Friday, September 7, 2012

Here Is The FRAUDULENT Durham County (NC) Indictment Based On Entirely FABRICATED Charges

Reproduced below is the FRAUDULENT indictment of Spencer C. Young, which emanated from Durham County, North Carolina, and issued on September 4, 2012, which was:
  • 63 Days AFTER Mr. Young's VIOLENT and UNLAWFUL Arrest at his home in Florida by a heavily armed U.S. Federal Marshal SWAT team, representing an egregious violation of Spencer C. Young's Constitutional rights (Note: indictments are to PRECEDE an arrest); and
  • The Day BEFORE Mr. Young's Habeas Corpus Hearing in Pinellas County, Florida, where his unconditional freedom should have been granted and the fraudulent extradition voided as "fatally flawed".
This bombastic assault on the U.S. Constitution was predicated on charges made up out of thin air and orchestrated by a woefully corrupt Durham County (NC) District Attorney Leon Stanback in a desperate effort to cover-up the extensive felonies of his long-time friend and colleague David Q. LaBarre, Mr. LaBarre's girlfriend, Leah R. Krier and criminal others.

The charges contained in this BOGUS indictment were DISMISSED as MERITLESS . . . but not until Spencer C. Young had been incarcerated for 127 days in maximum security jail with the most violent of felons ! ! !

Stanback                                                                        Krier & LaBarre

Fraudulent Indictment

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