Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Notice of Intent to Reclaim Properties Stolen in Bank Foreclosure Fraud Issued On This National Day Of Action

To the Boards of Directors and Senior Management of:
      Morgan Stanley
      Wells Fargo (Wachovia Bank)
      Paragon Commercial Bank

Ladies & Gentlemen:

On this National Day Of Action To Stop And Reverse Foreclosures, I am collectively addressing you as representatives of the perpetrators in what may be “the worst bank foreclosure fraud in U.S. history”, and putting you on Notice Of My Intent To Reclaim the six properties in North Carolina and New York, effectively stolen in a collaborative corruption laden foreclosure fraud, aggregating $22 million in redeveloped fair market value, and $9 million in mortgage encumbrances.  And know that your actions played a role in the death of my wife of 24 years (click here).

Details on each property are accessible via below hyperlinks:
  The Courtyard of Chapel Hill – involving Wachovia Bank
  The Pit Stop of Durham – involving Paragon Commercial Bank
  Meadowmont Village Condo – involving Paragon Commercial Bank
  Manhasset Residence – involving Morgan Stanley and Wachovia Bank
  Graham Street Parcels (2) – involving Paragon Commercial Bank

Be advised these instances of bank foreclosure fraud were intolerably blatant and malicious, and were carried out at the behest of Morgan Stanley as cover-up to the MorganStanleyGate scandal. Moreover, the respective fraudulent conveyees have been duly notified that they are NOT the rightful owners, and that actions will be taken to reclaim these properties.

As a matter of national interest with the Occupy Movement and its association with MorganStanleyGate, this is being widely disseminated to the media and appropriate authorities, and posted online at MorganStanleyGate.com – and you may click here to access this particular notice.

Spencer C. Young

Individually, and as President of Spencer C. Young Investments, Inc. and its affiliates

A Tribute to the Heroes of "Occupy Wall Street" and Insight Into How This Powerful Movement is DIRECTLY Linked to "MorganStanleyGate"

Stand Together  
Occupy to Effect Change . . . So We May Again Thrive
Although some of the contents of this post are addressed in other blog entries, it is helpful to present this in context with a heartfelt tribute to the heroes of Occupy Wall Street (a/k/a the Occupy Movement, or OWS), as reflected in the above video.  

Ignorance Is NOT Bliss

With no disrespect intended, those who have been led to believe this powerful movement is "just a bunch of lazy homeless youngsters, who need to get a job, and quit complaining" are in effect demonstrating a truly profound level of ignorance. Nothing could be further from the truth, as evidenced by the socio-economic-ethnic-religious-educational-age-gender diversity represented by those actively involved in supporting this cause -- for the sage and informed have long understood . . .

"None are more hopelessly enslaved 
than those who falsely believe they are free"  
-- Goethe

Have I Earned The Right?

In the context of my background and experience,  I believe I am especially well-suited to comment on this.  Why?  Because I am a former Wall Street insider and "one-percenter", who legitimately earned his wealth the traditional American values way -- through extensive educational pursuits, hard work and legitimate productive achievement.

But doesn't this make me "the enemy"?

Hardly, and not merely because of the operative word "former" -- for by the time ALL the facts become publicly known and accepted in the scandal known as MorganStanleyGate, the overwhelming consensus could be that my loved ones and I may have been victimized by the worst instance of greed-driven bank fraud & corruption in U.S. history.  

And this serves as more than just a cautionary tale -- it should be perceived as an alarm bell ringing to warn a populace that virtually NO ONE IS SAFE from the dastardly reach of unencumbered greed.  In fact, the esurience in MorganStanleyGate is behind widespread engagement in Fraud, Racketeering, Extortion, Sabotage, Corruption and Assassination (FRESCA crimes). In response, I am doing something about it in a meaningful way, with an eye toward helping countless others who have been wrongfully oppressed and this theme is evidenced throughout over a dozen of my websites.

Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity

And given what I know about the pernicious effects of Wall Street avarice as both an "insider" and "victim", avails me a broad foundation of knowledge, a unique perspective and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play a significant role in removing the inequitable shackles of an oppressive status quo. 

Accordingly, I herein present my background, and briefly explain how the Occupy movement and MorganStanleyGate are DIRECTLY linked, and in more ways than one.

My Background
At Morgan Stanley, I built its commercial mortgage-backed securities (“CMBS”) conduit business (entailing lending and securitization) into a market leader and created the highly successful IQ® (“Institutional Quality”) franchise.  Prior thereto, I founded the CMBS business at JPMorgan, serving as Chief Operating Officer for its commercial mortgage finance and securitization business.  The intrinsic shareholder value thus created by these franchises at each of these “Houses of Morgan” exceeded $1 billion.  Prior thereto, I was Division Controller and Treasurer of Citicorp Real Estate. 

Over my career, I was directly involved in, or otherwise responsible for over $30 billion in transactions, while more on my background can be accessed at SCYInv.com.  [Important note: CMBS has nothing to do with the residential sub-prime mortgage business, which is the industry where Wall Street greed effectively destroyed our economy.]  And now for the particulars . . .

How “MorganStanleyGate” Is Linked With The Occupy Movement 

What began as a relatively pedestrian employment fraud by colleagues at Morgan Stanley eventually transmogrified into a scandal of now epic proportion, and due to its parallels with that of the Watergate scandal, it has been aptly coined MorganStanleyGate (TWSYF.com provides a cogent overview).

But how can a seemingly parochial matter be linked with this massive, evolving and continually growing Occupy movement?  Answer:  Those who instigated MorganStanleyGate (its beginnings are explained at MEVEP.com) were ALSO responsible for Morgan Stanley’s entrance into the toxic sub-prime residential mortgage business.  Their names are Tony Tufariello, John Westerfield and Warren Friend – and each has since been fired.  But how is this relevant? 

To use now popular OWS vernacular, this nefarious trio of reckless “One-Percenters” were driven by unbridled greed to take on risks they hardly understood, eventually leading to ASTRONOMICAL losses that brought Morgan Stanley to its knees, ended its days as an investment bank, and necessitated a $10 BILLION Congressional bail out with taxpayer money (and countless other billions of “printed money” from the Fed) to stave off Morgan Stanley’s otherwise certain demise.  

Ergo, those who instigated the MorganStanleyGate scandal also played instrumental roles in wrecking OUR economy, and in oppressing the “99-Percenters” who comprise the OWS movement – hence proving the veracity of the premise that the Occupy Movement and MorganStanleyGate are indeed linked.