Friday, March 25, 2011

Corruption In Durham Police Dept, Involving Others in Triangle Area

The below correspondence to a Durham Police Captain exposes widespread corruption, and sadly Leah Krier's involvement in more unlawful activities, and instances of bombastic lying.   This is yet another example of MorganStanleyGate bringing the absolute worst out in people.

Date:   March 25, 2011

To:       Captain Ray Taylor – Durham Police Department

Re:       Incident Report #:  11-007695

Captain Taylor:
When we first spoke on March 14th, I advised you of having originally called in a criminal complaint late at night on February 28th, and that I was contacting you because it was apparent, after two weeks, that no progress whatsoever was made in the investigation.  

Despite this disappointing preamble, I was impressed with the professionalism of your response, especially with your gracious apology for the lack of progress to date, and promise to immediately rectify the situation.  You mobilized and dispatched a group of officers that worked through much of the day and into the night.  They dutifully reported findings to me periodically and culminated with a summarizing verbal report in a 2:00 am phone call from Corporal Tyler.  Unfortunately, those findings were deeply flawed, as described herein.

Objectives of the Investigation

As you know, my complaint entailed reporting a grand larceny theft of such items as a Mercedes Benz S-320 automobile, some high-end electronic equipment, and valuable paintings.  But more importantly, I had expressed concern over the safety and welfare of my toddler son, Jackson,[1] (born on April 14, 2008), who was effectively kidnapped by my fiancée, after suffering a nervous breakdown.  This manifestation came to be after we were unlawfully evicted in the worst instance of bank foreclosure fraud in U.S. history – for it was on a mortgage that was NEVER late, NOT delinquent, and PAID-IN-FULL – click here to access the website that provides complete context and details.

What follows is my candid assessment of how the Durham Police has handled this investigation, addresses the issued "incident report", reviews other Durham Police related scandals, poses important questions that remain and offers evocative concluding remarks.

The Investigation

Words that best describe the quality of the criminal investigation carried out by the Durham Police Department are: reckless and  incompetent, and the collective handling of this matter has revealed a disturbing level of corruption that should send shudders up and down the spines of all citizens of Durham.

Now let’s get into the particulars that derive such a damning indictment, and start with an assessment of performance against the objectives of your investigation – to wit:  locate and secure the reported stolen belongings and determine the whereabouts, safety and welfare of my kidnapped son. 

As I made clear to you, this was NOT a vendetta, in that I expressed up front that I did NOT want to press criminal charges – I merely wanted to secure my stolen belongings and be sure my son was safe, which were sentiments also conveyed to Officer Silla, who headed up the recommenced investigation.

To assist in the investigation, I conveyed much of the information contained in a March 2 letter to my fiancée, and offered to forward pictures and descriptions of the stolen items, and satellite pictures showing my white Mercedes Benz sitting in the driveway of the location to where your officers were dispatched.  The findings reported to me by your officers were so contradicting and conflicting, I frankly don’t know what to believe.  They are summarized below:

1.     My Fiancée’s Residence in Durham – I was first informed that the officers had confirmed on that Monday night that Leah Krier was living at the 3107 Skybrook Lane location, as indicated in my March 2 letter; however, she was traveling and would not be back until Thursday.  This information was purportedly obtained from “two men” at the Skybrook Lane address, but the officers said they did not ask their identity.  A few hours later, I’m told she wasn’t traveling after all and that the officers had met with her.  Then I’m told they didn’t meet with her, but spoke to her by phone.  This was later changed to meeting with her at an undisclosed location, and that my son Jackson was with her.

My assessment: The officers dispatched are the most profound liars I have ever encountered.  And they appear to be cognitively challenged because they simply couldn’t keep their stories straight.

