Thursday, December 8, 2011

Corporate Sponsored Assassinations & Corrupt Militarized Law Enforcement - Why Do We Put Up With This $#!+ ?

Corporate-sponsored assassinations go on all the time, and they are generally NOT reported, or they are otherwise reported in an equivocated manner such that they will NOT appear suspicious.  And who do you think carries out the hit?  Tony Bombaza with the crooked nose?   No – it’s often executed by corrupt local militaristic law enforcement . . . usually Sheriff deputies.  And this phenomenon is not relegated to the United States.

The Fate of a Famous Whistle-Blower
Sean Hoare
Do you remember what happened to the whistle-blower in the Rupert Murdoch “News of the World” Phone-Hacking Scandal?   Sean Hoare was 40 years old when he died shortly after the Hertfordshire police in the U.K. arrived at his home, in response to “concerns for his welfare”.   Say what?  That’s right, and after an unusually long delay for the forensics team to arrive, the official statement issued was:  "The death is currently being treated as unexplained, but not thought to be suspicious. Police investigations into this incident are ongoing."  

So let me get this straight, the cops who killed Sean Hoare are investigating themselves?  Gee, I wonder what the results of that investigation will be?  Now that was in July 2011, but since then, NOTHING . . . nor will there ever be.  Let me be clear about what really happened – Sean Hoare was CONTRACT MURDERED BY HIS LOCAL POLICE, whose mandate is to PROTECT citizens like him.  But there is a bright side to this otherwise deeply disturbing story – to wit, we at least heard about this in the mainstream news media . . . which leads to my next point.

The Fate of BP Would-Be Whistle-Blowers
Now here is an example of something you likely never heard about.  A dozen prominent well-respected scientists & professionals intimately involved in the BP oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico suddenly died, were jailed or went mysteriously missing within a 12 month span following the BP oil spill disaster.  And what did each of them have in common other than tragic misfortune?  Answer: They each possessed credible knowledge about the extensive damage caused by the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.  And what happened to them?  Here’s a current listing: 
The Baker's Dozen of BP Whistle-Blowing Victims

Enough is Enough

Why do we, as a populace put up with this $#!+ ?  The Occupy Movement must do FAR MORE than overhaul banking . . . it must expose and dismantle the stifling level of corporate-sponsored corruption endemic to our societal infrastructures . . . most especially within law enforcement, and while doing so, we must demilitarize ALL police forces, and have them report to staggered oft-revolving citizen oversight, who hold regular public hearings for observance by We-The-People.

Lindy Pendergrass        Absurd Sheriff's Tank          Charles Blackwood

Relevance to MorganStanleyGate

And how is this germane to MorganStanleyGate?  Morgan Stanley sponsors widespread fraud, racketeering, extortion, sabotage, corruption and assassinations, (FRESCA crimes) and has made many attempts on my life.  Click here for details on the day multiple attempts were made through the actions of an exceptionally corrupt Orange County (NC) Sheriff, Lindy Pendergrass, and his right hand thug – Major Charles Blackwood, as part of a fraudulent bank foreclosure on a mortgage that was NEVER late, NEVER in default and of the day of the violent SWAT Team eviction . . . PAID-IN-FULL !!  This should scare the $#!+ out of EVERY American citizen.

The time has come to take back our nation . . . and we will probably have to Occupy EVERYTHING in order to do so because we have unwittingly allowed the manifestation of a well-entrenched kakistocracy.

The Occupy Movement Arose In Response to Transgressions
Such As Those That Comprise the MorganStanleyGate Scandal