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Alphabetically listed below are the categories used in the postings of this blog, together with brief explanations.  Clicking on any one of them will bring up a listing of ALL blog posts that pertain to it.  They are also listed on the right panel of the blog and font-sized relative to how many separate posts pertain to it. 

 -- A --
ABC News 11  – Raleigh NC news station serving the Triangle Region
Affidavit  – Affidavit To Remove Leon Stanback as Durham District Attorney
Allen  – Claude Allen, District Court Judge for Durham County, NC
Amendment (13th)  – Abolishing slavery
Aus – Brian Aus, attorney and Durham Public Defender
Austin  – Roy Austin of the Civil Rights Division (US Dept. of Justice)

 -- B --

Bondi – Pam Bondi, Florida Attorney General
Borden – Martin Borden – SVP and my personal banker at Paragon
Bowles – Erskine Bowles, former President of UNC & Board Member of MS and FB
Breeze – William Breeze, attorney and Durham Public Defender
Brownback – Sam Brownback, Governor of Kansas
Burke – Ken Burke, Court Clerk for Pinellas County, FL
Burns - a "corporal" at Pinellas County Jail who engaged in psychological abuse
Burr – Richard Burr, U.S. Senator for the state of North Carolina
Cahill – Daniel Cahill, Attorney at Poyner & Spruill
Campbell – Lawrence M. Campbell, Chief Public Defender for Durham County, NC
Capers – Tuwana Capers, Judicial Assistant to Durham Chief Judge Marcia Morey
Carver – Pinellas County Lt. Carver of Pinellas County Jail
Charges – criminal charges filed
Chase – William Chase, the fraudulent purchaser of The Pit Stop of Durham
Clayton – Orange County Deputy JC Clayton
Clayton (Jack) – Regional president for Wachovia Bank
Cline – Tracey Cline, the disgraced former District Attorney for Durham County, NC
Cooper – North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper
Craig – PH Craig, erected unlawful parking lot blockade in commercial sabotage of TCoCH
Crooked Attorneys – Attorneys seemingly devoid of integrity with no moral compass
Davis – Matt Davis, the Chief Credit Officer at Paragon
Denied Bail – the unconstitutional denial of reasonable bail
Dilweg – Anthony Dilweg, Fraudulently acquired The Courtyard of Chapel Hill
DIU - the nefarious Detention Investigation Unit of the Pinellas County Jail
Durham Police – the police department of the City of Durham
Durham Public Defender – the Durham Public Defender’s Office
Farmhouse – The Cyber-crime Hub Farmhouse located in rural Potwin, KS
FL Appellate Court
FL Gov. Officials
FL Supreme Court
Foreclosure Fraud
Fox – Carl Fox, Orange County Superior Court Judge
Fraudulent Extradition
Friend – Warren Friend, Instigated MorganStanleyGate
Gauger – Kelly Gauger, Asst. District Attorney for Durham County, NC
Grandfather – Spencer C. Young, Sr., the grandfather of Spencer C. Young (III)
Green – Carol Green, Secretary of Kansas Commission on Judicial Qualifications
Grievances – ethics complaints filed against judges and attorneys
Griffin – John “Randy” Griffin, an attorney and Durham Public Defender
Hagen – Kay Hagen, U.S. Senator for the state of North Carolina
Hilliard – Antoinette Hilliard, Assignments Coordinator for the Durham Public Defender’s Office
Holder – Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney General
Hoose – hired by Paragon to head up their audacious foreclosure fraud
Hudson – Orlando Hudson, Superior Court Judge for Durham County, NC
Impact on Family – the impact the various elements of this scandal have had on loved ones
Indictment – criminal indictment of wrongdoing
Investigations – Requested Investigations
Isern – Great Bend attorney Jane Isern of Brown, Isern & Carpenter
