note:  Be sure to listen to the ESPN Broadcasters  speak of Ryan Young (At the 4:30 mark of the video), and keep in mind Mr. Young coached ALL of his son’s grade school sports teams and ingrained in them the importance of a strong work ethic, unwavering intensity, and unselfish teamwork.
(Click here to play video)
Commission on Judicial Qualifications
And you should feel the same outrage at the Kansas Commission on Judicial Qualifications (phone: 785-296-2913 / email:, who has endeavored to cover-up the blatantly fraudulent acts of Judge Ron L Svaty in a dangerously dismissive and corrupt fashion.