Friday, September 7, 2012

You Call This an Arrest Warrant?

   Durham County, North Carolina                                Pinellas County, Florida
The BOGUS arrest warrant against Spencer C. Young (see below) was issued by Pinellas County's 6th Circuit Court (in Florida), and was solely predicated on a FRAUDULENT arrest warrant issued by Durham County, North Carolina -- it is thoroughly lacking and represents law enforcement run amok. 

The charges were literally made up out of thin air by Durham District Attorney Leon Stanback (in an attempt to cover up the felonies of his long-time friend and colleague, Durham Judge David Q. LaBarre and LaBarre's girlfriend Leah R. Krier.  These charges were later dismissed as meritless, but not until Mr. Young had been UNLAWFULLY incarcerated in maximum security jail with the most violent of felons for 127 days and denied his Constitutional right to his freedom with the posting of bail.

            Stanback                                        Krier and LaBarre
This absurd document's lack of particulars in the assessment of probable cause violates the 5th Amendment to the US Constitution, which says: "one cannot be held for a felony without a grand jury indictment nor be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process'.  In fact, Mr. Young spenT 65 days in maximum security jail before a completely FRAUDULENT indictment materialized.  This arrest warrant further violates Mr. Young's 6th Amendment right "to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation".  Moreover, in violation of the 8th Amendment, Mr. Young was denied his right to post bail for over two months of his unlawful incarceration, and denied reasonable bail for the remaining duration of his 127 day unlawful incarceration.

You will note this woefully defective arrest warrant says only "extortion" and "I have no knowledge of this case".  This is beyond inadequate . . . this is RECKLESS and INCOMPETENT -- for when denying an upstanding US citizen with no criminal record his liberty and denying him the opportunity to post bail, but not knowing why is in itself CRIMINALLY NEGLIGENT.

And yet this BOGUS arrest without bail was signed off by Kimberly Todd, a corrupt (or otherwise profoundly incompetent) Pinellas County Family Court Judge, and adding insult to injury, this was followed up by yet another corrupt Pinellas County Judge Frank Quesada who remanded a thoroughly innocent Spencer C. Young to maximum security jail with the most violent of felons (where he was regularly tortured and received death threats), and later learned to be pursuant to the oversight and direction of the then profoundly corrupt Chief Judge Thomas McGrady.

                  Todd                                             Quesada                                  McGrady

The Bogus Arrest Warrant On False Charges
Which Were Later Dismissed As Meritless

Here Is The FRAUDULENT Durham County (NC) Indictment Based On Entirely FABRICATED Charges

Reproduced below is the FRAUDULENT indictment of Spencer C. Young, which emanated from Durham County, North Carolina, and issued on September 4, 2012, which was:
  • 63 Days AFTER Mr. Young's VIOLENT and UNLAWFUL Arrest at his home in Florida by a heavily armed U.S. Federal Marshal SWAT team, representing an egregious violation of Spencer C. Young's Constitutional rights (Note: indictments are to PRECEDE an arrest); and
  • The Day BEFORE Mr. Young's Habeas Corpus Hearing in Pinellas County, Florida, where his unconditional freedom should have been granted and the fraudulent extradition voided as "fatally flawed".
This bombastic assault on the U.S. Constitution was predicated on charges made up out of thin air and orchestrated by a woefully corrupt Durham County (NC) District Attorney Leon Stanback in a desperate effort to cover-up the extensive felonies of his long-time friend and colleague David Q. LaBarre, Mr. LaBarre's girlfriend, Leah R. Krier and criminal others.

The charges contained in this BOGUS indictment were DISMISSED as MERITLESS . . . but not until Spencer C. Young had been incarcerated for 127 days in maximum security jail with the most violent of felons ! ! !

Stanback                                                                        Krier & LaBarre

Fraudulent Indictment