Friday, January 4, 2013

The FIRST Durham Public Defender (John R. Griffin) Removed For Atrocious (Corrupt) Behavior

For reasons articulated in a 11/20/12 email (reproduced below) to Antoinette Hilliard of the Durham Public Defender's Office,  John R. ("Randy") Griffin was the FIRST Public Defender removed from representation as criminal defense counsel for Spencer C. Young.  

As evidenced throughout this web-log, BOGUS Charges were made up out of thin air to cover-up the extensive criminal activities of a woefully corrupt Durham County Judge, David Q. LaBarre. and the woman he's been having an affair with, Leah R. Krier.  As noted in the below transmittal, the FALSE charges should have NEVER been acted upon, and since Ms. Krier has confessed to the theft of Mr. Young's belongings (to Asst. Durham District Attorney Kelly Gaugher, no less), the charges should be DROPPED or otherwise DISMISSED.

         Hilliard                   Griffin                         LaBarre                      Krier

-----Original Message-----
From: Spencer <>
To: Antoinette.Hilliard <>
Cc: lott <>
Sent: Tue, Nov 20, 2012 2:42 pm
Subject: Thank You, Assessment & Request

Antoinette --

Thank you for the information provided on the CMS system (Durham Court hearing process) and for instigating Mr. Griffin to finally return my call, which confirmed my earlier assessment of him, as follows:
  1. Non responsive – Mr. Griffin was assigned my case last Wednesday (November 14), and despite a hearing looming on December 3, he failed to return four phone calls to his office, beginning on November 15, and was non responsive to four e-mails sent to him on November 15th, 16th and 19th.
  2. Not Prepared – when Mr. Griffin finally did return my call, which he did only after your urging today, he had not read the emails and knew nothing of my case, despite the impending hearing.
  3. Unethical – After my waxing eloquent about how the baseless charges were an effort to cover up the extensive criminal wrongdoings of Durham County Judge David Q. LaBarre, Mr. Griffin  said he would take no action to prosecute the criminal complaint (irrespective of its merits) because, as he puts it: “I sit in LaBarre's court two to three times a week”.  This lack of ethics is disturbing on many levels. 
So you may better appreciate the audacity of my unlawful arrest and wrongful incarceration for 127 days in maximum security, I have included the following:
  1. Document 1 – the preposterous extortion charge is based solely on this 3 page June 24, 2012 letter to Leah Krier (my ex-fiancée), requesting the return of my stolen property – this is NOT a crime, but rather a constitutionally protected right.  Note: Ms. Krier recently admitted to the district attorney prosecuting this case that she in fact has in her possession MY stolen property (so the question remains:"why this is not dismissed?").
  2. Document 2 – this criminal complaint was filed on July 2, 2012, and instances of this wrongdoing has been well documented, dating back to May 2011, while the involvement by the Durham Police is beyond suspicious 
For these reasons, I request John Griffin be dismissed from my representation, and be replaced with an ethical, competent and non-conflicted attorney, willing to uphold the U.S. Constitution.


Spencer C. Young

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