Saturday, December 3, 2011

Notice of Intent to Reclaim "Graham Street Real Estate Parcels" - Stolen via Bank Foreclosure Fraud & Linked to Occupy Wall St. Movement

December 3, 2011

Mayberry Real Estate Holdings LLC
1951 Clark Avenue
Raleigh, NC   27605

Re:  Graham Street Real Estate Parcels # 978 805 8778 & # 978 805 9714

As you know, the Occupy Wall Street (“OWS”) movement sweeping the nation is a clarion call to root out rampant greed and corruption, and reclaim our country as our forefathers intended.  What you may not realize, is that this will eventually become the most seminal global social movement in the history of mankind.  Do the math: What is 99% of seven billion?

MorganStanleyGate Linked To OWS
I preface in this manner because the above referenced property was stolen through an audacious esurience-motivated fraud sponsored by Morgan Stanley, and carried out by Paragon Commercial Bank (“Paragon”) – serving as an unlawful act of retaliation and desperate attempt to cover-up MorganStanleyGate, a multi-faceted scandal directly linked to OWS.

Worst Bank Foreclosure Fraud Ever
Arguably, what I and my loved ones were subjected to represents the worst bank foreclosure fraud in U.S. history, and the above referenced Property is part of this fraud because Paragon unlawfully foreclosed on a mortgage that was NEVER late, NEVER in DEFAULT . . . and PAID-IN-FULL !! 

And the foreclosure process was orchestrated to proceed UNCONTESTED because threats of career ruination (or worse) were made to every attorney I hired or attempted to hire in North Carolina.  This is not only against the law, it makes a mockery of inalienable rights, civil rights, and constitutional rights granted to EVERY U.S. citizen --  most especially the right to legal due process.

Fraudulent Conveyance & Intent to Reclaim
Importantly, the Property was fraudulently conveyed.  Paragon did not hold legitimate title to it and therefore could not convey title.  This means you do NOT own this Property.  Accordingly, this is to advise you of my intent to exercise my rights to reclaim possession of this Property as its rightful owner. 

Public Matter
As this is linked to a criminal matter of national significance, it is being widely disseminated to the public.  For example, this is being shared with approximately 1,800 news media organizations, and posted at various websites – for example visit and click on “Mayberry” on the side bar.

Spencer C. Young

Individually, and as President/Manager of Spencer C. Young Investments / The Courtyard of Chapel Hill LLC

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