Saturday, October 19, 2013

Response To Continued Harassment in Kansas Paternity Fraud

The below letter responded to the continued efforts to harass Spencer C. Young on a paternity claim that does not exist from a state with no jurisdiction whatsoever, to wit - Kansas.  

Keep in mind the true underlying purposes of this absolutely absurd matter:  (1) It is an attempt to portray Mr. Young as a deadbeat father in the continued efforts to smear him, so his credibility in the pursuit of criminal charges and massive civil claims in the prosecution of MorganStanleyGate is undermined; and (2) to serve as the fraudulent basis to unlawfully arrest Mr. Young a THIRD time in an effort to quash his many active pursuits for justice.

Those principally involved in this preposterous element of the Kansas Paternity Fraud are pictured below and discussed in the body of the letter below.  And to describe them as churlish liars, devoid of a moral compass is to be euphemistically kind.

     Phyllis Gilmore                      Bob Corkins                       Ron Svaty                      Leah Krier

October 19, 2013

Tamala A. Herl – Caseworker
Kansas Dept. for Children and Families – Child Support Services
1305 Patton Road
P.O.  Box 1994
Great Bend, KS 67530

Phyllis Gilmore – Secretary
Bob Corkins – Chief Legal Counsel
Kansas Dept. for Children and Families – Child Support Services

Re:  Person Number 000 341 6774
This responds to your letter dated 10/05/2013, titled “NOTICE OF INTENT TO REPORT TO CREDIT BUREAUS”, which I only recently received, evidencing a deliberately delayed mailing.  Notwithstanding, this response is being emailed on the date reflected above,  and physically mailed for delivery of the first business day following the 20th of October – thus this response shall be deemed timely.

As evidenced in great detail, this matter is beyond absurd.  It is an instance of fraud, harassment, reckless abuse of authority and part of a complicit cover-up of multiple state felonies.   Criminal charges have been filed with the Federal Bureau of Investigation pursuant its “Color of Law” mandate, with criminal indictments of Ms. Gilmore, Mr. Corkins, and Ellsworth County Judge Ron L. Svaty, who knowingly instigated this brazen fraud with no jurisdictional authority whatsoever.   And their odious acts were executed on behalf of a felonious resident of North Carolina (Leah R. Krier), who is being criminally charged at the Federal level with grand larceny, fraudulent conversion and automobile theft. 

How dare you to pursue what you know to be a BOGUS $10,000 claim, and on behalf of a felon who absconded with $275,000 of my personal property!  Moreover, you were provided overwhelming evidence showing Ms. Krier has consistently resided in NORTH CAROLINA since 2005 – ergo, this is NOT a Kansas matter.  Moreover, the subject child is NOT my son – for if he were, the perfidious felon (Ms. Krier) would have submitted buccal samples for DNA testing, when frequently requested long ago. 

Ms. Herl will also be criminally charged should this fraudulent claim be reported to any credit bureau.   Ms. Gilmore, and Messrs. Corkins and Svaty are recreant varlets of kakistocracy who willingly vitiate civil rights.  They are pestilent monsters of humanity, devoid of integrity – in a word . . . scum.


Spencer C. Young