Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Every Faculty Member of Stanford's Law School Apprised of Ron L. Svaty's Judicial Fraud and Corruption

The below email was circulated yesterday to EVERY faculty member of Stanford Law School (and other top Stanford officials) requesting their assistance in removing a woefully corrupt judge, who is also an alumnus, and an utter disgrace to their institution of higher learning.

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From: Spencer C. Young <spencercyoung@aol.com>
To: StanfordLaw <StanfordLaw@mevep.com>
Sent: Mon, Sep 26, 2011 10:56 am
Subject: Stanford Law School Alumnus, Ron L. Svaty, to be Removed as a District Court Judge and Disbarred

[Note:  The text below is also attached as a pdf file, in the event its contents get garbled in transmission]

To:      Stanford President John Hennessy, Stanford Law School Dean Larry Kramer, Select Other Senior Administrators, and ALL Faculty of Stanford Law School

I am writing to you because an alumnus of the Stanford Law SchoolRon L. Svaty is involved in a bombastic instance of judicial fraud & corruption, which has been detailed in complaints filed with the Kansas Judicial Branch, the US Dept. of Justice, and the Kansas District Attorney’s office, while additional corruption has been observed in the Kansas Judicial Branch in an effort to cover this up.  Click here to access the complaints posted on-line, and note access to the numerous posts and an astonishing amount of damning evidence is accessible by clicking on “Show Older Posts” at the top of the pages displayed.

And because his actions are linked to scandals that are national in scope, details of his misdeeds have been circulated to 1,863 news media organizations across the nation from the grass roots to global levels, Kansas government officials (e.g. Gov. Brownback), the Obama Administration and many others, as I am exposing his transgressions to as many influential people as possible.
In other words, I want the world to watch this play out.  And in so doing, I want Svaty’s entirely FRAUDULENT findings to be deemed as they should be – NULL and VOID.

What Am I Asking You To Do?
Collectively, I’m inviting you to weigh in to help manifest Ron Svaty’s swift removal before he ends up disgracing your law school in a truly tectonic manner.  And know that I will not rest until Svaty is removed as a judge and disbarred from the practice of law altogether because of his profound lack of ethics and complete disregard of the U.S Constitution.
Given Dean Kramer’s expertise in public service ethos and constitutional law, I am especially interested in his take on this, and I am requesting his direct involvement.  I believe if this matter is not properly addressed, it could transmogrify into something beyond anyone’s control and sully Stanford Law School’s reputation as an institution that produces and endorses the acts of corrupt judges, so I am looking for your demonstrative leadership to speak for itself.

What Did Ron Svaty Do?
Mr. Svaty accepted a bartered payoff to orchestrate taking my youngest son (Jackson Young, age 3) away from me, citing an entirely fabricated rationale – and he did so:
1.       Knowing he had no jurisdictional authority whatsoever;
2.       At a judicial venue over 1,000 miles away from the actual “home state”; and
3.      At a bogus hearing he knew I could not attend, nor engage legal representation as I was still reeling from the worst bank foreclosure fraud in U.S. history (more on this below)

Importantly, Judge Svaty engaged in profound fraud on many levels, thereby demonstrating his disdain for the U.S. System of Justice and disregard for fundamental constitutional rights . . . and yet there is so much more. Moreover, unsolicited others have contacted me about Svaty’s abusive and unethical actions toward them, indicating I am not the lone victim of this monster.

Why Should You Believe Me?
I invite you to watch any of the below videos of my three adult sons’ accomplishments in the face of tremendous adversity, many of which were reported on ESPN, Fox Sports and CBS Sports.  While viewing them, keep in mind I personally coached virtually every one of my son’s sports teams throughout grade school to ingrain the very attributes the sportscasters commented on – and if you merely listen to the first one at the 4:30 mark, Svaty’s fraud will be obvious . . .

   Click here to play    Click here to play   Click here to play    Click here to play

. . . particularly when contemplating this question:  Should a judge with no jurisdictional authority whatsoever be allowed to deprive a 3 year old boy of the same father to the “incredible young men” featured in these nationally telecast videos?  If you have ANY sense of humanity, your answer should be a resounding “No !!!”

Why Did ESPN, Fox Sports and CBS Sports Cover This Story?
These videos mention Maria Young passed away from pancreatic cancer.  And if you watched them, you’d realize her death became newsworthy because her valiant battle against this dreaded disease served as an inspiration to two college lacrosse teams (Duke and Maryland) whom my twin sons (Kevin & Ryan Young) played for and competed against one other in the NCAA Final Four Men's Lacrosse Championships this year – a first in NCAA history.

But this was only part of the story, for the networks would not address how Maria was deliberately tortured and effectively murdered by Morgan Stanley, as it was too controversial.

