Thursday, April 25, 2013

Can SIX CONSECUTIVE Durham Public Defenders Be So Incompetent?

In a word . . . NO.  

Details on the woefully atrocious behavior of each public defender assigned to defend Spencer C. Young against 100% FALSE and completely FABRICATED charges are accessible by clicking on their respective names below:

1.     Randy Griffin
2.     Kimberly Lott
3.     Brian Aus
4.     Janet Lennon
5.     William Breeze
6.     Daniel Meier

In fact, it would be statistically impossible for SIX CONSECUTIVE Durham County public defenders to  FAIL so miserably in their efforts to accomplish three simple objectives, which under the circumstances would be easily attained in an environment devoid of corruption:

Is it likely unsavory corrupt influence intended to cover-up the LaBarre Larceny Scandal caused such abominable behavior?  In a word . . . YES.

Are certain staff in the Durham Public Defender's Office (specifically Chief Public Defender Lawrence Campbell and Antoinette Hilliard) involved in this cover-up?  YOU BET.

BOGUS Felony Charge Intended To Cover Up The Many Felonies of Judge David Q. LaBarre DISMISSED . . .

On July 3, 2012, Spencer C. Young was UNLAWFULLY deprived of his right to freedom, the day after he filed a 30-page indictment of criminal charges against Durham Judge David Q. LaBarre and his girlfriend.  Mr. Young was denied bail for 127 days and then regularly tortured while incarcerated with the most dangerous of felons. His violent arrest in Florida by U.S. Marshal SWAT team was SOLELY predicated on a BOGUS felony charge, which has finally been DISMISSED (see below).

Upon closer observation, the reason for the dismissal is not specified on the document -- the box "No crime is charged" is not checked, nor is the reason indicated on the data printout (also shown below).  Requests to have this corrected have been ignored -- hence this is deliberate.  Moreover, the Asst. District Attorney involved in this abomination of justice, Kelly Gauger, has still not dismissed the even more outlandish misdemeanor charges, as she earlier promised to do -- other nefarious COVER-UP plans are in place.

This BOGUS felony charge was literally made up out of thin air in order to COVER-UP the extensive criminal activities of Durham (NC) Judge David Q. LaBarre and his girlfriend, Leah R. Krier (the "LaBarre Larceny Scandal") . . . and so much more.

Dismissal of BOGUS Charge for which Mr. Young Was Assaulted

Monday, April 22, 2013

How Daniel "Meier the Liar" Has Failed & Why He MUST Be Removed

The below slides summarize the diabolical antics of the prolific prevaricator, Daniel Meier, a/k/a "Meier the Liar" . . . click here for access to further information and details concerning his role in something VERY sinister.