2.     My Toddler Son’s Safety & Welfare – The officers told me early on, that the “two men” at 3107 Skybrook Lane had recently babysat for Jackson for about a week.  When I first inquired of their identity, I was told the officers didn’t ask.  When I demanded to know the identity of these strangers who were caring for my son without my knowledge, I was told they could not do so because of an “Ex Parte Order” obtained earlier that day, which has obviously not been served.  They said this order cited “domestic violence and child abuse”.  This is a bombastic lie, an instance of malicious slander, and obviously something hastily orchestrated that day.  Note: I have not been in the state of North Carolina, nor have I seen my fiancée or my son for over a year, and I have plenty of emails from Leah that would expose this Order as being predicated entirely on bombastic lies. 

Sadly this suggests a disturbing level of lawlessness and corruption, because such a manifestation would at least require: (1) someone to fund the legal fees to engage an attorney to apply for this order (Leah Krier does NOT have the money to do so); (2) a witness to attest to the allegations in this order (witnessing a physically impossible event would be perjury); (3) an ethical attorney representing the applicant for the Order would have contacted me in advance and served me with papers; and (4) a honest judge to grant the Order, which under normal circumstances  would have NEVER occurred after reasonable inquiry . . . because it is such a shoddy and obvious ruse.

Allow me to point out ex parte orders (meaning all parties to a dispute are not present at a hearing) are very difficult to obtain and issued in emergency situations only because they represent a violation of Constitutional Rights, as promulgated by the 5th and 14th amendments.  These guarantee the right to due process and equal protections to all citizens].  There are NO CONDITIONS that would remotely suggest this was an emergency measure that was warranted . . . except of course if you are a criminal desperate to cover up a crime.

When I demanded to know about my son’s safety and well-being, I was told by Corporal Tyler that he personally observed my son was in a safe environment that night at an undisclosed location. (Note:  he had earlier said he didn’t personally meet with my fiancée.)  So when I asked him upon what he based his assessment, he replied: “he has a roof over his head”, and “he was with his mother”.

My assessment:  The officers dispatched are the most profound liars I have ever encountered.  And they appear to be cognitively challenged because they couldn’t keep their stories straight.  And in this case, their fraudulent and corrupt behavior is complicit in the continued endangerment of my son, and should anything happen to Jackson as a result of this reckless discharge of responsibilities, the Durham Police will be held accountable. 

Importantly, there is NOTHING that would remotely justify an Ex Parte Order, and this act alone represents an unjustified denial of legal due process, which your officers were aware of and were parties to in this obvious canard.

3.     My Stolen Mercedes Benz – With regard to my stolen Mercedes Benz, I received absurd answers.  Leah Krier told your officers that she didn’t have the car because she had it towed “somewhere” by “someone” in the “late-February/early-March 2010” timeframe, after I “failed to pick the car up”, and she was going to get back to them with the details [Note: as of this writing (almost 2 weeks later), she has not done so]. 

Moreover, the officers went on to say the automobile appearing in the driveway of 3107 Skybrook Lane since the early Summer of 2010 in the satellite pictures was a white Toyota Corolla owned by Mr. Badaracco.  Officer Tyler did: (1) NOT see the satellite pictures (as noted in the picture below, it is clearly NOT a small Toyota Corolla, but rather a large Mercedes Benz sedan); (2) NOT determine if Mr. Badaracco in fact owned the Toyota; and (3) NOT confirm that the Toyota had a sunroof.  Note the below Google Earth satellite pictures showing my white Mercedes Benz S-320 with its prominent sunroof sitting in the driveway on July 5, 2010.

