Step 6 - How To Mobilize

Note: This is the sixth of 7 steps toward an understanding of, and participation in an exciting initiative.

Step 6 – How To Mobilize Your Friends and Family 
To Identify and Refer Professionals

How To Get Your "Team" Mobilized 
How you choose to notify your friends and family of this opportunity is up to you.  The MIT post-doctoral team that won the DARPA Challenge relied on getting the word out using:
  • Facebook through by "wall postings" and direct messages to "friends"; and
  • Twitter (by "tweets", and direct messages to their "followers".)
However, you may also do so by email, or through any other "social network" you may belong to.

What Your "Notifications" Should Say
You can simply "copy and paste" the following in your announcement to friends & family:
### begin message ###
Dear _____ :

I've signed up for a fascinating social networking "project" that I think you'll also want to be part of because it has the following elements:

  • Winning Formula -- This follows a proven method developed by a post-doctoral research team at MIT -- click here for more on this;
  • Many Benefits -- the benefits include an immediate cash payment (most likely $500 to $2,000), and a matching charitable contribution made in your name; while helping obtain justice for those victimized by bank foreclosure fraud . . . plus the legitimate opportunity to effectively "win the lottery" with dramatically better odds . . . because you can play a role in improving them.
  • Winning the Lottery -- if you are directly or indirectly involved in making a successful referral, you stand to win more than a million dollars (click here for an analysis, based on expected values and probabilities), and again a matching charitable contribution is made in your name
  • Little Effort -- While it may sound too good to be true, this requires little effort on your part -- for you are merely asking your friends and family to help you find an attorney, and if any of them finds the "right one", YOU get paid . . . and perhaps in a big way
  • Fun & Excitement -- In addition to the above, this should be a lot of fun.
For more information and instructions on how to register, go to and follow the 7 steps.

### end of message ###

How Proposals Should Be Submitted By Those You "Refer"
Professionals that you or any member of your team refers, should submit their engagement proposals via email to:, and reference:
  1. Project #: and
  2. Referred By:  the name of the person who referred them.