And Who Am I?
My name is Spencer C. Young, an Ivy-league educated father of four sons, and husband to Maria Young for 24 years.  I have an MBA in Finance and I’m a lifetime member of Mensa.  Vocationally, I founded business franchises on Wall St. that are today worth billions -- for instance, the CMBS business at JPMorgan (now JPMorgan Chase) and the IQ® ("Institutional Quality") franchise at Morgan Stanley.  And I successfully invested in commercial real estate for over two decades, that is until I was subjected to the worst bank foreclosure fraud in U.S. history.

The Worst Bank Foreclosure Fraud in U.S. history?
Everything I’ve worked for my entire life was literally stolen, including my family and livelihood, culminating in theworst bank foreclosure fraud in U.S. history, as it was carried out on mortgages that were: (1) never late; (2) not in default; and (3) in the case of my residence, paid in full, which proceeded uncontested because I was denied legal representation!  And including lost income, Morgan Stanley and their operatives effectively stole more than $50 million through FRESCA crimes (discussed below) and this foreclosure fraud was coordinated between wayward bankers at Morgan Stanley, Wachovia and Paragon Commercial Bank, their respective attorneys, and others.  And as unlikely as it may appear, I intend to get it ALL back, and then some, so I can help others victimized by such corruption . . . and in a meaningful way.

What is the Underlying Cause?
In November 2002, I was subjected to an audacious employment fraud by colleagues at Morgan Stanley who later caused over $10 billion in sub-prime mortgages losses despite my forewarnings these guys were undertaking risks they did not understand.  They not only maliciously ended my Wall St career, they ended Morgan Stanley’s days as an investment bank, and played an instrumental role in nearly bringing the entire U.S. economy to its knees, the effects of which we still likely still suffer from for years to come.

And when I contacted John Mack, then CEO of Morgan Stanley, to work out an amicable resolution to the employment fraud, he rebuffed and set into motion a devastating array of FRESCA crimes, involving fraud, racketeering, extortion, sabotage, corruption and assassination (of character and attempted person), much of which was carried out by his cronies in North Carolina, who are known as “the Mack Mafia”.  And due to its similarities to Watergate (where the gravity of the ensuing cover-up dwarfs the initial transgression), this matter has been aptly coined “MorganStanleyGate”, an overview of which can be accessed by clicking here.

So What Does Svaty Have To Do With This?
Mr. Svaty’s misdeeds are linked to the cover-up of MorganStanleyGate and other associated scandals (e.g.,foreclosure fraudpolice corruption & brutality); however, I am NOT looking for you to try and wrap your mind around something so vast and complex – for you don’t need to.  I merely want you to help me remove a woefully corrupt judge, who is a Stanford Law alumnus and set aside his fraudulent findings, so I can begin the reunification of my decimated family.

Once this occurs, the entire MorganStanleyGate house of cards will begin tumbling down, from which countless others will benefit . . . and in ways I can’t even begin to describe.

Spencer C. Young

Monday, September 19, 2011

RE-Submission of Complaints Filed Against Judge Ron L. Svaty And Attorney Jane Isern . . . WITH THE WORLD WATCHING

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From: Spencer C. Young <spencercyoung@aol.com>
To: judicialqual <judicialqual@kscourts.org>; attydisc <attydisc@kscourts.org>
Cc: general <general@ksag.org>; governor <governor@ks.gov>; judicial.council <judicial.council@ksjc.state.ks.us>; khrc <khrc@ink.org>; Lt.Governor <Lt.Governor@ks.gov>; oah <oah@oah.ks.gov>; kssos <kssos@kssos.org>; USAKS-webmaster <USAKS-webmaster@usdoj.gov>; us.marshals <us.marshals@usdoj.gov>
Sent: Sun, Sep 18, 2011 3:47 pm
Subject: RE-Submission of Complaints Filed Against Judge Ron L. Svaty And Attorney Jane Isern . . . WITH THE WORLD WATCHING

TO: The Kansas Judicial Branch -- Commission on Judicial Qualifications & Office of the Disciplinary Administrator

Please consider this ONCE AGAIN to be the re-submission of complaints filed against Judge Ron L. Svaty and attorney Jane Isern; however this time the world watching, as noted below.  And please be advised that any further corruption-laden efforts to dismiss these damning complaints of OBVIOUS wrongdoing without investigation will simply NOT be tolerated -- for I will not rest until Mr. Svaty and Ms. Isern are removed, disbarred and prosecuted.

Kansas Government Officials Notified
You will note I have openly copied SOME of the Kansas Government officials who are being apprised of this matter, such as Governor Sam BrownbackDistrict Attorney Derek Schmidt and US Marshal's office (Note: my grandfather [of the same name] was appointed by President Franklin Roosevelt as US Marshal for the Eastern District of New York).