Emails Exchanged with Leah Krier
In addition, reflected below are redacted emails and text messages exchanged with Leah Krier evidencing her having possession of the car well beyond the “late-February/early-March” date, thereby proving her statement to the Police a complete lie.
-----Original Email Message-----
From: SpencerCYoung <>
To: Leah Krier <>
Sent: Mon, Mar 22, 2010 9:50 am
I paid for the brake repair that YOU said was necessary on the Mercedes I have let YOU use for the past two years.
-----Original Email Message-----
From: Spencer C. Young <>
To: Leah Krier <>
Sent: Sat, Jun 19, 2010 11:35 pm
I've suspended the insurance on the White Mercedes, so don't drive it
-----Original Email Message-----
From: blueskygirl2u <>
To: SpencerCYoung < >
Sent: Sun, Jun 20, 2010 6:53 am
I do not drive your stupid car
-----Original Text Message-----
From: Leah Krier (Mobile)
To: Spencer C. Young (Mobile)
Received: Thu, Aug 19, 2010 @ 6:07 pm
I will be dropping off the Mercedes
-----Original Text Message-----
From: Leah Krier (Mobile)
To: Spencer C. Young (Mobile)
Received: Tue, Aug 31, 2010 @ 8:26 pm
Mercedes is going to be dropped off some time tonight
-----Original Text Message-----
From: Leah Krier (Mobile)
To: Spencer C. Young (Mobile)
Received:  Fri, Sep 10, 2010 3:23 pm
Dropping Mercedes off at Meadowmont
------Original Email Message------
To: Leah Krier
Subject: The Facts & What's Forthcoming
Sent: Nov 10, 2010 1:22 AM
You "stood by your man" by
(1) kidnapping our son;
(2) duping me into waiting for you at the Wash.-Duke, as you secretly gathered your belongings (and stole some of mine - e.g., TV, paintings . . . even a Mercedes Benz
 S-320) and;
(3) abandoning me to move in with another man ("Danny").

Other Stolen Belongings – And with regard to other stolen items (pictured below) I received no answer at all, other than an indication that Leah admitted to having them, and no effort whatsoever to recover them – as noted in the last email above, I was clear about her having stolen them, and I’ve been asking for them since then.

The Incident/Investigation Report
When I finally received this report (a week later) I can honestly say it is completely worthless, and a glaring example of an effort to cover-up corrupt Durham Police activities through the withholding of salient information and propagation of obvious lies in that it:
1.     Contains no narrative
2.     Reports the wrong address
3.     Indicates personal weapons of hands and feet being used (Corporal Tyler’s explanation of this was so utterly stupid, I’m astonished you could ever allow him on the Police force – he said “your fiancée needed to use her hands and feet to drive the car”
4.     Contains restricted names (there is no basis to restrict this information, especially since the welfare of my young son is involved)
5.     It accords no value to the Mercedes Benz S-320 and falsely states that it was not stolen . . . what? I SPECIFICALLY reported it "STOLEN".
6.     Calls for further investigation – of what?

Questions that remain

1.     First Two Weeks – What was accomplished in the first two weeks of your investigation?  What were the findings of Officer Deloach during this time?  Why did he not respond to any of my inquiries?  And why did his partner, Officer Heim not return any of my phone calls? 

Why, during my first discussion with Officer Deloach, did he allow our phone conversation to get disconnected seven times before finally explaining his “police phone” would automatically disconnect after 5 minutes? [Note: This not only reflects rude and socially retarded behavior, but why in the world would the Durham Police issue such phones to its officers on patrol?  Do you really not trust them at all?] 

Picture this:  A defenseless woman is being pursued by a serial killer and is on the phone with Officer Deloach, giving him directions to her location, so she can be rescued, but just as she is giving him the final piece of information to pinpoint her location, his phone disconnects.  Officer Deloach is then unable to reach the woman, and by the time he finally arrives based on having incomplete directions, she’s found lying in a pool of her own blood. 

Welcome to the 21st Century version of the Keystone Cops. 

2.     Since You Took Over The Investigation – How can you condone such shoddy and corruption-laden investigative work by your officers?  Why were you always accessible on the day I reported this to you (March 14th) and thereafter, I couldn’t reach you, nor did you respond to my many voicemail messages?  How could you ever allow the obvious ruse and bogus ex parte order compromise your police work – if something obviously stinks to holy hell, how could you ever allow that?  This would suggest you are in on this also – is that the case?  Where is my son Jackson?  Who takes care of him when Leah goes away for a week at a time?  And don’t you dare use this bullshit ex parte order as a basis to deny me answers to these fundamental questions. 

