Thursday, April 21, 2011

. . . . .WANTED: DEAD or ALIVE. . . . .

For The Relentless Torture &
Eventual Murder of
Maria Antoinette Young

Morgan Stanley (with the diabolical assistance of Kirkland & Ellis) MURDERED Maria Young, but not until they rendered her destitute and tortured her in every way, shape and form for 8 ½ years . . . and their motivation was unadulterated GREED.
Through the unrelenting stress from their malicious acts, they destroyed her marriage of 24 years, brought about complete dysfunction within her family, and kicked her out of her from home in Manhasset in a fraudulent foreclosure orchestrated by Morgan Stanley through the systematic destruction of her husband’s career, while unlawfully obstructing justice so his mounting claims were NEVER adjudicated.  The resultant chronic stress sufficiently lowered Maria’s immune system such that she contracted an especially lethal form of cancer, despite the fact that there was no incidence of this or any other form of cancer in her family history.
Morgan Stanley executed their reprehensible actions in order to protect the highly successful “IQ” CMBS franchise her husband had created.  This franchise was worth $250 million when he completed its development in 2002, and considerably more thereafter.
Morgan Stanley evicted Maria Young from her home in 2008 when she was convalescing from extensive cancer surgery that removed her pancreas, gall bladder, and half her stomach.  They also evicted her three sons from the only home they knew.  They then orchestrated the cutting off of funding for her chemotherapy and radiation treatments through what may be the worst instance of bank foreclosure fraud in U.S History, which was carried out on her husband’s investment properties in North Carolina.
This incorrigibly evil firm MUST be brought to Justice.