A Revealing Question
With one question (which includes viewing the two short videos), the fraud perpetrated by Svaty and Isern is obvious, and note that there is a surfeit of damning evidence stacked against them, which is contained in the attached files and their respective hyperlinks.  And here's the question:

If you were the father of Ryan Young, the 22-year-old phenom featured in numerous TV broadcasts on ESPN, Fox and CBS Sports, which is reflected in the below video (and note especially the commentary which begins at the 4:30 mark) . . .

Click here to play video

. . . and you were also the father of Jackson Young, the 3-year-old boy who is now lost without his father, and featured in the below video . . .

Click here to play video

. . . and a notoriously corrupt judge (Ron L. Svaty) more than 1,000 miles distant (in rural Kansas) and with no jurisdictional authority whatsoever had collaborated with an unethical attorney (Jane Isern) to unlawfully take Jackson away from you based on entirely bombastic lies, what would you do? 

The Answer 
You would most likely do what I am doing here . . . especially since there is SO MUCH MORE to the story, which is summarized in the attached pdf document titled "MorganStanleyGate Reaches Kansas", and articulated in greater detail in the attached presentation file titled: "Corruption in the Kansas Judicial Branch . . . " [In the event of difficulty in accessing the attached files, you can click on the respective hyperlinked titles to otherwise access them .]

The Scope & Distribution
The scandals involved are national in scope and have likely impacted EVERY citizen in America in some way because they involve: judicial & legal corruption; bank foreclosure fraud; police brutality, other instances of widespread corporate fraud, racketeering, extortion, sabotage and assassinations of both character and personAccordingly, this communique is being circulated to large, diverse, but precisely targeted groups including:
  • Government Leaders - For instance, President Barack Obama, US Attorney General Eric Holder, FBI Director Robert Mueller, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, Kansas District Attorney Barry Grissom, and members of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee
  • News Media - News organizations at the national and grassroots level throughout the US;
  • Activists - In particular, those focused on eradicating legal and judicial corruption, and citizens rights advocacy groups;
  • Law Schools - Leadership at the top law schools in America, including those whose expertise lies in the areas of Constitutional law, civil rights and legal and judicial ethics;  
  • Colleagues - Members of organizations to which I belong (e.g., Cornell Alumni, Mensa, Chi Psi fraternity and Intertel), and those with whom I've done business; and 
  • Friends and Family - Including those who know my loved ones, including Leah Krier, who was duped into filing the fraudulent petition and continues to suffer the effects of a nervous breakdown, resulting from the worst bank foreclosure fraud in U.S. history (explained in the attached).  This unfathomable fraud was the result of collaborative efforts by wayward senior bankers at Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo (through its Wachovia subsidiary) and Paragon Commercial Bank, in an effort to cover-up a larger scandal.
All told, this should reach over 150,000 people, many of whom are influential, and if this is further circulated as expected, the final tally could number in the millions . . . in which case, this injustice will be swiftly corrected and meaningful positive "change you can believe in" will be realized for countless others.

The Benefits
Getting the word out (and the resultant widespread support it should garner), will not only ensure this injustice is swiftly corrected, it will instigate meaningful change far beyond the woeful misconduct of Mr. Svaty and Ms. Isern -- And I am more than happy to assume a leadership role in this regard.  Thank you.

Spencer C. Young

Sunday, September 11, 2011

MorganStanleyGate Reaches Kansas

The below letter was widely circulated, along with an accompanying expanded complaint in presentation form, detailing the extensive unethical and unlawful misconduct of rural Kansas district court judge Ron L. Svaty, and his accomplice, attorney Jane Isern, and the disturbing efforts within the Kansas Judicial Branch to cover-up their misdeeds, where the notion of self-policing has become a farce.  The hyperlinks denoted in the  document below can be accessed through the associated "pdf" document, which can be readily accessed via download by clicking here.

Note:  The font size of the document reflected below can be readily increased for easier reading by clicking the "Ctrl" and "+" keys simultaneously, and returned to the original size by clicking the "Ctrl and "0" keys simultaneously.

Corruption in the Kansas Judicial Branch (Judge Ron L. Svaty) Escalated For US Dept. of Justice Involvement

The below presentation articulates a complaint concerning the misconduct of District Court Judge Ron. L. Svaty, Attorney Jane Isern and associated cover-up efforts in the Kansas Judicial Branch.  It is being widely distributed electronically today to roughly 10,000 recipients, which may eventually yield a circulation to over 100,000 to instigate sufficient momentum to effect meaningful change.

Referenced hyperlinks to supporting information in the presentation have been separately activated below each slide, as applicable.  To zoom in on the slides press "Ctrl-+".  This has also been made available in other convenient formats:
  • Click here to access presentation as a video; or
  • Click here to download the powerpoint presentation show (click here for the free download of Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer 2010 software)