I would like for you to prove to me through your actions that the Durham Police Department is NOT the most inept, worthless and second-most corruption-laden police force in America (the Orange County (NC) Sheriff has you trumped in that regard).  Not only are the recent Durham Police scandals relevant to the travesty of this investigation, but my prior experiences with the Durham Police further supports the need to “clean house”, because as a police force, you appear to provide NO VALUE to the community of law abiding citizens (see below), and you are fast losing the trust of the general public.

Other Durham Police Scandals

There have been other scandals of recent involving unlawful activities by Durham Police officers, which have hit the local media – below are three such examples:
Ø Breaking & Entering, Extortion by a Durham Police Officer:

Ø Former Durham Cop Indicted For Drug Dealing:

Scandalous Durham Police Actions Impacting Me & My Family
Moreover, there were other Instances of reckless discharge of responsibilities that I observed first hand, which would suggest woeful incompetence or widespread corruption within the Durham Police Dept:
Ø Wrongful Interrogation:  This involved my oldest son, Michael Young, who graduated from Duke in 2008 and was on the Duke Men’s Lacrosse team during the notorious 2006 scandal.  Durham Police Investigator Himan and Officer Gottlieb snuck onto the Duke campus unannounced and uninvited to interrogate my son in his dorm room, against specific instructions to NOT speak to my son, without his attorney present.  Kyle Hall, the criminal defense attorney I hired to protect my son, sent correspondence on April 13, 2006 to Police Chief (at the time) Chalmers, and said:
 “I have been practicing criminal law for a number of years and I cannot recall ever having a law enforcement officer completely ignore and disregard my specific instructions from an attorney that the client is not available for interviews.”

Ø Lost Criminal Complaint:  I personally visited the Durham Police Dept. and filed a detailed criminal complaint of breaking and entering by a former tenant at one of my commercial investment properties – click here for a copy of that filing.  The Durham Police not only did NOTHING with this, but they mysteriously lost ALL records of the filing.  I then had my real estate attorney, Reef Ivey of Shanahan Law Group fire off letters to the Chief Magistrate (Elaine Evans), Durham Chief of Police (Jose Lopez) and the Durham District Attorney (David Saacks) for an explanation – click here for access to those letters.  The DA responded; however, no explanation for the mishap was provided, and we were merely asked to re-file, which we did, and again NOTHING was done with this – at the suggestion of counsel, I gave up on pursuing this as a remedy against this tenant. Click here to access the letter from the DA.

Concluding Remarks

I would like to indulge you for a written response to this letter (via return email), and an opportunity to discuss in a follow-up phone call.

And to ensure this isn’t swept under the rug, be advised this is being concurrently shared with local and national news media, your superiors, select law enforcement (including the FBI due to its link to two scandals that cross state lines) and a few hundred individuals who are being asked to compel Leah Krier from engaging in further unlawful transgressions and to end her continued kidnapping and endangerment of the welfare of Jackson Young.  You will also note that this communiqué is posted online at one of my many websites.

And one of the first orders of business in rectifying this mess must be rescinding the aforementioned  FRAUDULENT EX PARTE ORDER because I’m frankly getting tired of being pushed around by corrupt wayward attorneys, judges, and law enforcement officers in the Triangle region of North Carolina (which should be aptly renamed as “The Land of Liars”) – for a disturbingly large group of people have played a complicit role in furthering a bombastic fraud and aggregate grand larceny theft of approximately $46 million, in order to deplete me of resources necessary to fully expose the MorganStanleygate and FraudClosure scandals. 
I fully intend to have everything that was fraudulently stolen from me in North Carolina returned, along with complete restitution and punitive damages . . . and I will tolerate being treated as a second class citizen no longer.

 Spencer C. Young

[1] Although information has been received which suggests I may not be Jackson’s natural father