Judicial Comm.(FL) – The Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission
LaBarre – David Q. LaBarre, Emergency Judge for Durham County North Carolina
LaBarre Larceny Scandal
Lennon – Janet Lennon, attorney and Durham Public Defender
Lott – Kimberly Lott, attorney at Stewman & Booker ad Durham Public Defender
Lutz – Tracie Lutz, Supervisor in the Durham County Superior Court Clerk’s Office
Lynch – James Michael Lynch, Durham resident who filed Affidavit to remove Stanback
Mack – John Mack, former CEO of Morgan Stanley
McCabe – Bernie McCabe, District Attorney for Pinellas County, FL
McCrory – Pat McCrory, Governor of North Carolina
McGrady – J. Thomas McGrady, Chief Judge of 6th Circuit of Pinellas County, FL
Meier – Daniel Meier, attorney and Durham Public Defender (a/k/a “Meier the Liar”)
Moran – Jerry Moran, U.S. Senator for the state of Kansas
Morey – Marcia Morey, Durham County Chief Judge
Motion-Disqualification – Motion filed to disqualify Judge McGrady
Motion-Stay Extradition – Motion filed to stop the fraudulent extradition from FL to NC
NC Gov. Officials
News Media
Nifong – Mike Nifong,  the disgraced former District Attorney for Durham County, NC
Notice of Intent
Notice of Intent – Notice provided of intent to file civil claims for unlawful arrest & incarceration
Paragon – Paragon Commercial Bank, based in Raleigh, NC
Perdue – Former North Carolina Governor Beverly “Bev” Perdue
Petitions – Petitions for investigations of public officials
Pinellas County Jail - where Spencer C. Young was unlawfully incarcerated
Pope – James & Katherine Pope, fraudulently acquired Meadowmont condo
Poyner+Spruill – The law firm based in Raleigh, NC
Pressler – Mike Pressler, former Duke Lacrosse Coach & current Bryant lacrosse coach
Price – US Congressman David Price of the NC 4th Congressional District
Prison Population – the prison population in the USA
Project Details - the particulars for each of the MIT Mobilization Projects
Psychological Abuse - the emotional abuse Spencer C. Young was subjected to
Public Defenders – Those associated with the Durham Public Defender’s Office
Roberts – Pat Roberts, U.S. Senator for the state of Kansas
Schieffelin – Allison Schieffelin, former Executive Director subjected to Morgan Stanley’s wrath
Schmidt – Derek Schmidt, Attorney General for the state of Kansas
Scott – Rick Scott, Governor of Florida
Smear Campaigns
Stanback – Leon Stanback, the corrupt District Attorney of Durham County, NC
Stanford – James Stanford, Court Clerk for Orange County, NC
Stephens (Don) – Donald Stephens, Wake County Superior Court Judge
Svaty – District Court Judge Ron L. Svaty of Ellsworth County, KS
SWAT Team Assaults – The Unlawful Assaults of Mr. Young by the SWAT teams of the Orange County (NC) Sheriff and the U.S. Marshals Office
Taylor – Ray Taylor, Durham Police Captain
Toobin – Jeffrey Toobin, Legal Correspondent for CNN
Torture – Instances where Spencer c
Tufariello – Tony Tufariello, Instigated MorganStanleyGate & Sub-Prime Mtge Meltdown
TWENTY Fraud Elements – Paragon’s 20 elements of Bank Foreclosure Fraud
Unlawful Eviction – Spencer C. Young’s Unlawful eviction from his residence
Unlawful Incarceration – the 127 day unlawful incarceration of Spencer C. Young
UpDegraff - a "corporal" at Pinellas County Jail who engaged in psychological abuse
US Supreme Ct. – the Supreme Court of the United States of America
Warren – David Warren, Attorney at Poyner & Spruill
Westerfield – John Westerfield, Instigated MorganStanleyGate & Sub-Prime Mtge Meltdown
Wilcox – Reid Wilcox, Bankruptcy Court Clerk for the Middle District of North Carolina
Wrongful Arrest – the wrongful and patently unlawful arrests of Spencer C. Young

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